Thursday, December 26, 2013

Friday Night Madness is back!

Back by popular demand, Friday Night Madness!

It's been a few weeks since our last rocking Friday Night Madness of tunes and trivia, but we are back this week with Holiday bells on!  That's right, don't put those Christmas items away yet, seeing our contest board will be set for the theme, "Best in Christmas Spirit".

On Friday, December 27th, at 5-7PM SLT, the lovely June will be your host in fun night of trivia and awesome tunes being spun by the beautiful DJ Ry.  So get that holiday wear on, bring your Holiday spirit, and possibly even go home a few Lindens richer!  At the very least you will go home from our Mad City Park a bit richer in holiday cheer.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

And the Holiday Poetry Contest Finalists are...

The top five Finalists for the Holiday Poetry Contest have been chosen by the MadPea Crew!

After careful consideration of all of the wonderful entries received, the MadPea Productions Crew have chosen the following as the five best entries!  Thank you to all the Peas who sent in their wonderfully creative submissions!

5th place goes to an untitled poem by Kahleesi Wolfbane:

Tell no one
Of my annual love
The murmur of winter to my soul
The touch of winter to my lips
It's heady scent and biting breath
Fragile snowflakes; prism promises
Lingering on my face and dampening my neck
How I wait with quickening heart
Anticipating December's approach
Fading light and darkened rooms, heightening my senses
Passion igniting with firelight and burning through candlelight glow
Tell no one how I long for its return
My passion to see mouths upturned in smiles
Mounting ecstasy, nourished by giving and festive cheer
My ears swayed by carols; heavenly music and shared elation
Each year the winter returns to me, trailing Christmas in its wake
My memories are like the snow
Layering softly in my mind
Faded and melting,  sinking deeper 
Yet not forgotten

Piper25 wrote our fourth place choice:

Tick, tock, there goes the clock..
tricking us craftily, there is no time to stop.
Is it not so that time seems to quicken?
The day's dancing by and yet lists not all written.

Does the snow line the windows and cling to tree bows?
Does it light up the night so that magic can grow?
Up pops the snow world, children's smiles warm the cold,
Snowmen and snow-fight's, cozy mittens and coats.

The streets all lit up with tinsel and lights,
how pretty it looks when you travel at night.
If a star over yonder would show us the way,
would we rush to believe in the message it gave?

How lovely, how homely, a fire burning bright,
the hearth looks so pretty with the stockings fixed tight,
let us count them, be sure that Santa will know,
just who believes and sleeps holding hope.

Come oh ye faithful and sing with the choirs!
Open your hearts and celebrate life,
Mary's boy child, what a story of light,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Meshif Soulstar was chosen as our 3rd place poet and winner of L$800:

They say that holidays are joyful
and full of love and happiness.
But you know what I get through December?
A big pile of worry and stress!

The dinner platter must be perfect,
or the relatives complain.
The kids tear tinsel off the tree
and make cleaning such a pain!

The roads are slick and icy
and the temperatures too low.
And then of course we get snowed in,
so there's nowhere else to go.

Then the gifts are given out,
and, while it's sad to say,
we all know that the heartfelt ones
are returned after Christmas Day.

That's not the least of my list,
but, take a moment and think.
With all this trouble, there's some good.
A good excuse to drink!

Our 2nd place award of L$1,200 goes to a poem submitted by Maia007 Resident:

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Started getting cold, greens turn white uphill
Music from rushing rivers, like time in space, stood still
Yellows from the sun got pretty dull and gray
Carried my weight a lil more with all the snow on my way

I stick my tongue out, let the lil flakes melt with the heat
Snowball came smashing on my face, some even got stuck between my teeth
Ran to the snowman with its orange nose I can nibble and bite
Pulled out the carrot, rolled on the ground, armed for the snowball fight

I strike without warning, my foe with all the ice on his head
I could just throw lil snowballs but settled for the cannon instead
He started making snow angels, waved a white hanky and exclaimed a truce
Added some gingerbread peace offerings and shovel I can use

I gave out a warm smile amidst the freezing cold
This is like some fairytale love story that's yearning to be told :)

And our 1st place prize and winner of L$2,000 goes to  Poe Dragonfly with a poem entitled:

 Shall I Compare Thee to a Winter's Night

Shall I compare thee to a Winter's night?
Thou art more dark, and your gaze more cold.
Yet it’s from the dark that the stars sparkle bright,
Although any light is a million years old. 
Sometime the Moon-smile is naught but a smirk, 
Her tombstone teeth concealed within,
As if to laugh at some veiled joke
Before the electric auroras begin.
But thy endless grip seems not to relent,
Nor loosen its’ hold on my splintered debris,
Nor thy chilling touch redeem what was lent:
My beating heart is forever your fee.
So this is the way you conduct your affairs.
And this is the way I will push you down stairs.    

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013

And the Poll Says.....

