Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dark Dimension Hunter Top 5 Interviews I

Hello Peas!
It is that time again, when we reach out to our hunters and share some MadPea data.  You were fast and fearless, despite all of the darkness and difficulties along the way.  Here is one of our Top 5, fantasiaprincess.  She came in fifth place and was one of the very first hunters that endured the pain and proved that the hunt, was doable.  We were able to ask her, about her confrontation with our latest hunt, Dark Dimension.
We were curious to ask her, how she was able to complete this hunt, and make it through.  She will go down in MadPea History as the 5th person to complete this hunt on 10/7/13, 6:45 am in 15h and 46 minutes.
*5. fantasiaprincess 10/7/'13, 6:45 am 15h 46'

What did you like about the Dark Dimension hunt?

ღ Fanta ღ (fantasiaprincess)I would have to say making friends along the way but also the feeling of thinking I had gotten to end a few times only to find out there was another twist in the hunt that I had to finish.

What helped you complete this hunt very quickly, given that people are saying, its a challenging one?

ღ Fanta ღ (fantasiaprincess)I had spoken to a few other people along the way, we helped each other when we were stuck on something. I also made sure to put all my clues into note cards so as that I could refer back to them for future use.

Do you have any tips for hunters, that may be thinking of doing this hunt, for the first time?

ღ Fanta ღ (fantasiaprincess)Don't be afraid to ask for help and make conversation with other hunters. Watch what other people are doing closely also. They may not always be right, but they can in most cases lead to finding the answers you need. Also be positive, don't think that because it hard it can not be done. Anyone can do anything they put their mind too.

Being that the original story was written by someone else, would you like to say something to them, as well as MadPea for creating this hunt?

ღ Fanta ღ (fantasiaprincess)I would like to say thank you so much for having such amazing creativity. For being able to keep me on my toes. This hunt was (along with all the other madpea hunts) are designed to make you think. It is not just a simple hunt challenge. It was put together fabulously and I am glad I did it so... Thank you. :-D

What was your favorite part?

ღ Fanta ღ (fantasiaprincess) I can not pinpoint an exact favorite part. Everything from the start to the finish was just mind blowing, but hands down finding new stores to shop at was a mega bonus. I am in love with my new growing wardrobe. lol

Woot! Fanta!

If you have been wondering about your stats or what your standings are when it comes to taking part in Dark Dimension hunt. Then look no further, because here is a link that will give you just that :

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