Friday, June 28, 2013

Kiana's Interview - The Drax Files: World Makers

The Drax Files: World Makers 

[ Episode 8: MadPea Games] 

The debate if SecondLife is a game or not is alive and well since on NBC's The Office from 2007 Dwight Schrute rejects a narrow definition of the vast virtual world in which he "plays" a paper salesman.

Meanwhile, Finland based design company MadPea Games has not been paying much attention to this back and forth, instead churning out complex immersive adventure games and game-based learning concepts within SecondLife using the platform's vast array of tools to the fullest.

MadPea's globally dispersed team operates as if they are working out of a joint because the persistent universe of SL allows them to do just that: scripters from Holland manipulate game mechanics with 3D modelers from the United States in real-time while designers from Germany, France and the UK test game flow on their new work-in-progress action game "Unia", disproving assumptions that only consoles can handle intense game-play, high-end graphics and epic storylines.

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MadPea Games seen in the video:
The Peatonville Mystery
Sanity Falls
Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior
MadPea Carneval

MadPea Crew:
Kiana Writer
Harter Fall
Arduenn Schwartzmann
RAG Randt
Lorin Tone
Bobbi Bashir
Kyle Beckett
Fae Varriale
Madcow Cosmos
paramparamm Papp
Penelope Parx
LINUS Humphreys
Fuzz Difference
Zachh Barkley
Voidheart Mistwalker
Geoffrey Xenobuilder
Yuna Khaos
Synful Aeon
Cinders Vale
Caitlyn Oh
Clicquot Oh
Elizabeth Tinsley
Xon Halostar
Electronic Mode
Glitch Axelrad

with guest artists
Bryn Oh
Rebeca Bashly
claudia222 Jewell

Monday, June 24, 2013


MadPea Productions Proudly Presents:
M A D  C I T Y

Mad City is full of dark secrets, eerie builds, mysteries.. and is the home for the famous Silent Peacock Hotel with Room 326.

Yes you read right! We are doing something we have NEVER done before: We heard you, Peas and we answered..  Back by popular demand, it's the Room 326 Hunt!

The Silent Peacock holds many secrets and the biggest of them all is Room 326. 15 people are missing after spending a night in that room. No one knows what happened to those poor souls, even the local police has been left clueless.

You will take on a role of a private detective and follow clues all over the grid to find out what truly happened.
Room 326 is a shocking murder mystery with a storyline that will leave you breathless! 

Room 326 hunt vendors are:

Never Totally Dead
WarBugs Headquarters
Death Row Designs
Druidamus Whisper
Mad' [La Boucherie]
& Distorted Dreams

As well as the grid-wide hunt, Mad City brings your the greatest entertainment, contests, hunts, stores and the madness you have been longing for.

Opening July 3rd at 12pm SLT.

Stay tuned for more info! 

MAD CITY is created by
MadPea Productions in collaboration with
Silex Zapezki,
BlueSean Yiyuan &
Sasha00 Laryukov

Sim generously sponsored by
NY Healthscape

Sunday, June 23, 2013

SLB10 - A 5 Year Look at MadPeas



 There is a saying when growing a garden or flowers that the more love and time you give with your plant it will grow and become full, vibrant and to its best potential. There is no greater truth than with MadPea Productions. 

The wonders of Second Life allows any person to bring forth their dreams, wishes and ambitions to life with the click of a button. We all would not be where we are today if it was not for the one mind of a single woman with a brain crammed of stories and imagination. Kiana Writer wanted to make her dreams and nightmares come to life. Second Life was the canvas and MadPeas was the paint and brush to create. 

Through the 5 years of adaptation MadPeas has gone through many changes and has bestowed the Second Life grid with some of the most amazing hunts, games, puzzles and interactive adventures. MadPeas has strived to continue to push the envelope and be the first to see what Second Life's real potential and ability had to hold underneath all of its many layers of possibility. 

MadPeas is celebrating with Second Life it's 10th Birthday of existence and the theme of Looking Forward, Looking Back. We have built an amazing display with hats (designed and built by Madcow Cosmos) that go to the sky for visitors to go take a look at and see through the years what MadPeas has been here and how we have evolved. As you start to climb your way from the bottom hat and move up the creaky ladder you are invited to click the framed posters of the games of the past that we have created. Some of them even have the original teaser/promo video for that game when it was created. You have to truly watch every one of these videos and see even as the videos become more in depth with design, creativity and love. It is easy to see with every game we learned, we adapted and we moved another step forward. 

MadPeas has been a labor of love for years and the admiration and following of the group behind it has been the true heartbeat as to why it keeps doing what we do. If there was never any following behind it, the desire to create at times feels a bit less desirable. But the Peas out there, our followers continue to anxiously wait for every game and puzzle and event that we come up with. We love everyone of the new visitors that come in and see us the first time and get hooked as much as those that have been on this ride with us since day one. Through thick and thin the family we have inside the crew and outside with the group MadPeas has grown to be one of the biggest and widely known gaming groups on the grid. We thank every single person that has ever helped us, planned a game with us or merely played one of our games or attended an event. We would never have made 5 years if it was not for all of you. 

We thank you all for making these 5 years something truly to remember with the memories, friends and true bonds between so many different types, styles and personalities of people. We look to the next 5 years and continue to make every new experience just like it was the first time you found MadPeas.
Thank you to everyone of you.  