Last week we had a poll posted on the blog to see who the favorite Happeas and Creepeas from the Holiday Havoc hunt were and the results are in!

Our Blog readers choose the following top picks of pea characters as their favorites:

Kracken Pea 13% of the vote
Chant 9% of the vote
Goldy Locks Pea 9% of the vote
SaberTooth Pea 9% of the vote
Sleepea 9% of the vote
Storm Pea 9% of the vote
Goth Pea 9% of the vote
Chef Pea 4% of the vote
Umpa Pea 4% of the vote
Sir Pea 4% of the vote
Mr. Ice 4% of the vote
Zombie Survival Pea 4% of the vote
Emo Pea 4% of the vote

Collect the whole set before your chance is gone!

All 28 of the wearable Pea Characters are still available for L$50 through the gacha at MadPea Productions store at Mad City Christmas, but their days are numbered!  (Sorry, but Survivor Pea and Balance Pea are not available!)

These transferable peas will make a perfect choice for that person left on your holiday gift list!  Eventually these wonderful wearables will be gone forever and not available for sale!  Don't miss your chance!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

MadPea is going Adult in February 2014, with "Blood Letters"

MadPea goes adult next year - starting with Blood Letters in February. 
This hunt will run from February 1st through March 7th.

The players will be opening the Case of "Mantis," who killed for pure sexual pleasure. 

Samantha "The Mantis" Mason, is an internationally infamous serial killer, due to her particularly gruesome hobby. 
Seducing men and women alike, she lured them with the promise of fulfilling their lust, only to appease her own thirst for blood with these hapless pleasure-seekers.

Society breathed a collective sigh of relief when, after 8 brutal murders she was finally apprehended and brought to justice.  However, a year after The Mantis was put behind bars, murders have started occurring again, and the sadistic killer operates in a way that keeps everyone in fear. 

The players will take on the role of a Private Detective and get prepared to solve a grisly series of shocking murders to test the boundaries where eroticism meets morality. 

Do you dare? 

We are now accepting vendor applications.  Please fill out an application provided in-world or message Clicquot Oh, Ti'chelle Teebrook, or HOPE Leissa for an application or information.  

Although we are looking for naughty vendors this time, and prefer adult sims. We are willing to accept quality vendors on mature sims, who want to create and explore sex and murder through their creations.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy your Holiday Season
and do our current Advent Calendar Hunt, Holiday Havoc, and Holiday Havoc Bonus.

Coming Soon-Blood Letters
February 2014

Thursday, December 19, 2013

MadPea at the Merry Crisis Gacha Fair at Death Row Island

The macabre carousel of hanging bodies can still be seen in the distance, but now the area is much brighter and dressed up for the festive holiday season!  The Gacha machines make a cheerful sound and in the center of it all is an amazing red Christmas tree and Bloody Snowmen roasting bits of Santa!

Welcome to the Merry Crisis Gacha Fair at Death Row Island.  Running from NOW until January 3, this multi-merchant, gacha event features the creations of 21 designers. With prices ranging from L$25 to L$150 you can find an affordable gift for everyone on your list!

The most exciting part of this all is that MadPea Productions is there as well with a Gacha dispensing six pretty disturbed snowmen, (1 Rare)!  Each play for a snowman will only cost you a MAD price of L$50.  Come on down and try to collect them all!  Your neighbors will be jealous of your holiday display!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MadPea Store and *New* Items

Have you started your Holiday Shopping yet?  Did you see anything from the Holiday Havoc hunt or from previous hunts that you would like to own, or get for someone else?  
You can find exclusive Holiday Havoc hunt characters, in our Mad City Store.  You can own them by playing the Gacha machines.  They are L$50, you can hug them, and they are fun to trade.  Collect them all!

1. Baker Pea 2. Chant 3. Chef Pea 4. Goldy Locks Pea 5. Umpa Pea 6. Jolly Pea 7. Nerd Pea 
 8. Rocker Pea 9. Pundit 10. Sir Pea 11. Sabre tooth Pea 12. Mr. Ice 13. Sun Pea 
14. Sleepea 15. ? (Mystery Pea) 

1. Spooky 2. Storm Pea 3. Flaming Skull Pea 4. Zombie Survival Pea 5. Goth Pea 
6. Horror Pea 7. Kracken Pea 8.Lurking Pea 9. Vampira 10. Necromancer 11. Sorcerer 
12. Emo Pea 13. Metal Pea 14. Wraith 15.? (Mystery Pea)

Here at MadPea, we have some *New* Items, which are now available.  So, if you are undecided on what to get for your family, friends, visit either one of our stores today on the Death Row Island Sim and 
Mad City.  We just might have the perfect gift you are looking for.

Halloween town Dark Walkway Set
5 piece set - 1 Straight, 2 Left Curve, 2 Right Curve

MadPea Christmas Tree
Complete with MadPea Ornament.

