Monday, December 31, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: The Cube- Art Gallery

The gamers love the hunt as we hear from much grateful comments. From our group chat:

Harlequin Rhode: I'm having guilty pangs... not being too productive in RL.. THIS HUNT IS TOO MUCH FUN!
 silk ( wow that was excellent... a real challenge and excellent fun
 L㋡Lita 愛 (lolita.nomura): ok the final was stunning you madpeas are truly mad love you

And of course you want to see more gifts!  Today we talk to Yaiza Galicia, artist and owner of The Cube - Art Gallery:

Yaiza Galicia:  "A few months ago I happened to mount an art gallery in which I and other artists we could exhibit our artwork. Thus was born The cube art gallery, this building consists of several blocks, each of them we can find many works of art and paintings by some artists. In the gallery you can find new exhibitions each month of abstract art, handmade paintings and some sculptures known. The monochrome colors are very present in almost all the works."

Some impressions from the gallery:

And see here your prize for the hunters:

Yaiza Galicia:" I decided to create this bust mysterious bloodstained. With the disappearance of the 15 haunted this object is also lost. Nobody knows the hidden powers you have, you will discover you."

How to start the hunt:

MadPea wishes all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vote for the Machinima Contest Winner!


The MadPea Crew has chosen 5 favorites of the contest entries. Now it is your turn to vote. All machinima are posted at our Facebook page. Please click LIKE if you want one of the films to win $12 000L. Voting lasts until Jan 4th, 12pm SLT. The one with most likes wins!

Fuschia Nightfire (a.k.a. Nina Camplin RL): Rollercoaster Ride

The rollercoaster made Fuschia a nightmare:

Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt - Where are you?

A little girl got lost in the MadPea carneval and is seeking her daddy.

Lancelot Skytower - Carneval Clown Nightmare

A nightmare with an unexpected end!

Spiral Silverstar -  Incident at MadPea

One week after he broke up with his girlfriend she asked for a meeting at Madpea Carneval...

Tutsy Navarathna: Bad Trip @ MadPea

Strange people a MadPea carneval!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

MadPea Machinima Contest - Entries

MadPea Carneval invited to a machinima contest themed 'NIGHTMARE AT THE CARNEVAL'
It  received quite a few great entries. See here all in alphabetical order:

Fuschia Nightfire (a.k.a. Nina Camplin RL): Rollercoaster Ride

The rollercoaster made Fuschia a nightmare:


Glasz DeCuir: Dear Diary

A little girl tells her diary a bout the fun park and what happened there. Spooky!


Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt - Where are you?

A little girl got lost in the MadPea carneval and is seeking her daddy.


Lancelot Skytower - Carneval Clown Nightmare

A nightmare with an unexpected end!

Secret Rage - Food for Thought~a dream

Strange beings at the MadPea carneval.


Secret Rage - the Cage within a Cage

Is she dreaming or awake?


Spiral Silverstar -  Incident at MadPea

One week after he broke up with his girlfriend she asked for a meeting at Madpea Carneval...


Tutsy Navarathna: Bad Trip @ MadPea

Strange people a MadPea carneval!


The Madpea staff will vote for their 5 favourites. These will be announced here and at our Facebook page. You will vote for the winner at Facebook! The top 3 videos will be awarded L$ 3,000, L$ 5,000 and L$ 12,000.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Room 326 Hunt: How to Start?

Welcome to the MadPea Legend of the Month, dear hunter.  You are about to discover the story of The Silent Peacock Hotel and enter the famous room, 326.

The Story:
The Silent Peacock Hotel has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326.

It's a mystery of how this has happened since the door has been locked and there are no signs of struggle or forced entry. All of the personal belongings of the guests have been untouched.  The local police has been left clueless.

The players will take the role as private investigators to examine the evidence and search for the truth behind the disappearances.

Do you dare to enter Room 326 and discover the evil secrets it holds?

How to play the hunt:

HUD vendor
Buy a HUD at the newspaper dispenser for 50 Linden and wear it.


Before you can begin with the hunt, you must find and enter Room 326 for your introduction to the game. Once you find an important item in the room, your HUD will be activated:

HUD activated

Please understand that this game is a point-and-click treasure hunt. Clicking items will give you clues to advance in the game. Once you click the photo on the HUD, it gives you a hint and a SLURL in local chat to a location where an ENVELOPE has been hidden

Once you find an envelope the photo on the HUD will turn into that. Please note, the ENVELOPES do not give out prizes. You must collect all of them to receive all the prizes at once in the end. When you have all the envelopes, follow the instructions given in the chat to you.

Your ultimate goal is to find 15 envelopes in grid-wide locations eventually taking you to the final game play area where you will be rewarded with 15 high quality prizes.

To HIDE the HUD, simply click the MadPea on top left corner to rotate it.

