Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest in Spy Gear - PeaWear by MadPea

We all loved the adventure outfits recently released by PeaWear. What wasn't to love?! They are totally fun and affordable, in addition to being high quality and bad-ass.

Next in the PeaWear by MadPea couture line is: Secret Agent. These new outfits are perfect for getting covertly around The Green Mire. The extra gadgets and gizmos may very well come in handy for solving mysteries or for your own role play. In fact, the creative genius behind PeaWear said that the theme song from Mission Impossible was looping through her head non-stop while designing this line!

The female secret agent outfit comes with a mesh rigged black high-low hemline dress (standard sizes), underwear, mesh rigged thigh-high boots, a pen with animated special effects, scripted gun, resizable thigh holster, necklace badge (to identify you as a member of the Pea Bureau of Investigation), tintable sunglasses, and a briefcase. All of this will only set you back 275L. You will look just like an official MadPea super spy femme fatale. 

The male secret agent outfit comes with mesh rigged black suit pants (standard sizes), mesh rigged white button-up shirt, black tie, and black suit jacket (standard sizes), mesh boots (resizable), a pen with animated special effects), scripted gun, tintable sunglasses, a PBI identification badge, and a briefcase. This set also costs only 275L. Men in Black won't have anything on a MadPea in this ensemble.

But where's the Pea on this PeaWear? It's subtle and stealthy, just like the Peas who wear it.

PeaWear is now available in-world at the official MadPea store at The Green Mire and in SL Marketplace at the PeaWear by MadPea shop.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Creative Writing Contest!!

The Green Mire Mystery

Breaking news from PeaTV. Many residents around The Green Mire witnessed flashing lights and unusual sounds coming out of the depths of the swamp during a recent devastating thunderstorm. After searching for many hours, local authorities finally found what appears to be a huge crater in the darkest depths of the swamp. However, they cannot figure out where it came from or even exactly what it is.

No signs of life or a meteor have been found at the site and it seems that the crater came out of nowhere overnight. The scientists are, after many hours of research, still clueless and are asking for help from local residents.

We at PeaTV encourage you to send in stories about the mysterious crater. If yours is one of the top three entries, in addition to being featured in the MadPea blog, you will be financially rewarded for your creativity:

10,000L 1st place
 3,000L 2nd place
2,000L 3rd place

PeaTV is talking now with Her Evil Highness Kiana Writer, who is the sole judge of the competition. She shared with PeaTV that she will personally contact and then announce the winners on July 6.

“All entries will be judged on creativity, how well the spirit of the swamp is captured, and overall quality of the story’s composition (how well it is written),” said Her Evil Highness. “Your story should indicate a familiarity with the backstory of The Green Mire swamp (the mystery of the missing boys).”

For information on the contest, contact Thalia Lupindo via notecard or IM. DO NOT CONTACT Kiana Writer except to submit your story via email. 

Rules for the Contest:

  • Only one entry per person.
  • Only one person may author each story.
  • Entries must be written in the English language.
  • Entries must be received by June 30, 2014 via email to

MadPea Contest Terms:

By submitting your written material to the MadPea writing contest, you agree to the following terms:
  • You acknowledge that the work submitted is an original creation and written by you.
  • MadPea has the right to alter, modify, or amend your work for any MadPea purpose.
  • MadPea will acknowledge your authorship should you win first, second, or third prize.
  • MadPea will only compensate you for a first, second, or third prize (10,000L, 3000L, and 2,000L respectively). You will not receive any additional compensation for any reason.
  • If you do not win the first, second, or third prize, MadPea will not retain any rights to your submitted work.
  • If you are a prize winner, MadPea may ask you to add material without additional compensation.

The story should be mysterious in nature and take place at

Go have a look and find your inspiration!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Green Mire-Grand Opening!

Hello Peas!  You're all probably wondering what MadPea has been upto, after experiencing the great big flood of Mad City.

"The Green Mire," has opened it's doors today.  It is a *New* build which we have been working on.  The Green Mire, will house our MadPea main-store.  You will be able to find our latest products up for sale in this location.  From our gachas to even some of our older products used in previous MadPea hunts/games. You can find PeaWear here too!

We have set out some of our Mad City products for sale as well, because we know many of you had come to love that location and it's decor.  There will be also plenty of free goodies and other things around the sim for you to explore, as well as great photo opportunities!

However... it wouldn't be just MadPea to open a location without a good mystery!

This location has a story to tell and much for you to try and figure out on your own.  We will provide you with a little backstory and a map!  10 years ago, young boys Tony Lamil and Skip Dares went missing at the Green Mire swamp. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the location and/or safe return of the boys.

By venturing into the swamp, you voluntarily discharge MadPea from any and all liability.  Including, but not limited to: mental damage, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to you including traveling to and from this event.

ATTENTION MadPea shoppers! The swamp has residues of dangerous radiation! Explore at your own risk!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we had a total blast putting it together!
Visit us today:-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bonsai Madness for the Arcade Gacha Event!

MadPea Productions has been invited to participate in the awesome, Arcade Gacha Event.  The Arcade Gacha Event is NOW open once again, and this time MadPea has a chance to share the excitement with our Peas and gacha addicts.  

We are presenting the Bonsai Madness collection.  16 bonsai trees for this round. They are lovely, but you don't have to take my word for it. You can collect them and see for yourselves. They are now available through the 31st of June. 

• Each tree is 50$L, each one has a match and when paired together play sounds.  Special effects on touch.
We are humbled and honored to be a part of this amazing event!

  Two Trees of a kind 
play the symphony of souls 
in sweet harmony. ♫ 
♪ ♩ ♫ ♬

Collect them all at♫ ♩ 

Psst...don't forget your pre-loaders and if you can't teleport in, there is always off-sim shopping available too...♬ ♫ 
♫ (THE ARCADE-Galley)♫