Drunk Hobo Santa Tip-jar/Decor
Includes both Tip-jar and Decor Version

Spooky, Animated Green Ground Fog!

Christmas town Icicle.

Halloween town Monster Fountain, with moving water.

Pea Carolers Set with Sound!

Pumpkin Catapult, fires temporary Rez pumpkins.  
Has access menu, auto fire and touch to fire options.

Halloween town Tomb Set - 6 Piece
Set includes animated crypt with pose, static crypt, cross tombstone, pillar tombstone, shrine tombstone, grave dirt pile.

Mad City- MadPea Store

Death Row Island Sim-MadPea Store

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mad City Sim and fun things to do!

Mad City is back, Mad Pea Style!  This wonderful sim is decked up for the Holidays. Snow falling and full of so many fun things to do.  Visit us today!

A *New* gift for you each day until December 25th 2013.
Click the door that corresponds to that particular day, and receive a hint.  Follow that hint and it will lead you where the gift is hidden.  It is a *free* hunt and all you need to do is activate your MadPeas group tag, to receive the gift.  You cannot skip ahead, but will be able to go back and go for the past gifts, if you have missed them.

Our MadPea store is stocked with new and old items.  As well, as our Exclusive Gachas with our Gacha Peas.

Santa's Snapshots, a cozy little shop with Santa Pea, Mrs. Claus Pea, and all the helpful elves.  The perfect place to take your holiday snapshots, play gacha machines and visit Santa Pea.  He will give you a gift if you have been good.  So be good Peas!  For goodness sake...

Please respect our sim rules at all times, so you don't end up, back at the Sheriff's office!

Bakery in Mad City is found around the corner of the Diner.  Its in a little side street and you will be able to share all of your yummy Holiday recipes and dishes with Peas all around the world and Second Life.  Please stop by and enter your recipe today.  We love to share what is cooking in your kitchen and ours.

Every Friday, we have our Friday Madness Events in the park...along with other events.  So stay tuned, and keep up with our Facebook page to find out the latest scheduled events and contests.  Don't miss out on the fun MadPea activities, all winter long in the Park.


Yes, a dating agency.
Mad Love Match dating agency is located within the heart of Mad City next to Madame Peacock's Fortune Telling shop.  Our service is for serious people only, and who are in search of a lifetime partner or even just someone to play our games with!

Friday Night Madness and "Grandma Got Ran over by a MadPea" Comedy Contest!

Join us for a Friday Night of Madness and Laughter with MadPea!

It is time again for a bit of Friday Night Madness!  Last week was the 7000th Group member edition with Live Music in the last hour of a three hour event!  It was AMAZING and I hope you got to take part!

This Friday we have yet another "double header" of events for you!  We will once again have great tunes, more trivia and a contest board with the theme Jokers and Clowns.  This theme will be the perfect setup for the activity directly after the Friday Night Madness event,  the "Grandma Got Ran over by a MadPea" Comedy Contest!

We would like to invite anyone that wants to have their funny bone tickled by our amazing comics!  All comics will have up to a 15 minute set and they all request that the audience come with their microphones on.  They want to hear the laughter!  That's what they strive for, after all!

At the end of the contest, we will have a voting board and everyone will have the chance to vote for their favorite stand up act.  The 1st place prize will be L$7,000, 2nd place prize will be L$5,000, and 3rd place will be L$2,000.

We are so excited about this event and hope you can come get your funny bone knocked out..

Featured Comedians:
Lauren Weyland
Doc Grun
Catboy Qunhua
VERITAS Heliosense
Bupplepop Unplugged

We look forward to seeing you  this Friday, December 13 for BOTH the Friday Night Madness event at 5:00pm-6:45pm SLT followed by "Grandma Got Ran over by a MadPea" Comedy Contest at 7:00PM SLT.  The beautiful and entertaining June Forsythe will be Hosting Friday Night Madness and the amusing and gorgeous Picole Bade will be Emceeing the Comedy Contest.

Do not miss this night guaranteed to fill you with laughter!!

The Clown Car to the Mad City Christmas Park and Friday Night Madness!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Havoc Hunt Sim and fun things to do!

Week two, of our Holiday Havoc Hunt and we hope you have taken the time to do some exploring around Christmas Town and Halloween Town.  So don't get iced in within Second Life and warm up with us this holiday season.  It doesn't matter which side you choose, please come and join in on the fun.  We hope you can all come out do our hunts and spend some time with us this Holiday Season.  We have fun things for your enjoyment like :

 Ice skating

 Sled riding

Ornament Shining, and if you do a good job Snowman gives you a *FREE* gift.

Feed the Reindeer.

Lay down and make Snow Angels,

or you can 
lay down  inside coffins in Halloween Town.

Find the swamp and do some Zombie dancing!

Have fun using the catapults on the sim, and watch those pumpkins and snowballs as you fire away,

or just come out and join our Pea Carolers and sing along.
Happy Holidays!