For extra help ask in MadPeas group chat. You can also IM Clicquot Oh, Glitch Axelrad or Elizabeth Tinsley.

Hunting time: December 28th - January 31st

Hunt start: 12 PM SLT


Be Spooked, Be Mad, Enjoy!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Never Totally Dead

MadPea has to thank Silex Zapedzki and Bluesean Yiyuan, who built the 'Silent Peacock' hotel for the hunt. The hotel  has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. What the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326. We wanted to know a little bit about the gifted builders.

MadPea:  In your store you sell not only manors. We find as well beautiful furniture and much haunted items. All are fun to see because of the style and the brilliant almost natural textures. Are you in creation rl too?

Silex + Bluesean: Not really, and not anymore in our current jobs, unfortunately... this is probably why we enjoy so much creating stuff in SL. Sean is the master texturer and Silex is the prim manipulator... We are quite complementary!

MadPea: What is the extra fun with spooky environment?

Silex + Bluesean: Well here, we also enjoy surprising our guests and customers by adding animation and special effects; looking for the right sounds is also quite interesting. In the end, creating these environments is much more than just  building and texturing.

MadPea: You took part of builders team at the upcoming Room 326 Hunt. What have you build for the gamers?

Silex + Bluesean: Because of the intense activity on the hotel, we had very little time to think about and create something new and significant. So we just decided to offer our first build, the Haunted Manor, it brought us luck, so we hope it will please the winners too.

MadPea:. To say it nice: the hotel has seen better days ;) Was it fun to create it?

Silex + Bluesean: It was an amazing project. We were not used to build with such a short deadline, this is why we asked Sasha00 Laryukov to join the team,  we knew he could add his own talents to the project. It had a very stimulating effect and we finished early enough. It was also nice to work with the MadPea team and receive new ideas and suggestions as the work went on.

MadPea: Your shop is called 'Never Totally Dead'. Please tell about it!

Silex + Bluesean: It is never easy to talk about one's work and for that reason we would surely prefer to let our work talk for us!  Our first work as a team was a Haunted Manor filled with all the items you can expect there: ghosts, haunted furniture, rats.... and we just tried to innovate a little and make the place fell like it had been a real home once.

We can say that we build old houses or manors, and now a hotel for MadPea, where we would like to stay. These buildings are freely inspired from existing places, the challenge is not to create a replica but to imagine a complete place from just one or two pictures.

MadPea: And what are your prizes for the hunters?

Silex + Bluesean: The prize is a special decoration displayed in The Silent Peacock hotel for the Room 326 hunt, the luggage set in the lobby and our second gift is the Haunted Manor.

MadPea: Thank you for the interview!

Tomorrow you find in this blog all you need to know how to start the Room 326 Hunt.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Mad

Only two days more and the next hunt starts: Room 326. The MadPea team is lloking forward to another big challenge. You will love it! Curious for more hunt prizes? Today we talk to La Bouchère (Eve Kazan), owner of Mad:

La Bouchère (Eve Kazan): "First of all, I would like to explain the name of my shop. "Mad'" is the brand, La Boucherie is the concept : "Meat and cosmetics". La Boucherie is the French word to say The Butchery. It's a provocative idea to play with the sense of beauty. All avatars are composed by pieces from real things, like real skins, photo-realistic skins, who are those people ? They are maybe dead, did you ever think to wear the skin of a really dead person. We are Frankenstein !! So my products are mostly for the body, cosmetics, makeup, nails, and few accessories."

And see here the great prize for the hunters:

La Bouchère (Eve Kazan): "I have released a mystic makeup with bloody eyes and burned tongue. The sign on the front is a mix of two esoteric sign, the famous pentagram and the sign of Lucifer. I was very afraid when i made it. I think it's an ideal makeup for who wants to do satanic ceremony or an exorcism play. Booh !"

The next days you will find all information about the upcoming hunt. Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Distorted Dreams

Only 3 days more and the next hunt starts: Room 326. Today we present the first hunt prize. We talk with Jacinda Bravin and Epic Maidstone, owners of Distorted Dreams.

Jacinda Bravin: "Six or so years ago, me and Epic met in SL, we have been bestfriends ever since. Needless to say after a while of both running our own stores and doing collaboration builds we decided to merge our stores. Fast forward to present day and we live together in RL now and continue to create (what we feel are awesome) builds and items. Clothing, Skins, props, and full on skyboxes and prefabs. Even rebuilding a few large sims together."

The store has been refurbished recently and appears in a great new look:

Here are some new products:

Find more at Flickr.
And that is the  prize for the hunters:

Jacinda Bravin:  "When this hunt was first announced, all we knew was the name and the basic theme. But we decided run then and there that we HAD to be a part of this one and we were going to build a skybox. A hotel skybox, of course. Complete with hallway and Room 326. It was built before we even got accepted >.> Lol. But we just had to build it, we were so inspired. So I hope everyone enjoys our gift!"

