Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Have A Winner!

YAY, we have a winner of the 2nd Where's Wraith Hunt and the Winner is........the same as last week! Incredible, he did it again!

The winner Broken One

Kiana Writer: Hello, Broken One
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): allo ^__^
Kiana Writer: So, how does it feel to be the winner - AGAIN? :D
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): like i need to relearn how to read >.> lol
Quan Lavender: concrats void!
Kiana Writer: lol
Kiana Writer: how so?
Quan Lavender: you are the best
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): nice red-herr.. er.. blue-herring in there
Kiana Writer: yeah, it'll be a tough one to win 3 times in a row next time.. now ppl can gang up on you heheh
Kiana Writer: what was the hardest part? How fast did you figure out what was needed?
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): figured out what was needed as soon as i got the clue from the gate... but I kept using the wrong blue
Kiana Writer: lol
Kiana Writer: I saw you had to go back though, to talk to the peas again?
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): a couple times, yeah... seeing if i missed something
Kiana Writer: really well done ㋡
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): thanks ^__^
Kiana Writer: Is there something you want to say to the others? There were so many of you this close...
Ami Tamura: did someone already got the 1000L prize?
Kiana Writer: yes, Broken One did
Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker) swishes his fluffy tail
Kiana Writer: that was so close

Broken One (voidheart.mistwalker): good luck next time.. and READ the clues the peas give you.
Kiana Writer: YAY!
Kiana Writer: congrats again! ㋡
Ami Tamura: congrats broken one :)Kiana Writer: yayyy Ami!
Ami Tamura: YAY!
Ami Tamura: finally ;_;
Kiana Writer: well done ㋡
Ami Tamura: the blue through me off D:
Quan Lavender: hehe
Kiana Writer: *evil grin*
Ami Tamura: *noted to self. type or take screenshots of each pea's chat.
Quan Lavender: haha
Ami Tamura: so i don't go back and forth
Kiana Writer: good advice ㋡Kiana Writer: thanks guys.. awesome to see you playing ㋡

But remember, even if the 1.000 Linden prize is gone, you still have one week to get this awesome Living Room to wear:

Happy Hunting!

Hunt start here:

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