Written By:

Glitch Axelrad
MadPea Crew - Media Design/PR


Thursday, June 13, 2013

MadPea Art Festival

This weekend is the first ever MadPea Art Festival. Starting June 15th – 29th. We will be showcasing 24 artists from around the grid in a cyber-city display. We have brought the cyber world to life MadPea style and brought these wonderful artists into it. Come see their fabulous art and be inspired by their creative talent.

Several kinds of art will be on display. Sculptures, paintings, immersive art, abstract some erotic’s just to name a few. Some of the artists that will be on display are;Solkide Auer, Giovanna Cerise, Safi Farspire, Fuschia Nightfire, ArtWolf  Eternal, Rhea Choral, Ginger Lorakeet , Yaiza Galicia, DavidWeiner Resident, Anrod Meads, Graham Collinson, Harter Fall, Rebeca Bashly, Fae Varriale,  Moeuhane Sandalwood, Daruma, Jessicabelmer, Kylie Sabra, AniWitt, Rag Randt, MadPeas, voidheart mistwalker, Morlita Quan, FirleFanz Roxley and Noke Yuitza.

During this two week art festival we will have lots of entertainment. Live performers, dance groups, singers and dj’s.

Line up of Entertainment:

June 15
2 -3pm SLT
JordanReyne Deezul

4 -6pm SLT
DJ Helvetin
Madmike Burner

June 16
12 - 2PM SLT
DJ  hadowgirl orex
Shadowgirl Yardley

6-8pm SLT
DJ DemonGirl
Gothica Minotaur

June 17
12 -2pm SLT
DJ Banrock

June 18
         12pm -2pm SLT
DJ Moonstroke (troy vandouser)

 June 19
 12 -2pm SLT
 DJ Jillian Brunswick
 8 -10pm SLT
 DJ Rah ( rahdu rajesh)

 June 20
 12 -2pm SLT
 DJ BanRock
 8pm -10pm SLT
 DJ frosted210 swashbuckler

 June 21
 1 -2pm SLT
 Torben Asp
 3pm -3:30pm SLT
 Diversionz Dance

 June 22
 11am -12pm SLT
 12:30PM -2:30PM
 DJ Glitchmode

 June 23
 12:00 -2pm SLT
 DJ Soul tomsawyer aries

 June 24
           12-2pm SLT
           DJ Paramparamm Papp
           3-4pm SLT
 Dexter Ihnen

           June 25
 12 -2pmSLT
 DJ Shibari Metall

  June 26
  12 -2pm SLT
  DJ Jillian Brunswick
  June 27
  12 -2pm SLT
  DJ Bel Air aka belnoire
  June 28
  5 -6pmSLT
  6:30 - 8:30pmSLT
  DJ Cerval
  June 29
  2 -3pm SLT
  Independent Ballet
  4 -6pm SLT
  DJ Riah  pariah gearz

This event is being sponsored by; MadPea Productions, Branwen Arts, Cha Klaar and Sally Lavender. We hope to see everyone there supporting the arts in second life and having a great time.

Your ride to the MadPea Art Festival

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MadPeas at Second Pride

Come revisit MadPea Hoshi Island and Carneval at Second Pride June 14 - 23!!  That's right MadPeas is having a huge ride and game display at the 2013 Second Pride Festival here in SL. Come race on the Hellracer track, or ride the Drake!!  We have Bumper Boats from Hoshi Island and some of the old MadPea Circus rides!!  Our famous Carousel and Ferris Wheel  will be there and many games for you to play.  Don't miss your chance to come play on the old MadPea Products!! 

Our own RAG Randt built the MadPea Tent Section of the East Sim shopping district of Second Pride. Come on down and ride the Rainbow Carousel and buy lots of cool stuff.

Don't forget, Unia will be released this summer and we also have a huge surprise coming soon for all of you MadPeas!!

There will also be loads of live DJ's playing at Second Pride and dozens shops there as well, so you can shop til you drop and jam out to some of the best DJ's in SL!!

                                Lets give a HI5 to all the sponsors and creators of Second Pride!!

We can't wait to see you all there to join in the MadNess!!

SLURL: Second Pride in Second Life

Feed a Smile Fundraiser

 Madpea loves to give happiness and joy to the people of Second life.
It is one of the goals that we stive and continually keep to bring with each new
game, event or fundraiser that we hold or are included in.

This May we were happy to help and be part of  a fundraiser called "Feed a Smile" that was the feeding program for its main charity organization called Live and Learn in Kenya NGO (LLK) and daughter organization Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO.

Desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides - this is what rules the lives of the people -  especially the children living within the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school
fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies.

They provide medical/dental care to all LLK-children — including check-ups and vaccinations.
Their feeding program is also a huge success. With their "Feed a Smile" project they are able to assure nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children every day. All funds are donations.

100% of the donations are transferred directly to Kenya to care for the children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter and foster care. Nobody is earning a cent at Live and Learn in Kenya NGO. The professional staff in Kenya are paid through donations in order to insure the smooth running of the project - so that the children receive all that they should.

Here are some pictures of the live acts that contributed to the
Feed a Smile fundraiser in Second Life at the MadPea Base


Chandra Reed


The fundraiser was a great success with peas and new visitors coming to the
sim and donating and  enjoying a nice evening with the live acts that helped to make this fundraiser. 

MadPeas was extremely happy to be part of this amazing charity 
and awesome fundraiser to help those kids in need in Kenya.

Here are the smiles we were able to make possible.

We want to thank Live and Learn in Kenya for the opportunity in being able to help with this amazing charity and wish them the best of luck with all they do. 

If you wish to donate or learn more about the organization
here is their web address.