Hunt start is December 28. Check the blog daily and be on the lookout for future announcements!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Advent Calendar Quest for December 24th

Can you solve this riddle? Remember this spot?

Search for a tiny red present that will give you more.. Solve this puzzle to get a beautiful deserted winter themed house with surroundings and of course an eerie tv too, we can't get bored during the holidays!

photo by cold Frog

We wish you all wonderful holidays! The advent quests stay up until December 28th, then we're back with a huge grid-wide hunt, a new legend about the Silent Peacock Hotel and its room 326.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Crew!

Whether you are very near or far across the seas,
we wish you joy and happiness and lots and lots of Peas!

The Year was full of laughter and games, adventures with fun and more,
we thank you for being here in this Madness, new Year will bring tons to explore!

MadPea Crew

Kiana Writer
Allco Nostram
Arduenn Schwartzman
Clicquot Oh
cold Frog
Electronic Mode
Elizabeth Tinsley
Fae Varriale
Fuzz Difference
Geoffrey Xenobuilder
Glitch Axelrad
Harter Fall
Kyle Beckett
Linus Humphreys
Lorin Tone
paramparamm Papp
Penelope Parx
Quan Lavender
RAG Randt
Voidheart Mistwalker
Yuna Khaos
Zachh Barkley

Saturday, December 22, 2012

MadPeaCarneval Parade Today at 12 PM!

MadPeas will be hosting a parade through Carneval on Dec. 22nd at 12:00 SLT!  There will be a contest for "Best Apocalypse Survivalist" parade float.  Floats will be judged by the crowd, so get your creative mojo going and build an AMAZING parade float!  Theme is "I Survived the Mayan End of the World!".  Because Peas ROCK and we'll be the last ones standing!  Either that, or we tripped the guy in front of us. :)

There will be prizes for best float!

BEST APOCALYPSE SURVIVALIST = 3000 L Giftcard to the MadPea store to deck out your own Survival Bunker!!

There will be music, dancing and free gifts for all who come!

Taxi to Carneval:

The World did not end but VMD has to

Good an bad news! We survived the end of the world but that means we have to say goodbye not only to the Enchanted Frost Hunt. The game Virtual Medical Docter, VMD, is ending tomorrow after a long running.

Virtual Medical Doctor is a futuristic role-playing game, that gives the players a great way to experience the human body through interesting tasks as well teaching medicine in a fun and exciting way. Scrub up and start curing your patients from inside their bodies!

If you want to take the chance and play it one last time, hurry!

Start from here:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Fallen Gods

Ths is the last call! A bit more than one day to finish the hunt! And that is more thn enough to cover all 15 destinations. In case you stuck, find some extra help at our facebook page and in theMadPea group.

Alia Baroque has been creating for the SL community for just over 5 years. Owner of Fallen Gods Inc., Alia is known for his highly detailed, hand painted fantasy skins.

And that is the great prize for the hunters:

For the Enchanted Frost hunt Alia made a frosty version of the Tao tattoo he has used as a design element in other skins. It is a great addition to any skin collection and a unique and interesting way to display that duality that lurks just under the surface sometimes!

Come quick and start the hunt:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: forest feast


See here the secon last gift. Today we talk to Mikatsuki (Mikatsuki Matova), owner of forest feast.

Mikatsuki: Beautiful trees and fields of flowers await those who love gardens, fantasy and romance. Here you will find colorful floral plants, and everything you need to decorate your yard, garden, patio, or meditation area. If our flower and garden are useful for your wonderful SL time, I'm glad.

See here some popular products:

More to find at Flickr and in the blog.

And this is the prize for the hunters:


A fantastic scene,,,A realistic garden.
When you desire them, please call at our garden.

prize from our store is a set for the small garden.
The big tree surrounding area, and a visionary fictitious flower.
A swing which retraces recollections.
The lamp of a flower.
They are sets. You can arrange them freely.
It can use for fantasy garden and realistic garden.

How to start the hunt:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Gifts: Trident

Only 3 more das to finish the Hunt. Still enough time to follow the story and to grab the great gifts. Today wie talk to Laufey Markstein, owner of Trident.

Laufey Markstein: I create a bit of everything. The two main genres in the store are historical (ancient, to medieval, to renaissance and even gorean), with an accent on ships, houses and everyday items, and farming/landscaping, as well as a fairly rich section of seasonal themed decorations.

Most the historical builds are inspired from RL museum replicas or archeological finds, and I try to mediate the need to keep a low prim count and a size and useability of the item friendly to SL users
with as much historical accuracy of the item as possible.

See here some seasonal products:

And this is the prize for the hunters:

Laufey Markstein: One of my winter decorations line, a "frozen" version of my Mistletoe Arch, coming in a simple 3 prim version or a more complex version with white or red candles.

How to start the hunt: