Saturday, December 29, 2012

MadPea Machinima Contest - Entries

MadPea Carneval invited to a machinima contest themed 'NIGHTMARE AT THE CARNEVAL'
It  received quite a few great entries. See here all in alphabetical order:

Fuschia Nightfire (a.k.a. Nina Camplin RL): Rollercoaster Ride

The rollercoaster made Fuschia a nightmare:


Glasz DeCuir: Dear Diary

A little girl tells her diary a bout the fun park and what happened there. Spooky!


Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt - Where are you?

A little girl got lost in the MadPea carneval and is seeking her daddy.


Lancelot Skytower - Carneval Clown Nightmare

A nightmare with an unexpected end!

Secret Rage - Food for Thought~a dream

Strange beings at the MadPea carneval.


Secret Rage - the Cage within a Cage

Is she dreaming or awake?


Spiral Silverstar -  Incident at MadPea

One week after he broke up with his girlfriend she asked for a meeting at Madpea Carneval...


Tutsy Navarathna: Bad Trip @ MadPea

Strange people a MadPea carneval!


The Madpea staff will vote for their 5 favourites. These will be announced here and at our Facebook page. You will vote for the winner at Facebook! The top 3 videos will be awarded L$ 3,000, L$ 5,000 and L$ 12,000.

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