Thursday, December 19, 2013

MadPea at the Merry Crisis Gacha Fair at Death Row Island

The macabre carousel of hanging bodies can still be seen in the distance, but now the area is much brighter and dressed up for the festive holiday season!  The Gacha machines make a cheerful sound and in the center of it all is an amazing red Christmas tree and Bloody Snowmen roasting bits of Santa!

Welcome to the Merry Crisis Gacha Fair at Death Row Island.  Running from NOW until January 3, this multi-merchant, gacha event features the creations of 21 designers. With prices ranging from L$25 to L$150 you can find an affordable gift for everyone on your list!

The most exciting part of this all is that MadPea Productions is there as well with a Gacha dispensing six pretty disturbed snowmen, (1 Rare)!  Each play for a snowman will only cost you a MAD price of L$50.  Come on down and try to collect them all!  Your neighbors will be jealous of your holiday display!

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