Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sanity Falls Prizes - BoHo HoBo

Today we talk to Trill Zapatero, artist and owner of BoHo HoBo:

MadPea: Thank you for participating the Sanity Falls hunt. Madpea is looking forward to a great event that all SL will talk about. Tell our readers about your work and your products.

Trill Zapatero: I make clothes, all proceeds go to RAWA , the revolutionary association of the women of afghanistan. to fund orphanges, schools, hosptials and clinics for refugees of the Afghan war.

MadPea: Your clothes are really awesome. Beautiful, colorful and with wonderful realistic textures. Worth every single Linden!
And what is your prize for the hunters?

Trill Zapatero: Thick leather riding jackets for Him and Her. Waist belt with sculpt buckle, studded collar, zip up wrists. Plus a checkered Afghan shemagh (Afghan turban scarf worn), Sort of a biker hipster look.

MadPea: Finally, which 2nd prize is waiting for the hunters at the end?

Trill Zapatero: At the end, the prize will be a lamp I've made out of a variety of unexpected things. See above my issu book of lamps and here is my artist statement about them:

"My design challenge is to  design in a way that has a more poetic, spiritual and ethical foundation. I want to create something meaningful that communicates a message.  I believe designers have the ability to affect the future of our culture and our environment perhaps even more than politicians.

I want to express a poetic kind of sustainability that can be defined as meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

By upcycling thrown out things, broken pieces, rusty things, lost things, old things, useless things plain things, and recombining them in many possible ways, the end result is more than the sum of it’s individual parts; a sort of alchemical transmutation of the base to the precious.

The lamps even have a political message. I’m challenging myself bring seemingly incredibly disparate elements into a synergistic relationship with each other.

The title of the exposition is ‘fuse’ both because lamps need fuses to give light, as well as Fuse in the root word of fusion, a bringing together of functionality with art as well as the material with the spiritual.

The nature of these sculptures as ‘lamps’ is that light it is one of the most fundamental things we need to survive on Earth; ‘light’ in both the material sense and the spiritual sense. Light is so beautiful because it exists on the cusp of the spiritual and the material. The lamps are about resurrecting the useless and the broken to a new life in the light."

MadPea: Thank you for the short interview.

by Quan Lavender

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