Friday, January 31, 2014

OBR: Volunteers Needed!

MadPea is proud to be a sponsor for the "RISE, RELEASE, DANCE for Justice" event that is being put on by One Billion Rising for Justice (OBR). And we are asking all of you Peas to jump up and volunteer for this worthy cause!


 It is time to “RISE, RELEASE, DANCE for Justice” in support of this year’s One Billion Rising “V-Day” on 14 Feb 2014, a 24-hour global event to bring together women and men to raise awareness and stop the violence against women and girls around the world.


More information can be found, including a link to the volunteer application, at their website:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friday Night Madness!

Who is Your favorite movie villain?

Don't miss Friday Night Madness with MadPea!

Friday Night Madness will be held at Mad City Park from 5-7PM SLT and this week's contest board is going to be set for Movie Villains with a 500L prize going to best in costume! We will have lots of trivia and DJ Dich Benoir-Miles will be spinning the tunes!

Come join us for an evilly good time!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Rent in Mad City!

This shop is waiting for you!

Are you a vendor?? Do you want what you sell to be in an amazing themed sim where it will get the attention you desire? Well look no further than Mad City by MadPea Productions! We have many stores available for rent, right now, and we would love to see you there!

    -  We reach an in-world community of more than 7,000 Second Life residents.
    -  We hold many events on the sim, including hunts, parties, and fairs.
    -  We are featured in the Second Life Destination Guide.

Our main landing point is inside the Crying Peacock Park close to the event stage. 

Rental districts and pricing are listed below. The store numbers are above the doorways on the outside of the stores. The rental boxes on available stores will read "For Rent." You can pay by the week up to a maximum of 4 weeks at a time.

1.) The Park District is our most popular area, and is just outside of the Crying Peacock Park. The rate is 600L per week.
2.) The Hotel District is near the Silent Peacock Hotel. The rate is 500L per week.
3.) The Outer City is near the sim borders. The rate is 400L per week.

1. No scripted objects except for a simple LM giver and group inviter. This means no scripted vendors, scanners, kiosks, rezzers, etc. Please use the viewer's "Buy Copy or Buy Contents" feature to sell your products without using a script. We need to make this sim as lag free as possible during events held on the sim.  If you require an exception to this policy (for example pose shops), please contact Tichelle Teebrook.

2. No vulgarity except for tasteful nudity. Please be mindful that this is a Moderate sim.

3. No resellers or business in a box vendors.

4. All items must be inside your store. If you wish to place something outside your store, it must match the theme of the sim and be approved by MadPea Productions. Please contact Tichelle Teebrook or AubreyRioux Resident for approval.

5.  Group membership is required. You will be invited to the NY HealthScape group. This group is by invite only and will allow you to rez in your store.  You will also be sent the link to join the MadPea Hunt Vendors group.  This group allows us to easily keep in touch with all of our vendors.

6.  You must send a full perm texture of your logo to MadPea Resident and Tichelle Teebrook.  We will put the texture into your shop sign.

7.  Each store is allowed 50 prims. This is a networked prim counter system and updates approximately every 2 minutes.

8.  There will be no refunds given if you vacate your store before the end of your rental agreement.

To rent a store, click the rental box in the shop that you wish to rent. Read the instructions in local chat. Pay the rental box for the amount of time that you wish to rent the store.

Please send an IM to Tichelle Teebrook as soon as possible once you rent a store to be added into the necessary groups.

For rental box technical issues please contact AubreyRioux Resident.

We look forward to seeing your store in Mad City!

Mad City Events Area

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flickr Pic of the Week!

You have voted and picked our WINNER OF THE WEEK!!!

Congratulation to Ghostalker wise for participating in our contest and winning Flickr Pick of the week. He is going to receive an amazing prize from this week's Sponsor, Lok's Low Prim Furniture!

If you would like to be part of this contest, just post on our Flickr MadPea games group your pictures from our sims and get the chance to be selected for the Flickr Pick of the day.  You might even be voted Flickr Pick of the week!  

 This coming week's Sponsor will be BlueMoon enterprise. BlueMoon enterprise crafts its clothing with integrity for the times.  All costumes are made with period correct fabric, trims, and construction!

Submit your pictures here for your chance to win!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fae Varriale Art Exhibition in Mad City

Fae Varriale's Art Exhibition should be a stop in your Mad City visit.

Another leisurely stroll through Mad City by MadPea Productions once again exposed an enjoyable find! The Fae Varriale Art Exhibition has pieces of digital art for sale that have a definite fantasy feel to them. She uses shadows and light and fantastical images from Second Life to draw the viewer into her pictures.

As described in the artist's bio:

 Drawing on the diversity of beautiful and unusual landscapes and the ability to change appearance to almost anything you wish, Fae uses photographs taken inworld as the basis for her pictures. 

As a keen builder she also developed a passion for creating 3D art and immersive installations and became involved in creating installations as part of mixed media performance space, incorporating live music, storytelling and dance. She has created stage sets for the Independent Ballet Company, DiversionzDance, BOSL Fashion Week and Miss Virtual World.

Other viewers of Fae's art, describe it in this way:

"Often dark and moody, Fae's artwork is inspired by myth, folklore and fantasy. The haunting imagery draws you into strange yet familiar dreamworlds."

"Fae’s art is dark and delightful, imbuing each piece with its own aura. Mystical scenes and beings are inspired by myth, folklore, and fantasy; the haunting imagery is stunning."

Make sure to take a moment in your Mad City exploring to take in this Art Exhibition. If you wish to view even more of Fae's art, it can been seen at the Branwen Arts Centre, SLURL provided below.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Friday Night Madness!

Are you ready for another night of trivia, dancing, and Madness?!

Don't miss Friday Night Madness with MadPea!
It's that time again!  Friday Night Madness will be held at Mad City Park from 5-7PM SLT! The week's contest board will be set for Space Invasion with a 500L prize going to best in costume! We will have alien trivia with a special prize going to round winners. DJ Savannah Christensen will keep us dancing in the street!

Come join us for a time that will be out of this world!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peas Spoiled Rotten

AKA There is not a new hunt going on! 

I was tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep, but couldn't. This blogpost was itching inside me so bad, that it's the only reason I got up so early.

Lately I've been frankly thankful for Linden Lab's failure to deliver group chat messages as everyday it's full of questions: 
"Can someone send me a LM to the new hunt?"
"When's the new hunt?"
"What's the hunt of the month?"

My email is getting so full of these questions, so it's about time for me to announce it here as well: 
There are no new hunts going OR coming for a while! 

Last year our green little things really got spoiled rotten with hunts: 

Room 326
Love Potion
Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior
Key of Hope in collaboration with Fantasy Faire
Mad City (+ Return of the Room 326)
Cry of the Peacock
Lennon Park Massacre
Dark Dimension
Holiday Havoc
Mad City Christmas

I don't know of any other group in Second Life who creates that many hunts/games in a year! We did have a blast though creating them and hope you enjoyed them too.

However, my whole focus for MadPea has truly shifted. I'm getting sad with the idea of putting so much effort into creating something that lasts only a month or two. Then it gets destroyed and only lives in our memories. I wish we had the luxury to keep the hunts alive longer. It's exhausting to keep re-building and re-writing based on the hunt concept to give such a short life to a story.

Demolition of Holiday Havoc 

SaveMe Oh approached me during the Dark Dimension hunt, suggesting MadPea should apply for a LEA grant to avoid the whole 'shopping mall' concept. I had never thought of games being art, but really, is the line that thick? We had one ally in Linden Lab, Brett Linden (one day I will marry him!) who kept encouraging and supporting us... now, he doesn't seem to be around anymore and none of the other Lindens show any interest to what we're doing. 

We're struggling on this alone trying to make enough money to keep the islands paid off. It does get tiring at times. So yes, some changes needed to be made.

Please remember, we are a small group of freelancers without sugar daddies or sponsors or financial support. If you enjoy what we do, please support us and help us keep creating. You can do that by spreading the word, buying our stuff, playing our gachas and donating to this madness.

There are a lot of things coming, not to worry. Mad City is alive with events and happenings and possibly even small hunts! Game wise, Unia is next. 
Later in the year we will have our adult hunt - Blood Letters. 

One of Unia game areas

Instead of quantity, we're slowing down and focusing on quality, bringing you experiences you have never had in Second Life before. 

I used to have this in my profile: 

"We create fantasies that are beyond your imagination...

We want to make your brain tick, lure you into a world 
where you unravel a mystery. 

We want to show what can be done in SL 
- and push the envelope even further - 
challenge the limitations. 

We want to trick your mind, drive you to the edge of frustration. 
The payback is good, that's all you need. 

Come and play - always something going on ;)"

I need to keep reminding myself about this. I WANT and NEED to make people feel and think. When I can move one person and give them a mind-blowing adventure, I'm happy. 

Second Life is very much alive and evolving. I want to shoot all those whining about Second Life dying with sticky cotton candy because they are so blind to the truth. 
Today in Second Life we can create games that have never been possible before.  I don't want to hype Unia too much, but please trust us... It's pushing all the envelopes and truly challenging your mind and Second Life. There are several extremely talented people working nonstop to bring this experience out for you.

It'll be worth the wait. 

Founder, Director, Writer and Dreamer

For those missing hunts, here are two great resources to look for hunts:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Flickr Pick of the week!

You have voted and picked our WINNER OF THE WEEK!!!

Congratulation to SublimeJ for participating in our contest and winning Flickr Pick of the week. He is going to receive an amazing prize from this week's Sponsor, Never Totally Dead!

If you would like to be part of this contest, just post on our Flickr MadPea games group your pictures from our sims and get the chance to be selected for the Flickr Pick of the day.  You might even be voted Flickr Pick of the week!  

 This coming week's Sponsor will be Lok's Low Prim Furniture!

Submit your pictures here for your chance to win!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mad City: grey november gallery

grey november gallery is not a place to be walked by.

As you stroll through Mad City by MadPea Productions, you see many kinds of shops by many creative individuals. There are stores with a wide variety of items for purchase to satisfy a wide array of individuals.  Were you aware that Mad City even has art galleries?  Today I happened upon the Mad City location of the art gallery known as grey november gallery which features the artwork of Rodriguez Munro.

As one walks into grey november gallery, they will see a row of old theater chairs looking as if they are inviting one to sit down, rest their weary feet, and watch the movie being played through the old fashioned reel-to-reel projector. As one watches the "movie", they realize they are seeing a slideshow of gorgeous and yet melancholy art that causes one to just watch quietly, appreciate the beauty, and get lost in one's own thoughts.  

Like good art tends to do, Rodriguez's creations cause emotions in its viewers. It causes one's mind to wander to memories that have caused similar emotions in the past. A look around the rest of the small treasure of a gallery, will reward the visitor with more framed pieces of art by Rodriguez that are available for purchase at very modest prices.  Visitors to the artist's main gallery are provided with a note card where he provides some insight into his inspirations:

"*In the Mists by H. Hesse

Wondrous to wander through mists!
Parted are bush and stone:
None to the other exists,
Each stands alone.

Many my friends came calling
then, when I lived in the light;
Now that the fogs are falling,
None is in sight.

Truly, only the sages
Fathom the darkness to fall,
Which, as silent as cages,
Separates all.

Strange to walk in the mists!
Life has to solitude grown.
None for the other exists:
Each is alone. 

When I was 14, a teacher wanted us to learn a poem. I started to write poems on my own, but it was a ego progress and I had really no interest in boring guys, in boring German school books. 

In the end, I learned it, and I forgot it, but I never stopped writing. I had a very freaky youth. 

With all the light I was walking in, I was still somehow dark inside. When things changed over time, so did my interests. Hermann Hesse was coming back into my life.

Eight years later, I found out  that I never forgot this poem of the Mists. It was easy for me to recall the words.

I really adore this writer, Hermann Hesse. I believe in signs and this was for sure one. ;)

The gallery is full of pictures that I have taken in my real life neighborhood and edit with Photoshop. That's one of my hobbies. I'm addicted to fog, darkness, crows, nature, trees and autumn/winter."

Tucked just inside the entrance there is a landmark giver to the main grey november gallery which is a must see location. Take some time to visit the following landmarks today, and allow yourself to get lost in this gem tucked appropriately inside The Silent Peacock Hotel in Mad City as well as Rodriguez Munro's main gallery.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Madness with The Dread Captain MadPea!

Arrrr mateys, Friday Night Madness is back!

Don't miss Friday Night Madness with The Dread Captain MadPea!

Ye be invited by the Dread Captain MadPea and his saucy wenches to a party with fellow buccaneers. You do not want to miss out and be forced to walk the plank!

On Friday, January 17th from 5:00pm-7:00pm SLT, set yer sails for a celebration of swashbuckling music and dancing. Pillaging and plundering, grog and grub! And Plenty of dancing wenches, too! Beware of Dreaded MadPea Pirates, and hang on to yer booty!

Bring yer mates! Thar be a 'walkin the plank fer sure!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Flickr Picture of the Day gets a makeover!

Flickr Pic of the Day continues, but with an added twist!

Would you like to win prizes? Are you one of those people who love to take and edit pictures of this amazing world we call Second Life? Are you a MadPea?? Then you are going to love the changes ahead for the MadPea Flickr Pic of the Day!

Our Flickr stream is a collection of photographic art created by our Peas, and this will continue, but we have created a MadPea Highlights Flickr pool which will be dedicated as a special gallery to display the photos which truly stand out.

Each day a photo will be chosen, as usual, from the MadPea Games Flickr stream. This photo will then be displayed in Mad City, where Peas will have the chance to vote on their favorite ones. The voting will take place Saturdays and Sundays. We will have a new sponsor and or prize each week. The results of the contests will lead to the Highlight Photo of the week and will be invited to our special "Exclusive," Pool of MadPea Highlight photos, as well as win prize from our participating sponsor for that week.

For your chance to be Pic of the Day, continue to add all of your MadPea photos of our hunts and builds to our stream.

- The photo must be MadPea related.
- There may be more than one person in the photo, but only one person may submit the photo.
- Do not be vulgar
- Add your submissions to the Flickr group,, and include your avatar's name in the photo description.
- If you need help finding a free photo editing program please check out the bottom of this blog post for info
- MadPea Group staff will pick a Flickr pic of the day Monday through Friday which will then be added to an exclusive Flickr group of MadPea Highlights photos. Photos invited to this group will be the most unique and creative pictures and will be possibly used for MadPea promotional materials in the future.
-These chosen pictures will be displayed as they are picked each day. Every Saturday, all chosen pictures of the week will be displayed in the Mad City Park where MadPea Group Members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite one with a point and click. The winning picture will be announced on Mondays and will receive a reward from our sponsor of the week.

Now the information you really really want to know for this week, the sponsor this week is none other than Death Row Designs! The reward will be a L$8000 gift card to the store!  

Voting for that prize winner from this week's Flicker Pics of the Day is now open at this SLURL:  

Please go choose your favorite of those chosen and be snapping those "shutters" at MadPea Hunts and Events and upload them to get your chance to be picked next week!

Holiday Havoc 48 Hour Blow Up Event!

The Holiday Havoc Hunt was full of twists, turns, surprises and holiday cheer. The magical world beyond the portal, where the two holidays of Halloween and Christmas clashed, took many man hours to build and looked amazing! Doesn't it just seem like a perfect idea to destroy it all? >:)

Starting this Friday, at 2PM SLT, you are invited to a tear down party to remember! There will be 48 hours of non-stop music, awesome actions and effects as you get to witness the demolition of the Holiday Havoc Hunt sim.

Not only do you get a non-stop 48 hour party, there will also be exclusive, Pea Pal Gachas to buy collectibles that will only be available until January 18th, after which they will never be sold again!

Here is our musical line-up for this amazing two day event:

Friday the 10th 
2-4pm: DJ Kess (Kess Crystal)
4-6pm: DJ  Ⓢhadowgirl Ⓢorex (shadowgirl.yardley)
6-8pm: Lainey Thorne
8-10pm: DJ Rah (Rahdu Rajesh)
10pm-12am: DJ Savannah Christensen

Saturday the 11th
12-2am: DJ Savannah Christensen
2-4am: TBD
4-6am: TBD
6-8am: TBD
8-10am: Clicquot Oh
10am-12pm: ℑ-ℳαη (james1982.writer)
12-2pm: ℰℒℒℰツℰH (elle.serrari)
2-5pm: DJ Dakota Christensen
5-6pm:  Jimmy49 Dukes
6-7pm:  Noma Falta
7-10pm: DJ  Ⓢhadowgirl Ⓢorex (shadowgirl.yardley)
10pm-12am: DJ Dakota Christensen

Sunday the 12th
12-2am: TBD
2-4am: TBD
4-6am: TBD
6-8am: Salila Mortenson
8-10am: Sam Shecter
10am-12pm: ℑ-ℳαη (james1982.writer)
12-2pm: DJ Kess (Kess Crystal)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Havoc Hunt has ended & Hunter Interviews!

We have reached the final hour of our Holiday Havoc Hunt.  Although it will end, nothing compares to just how special this Holiday Season has been.  It has been full of many surprises.  We hope that we have helped fill everyone's Holiday season on SL with another unforgettable hunt!  A lot of energy, love and dedication was used into making this Hunt a reality.

Time and time again we have interviewed our Top hunters.  We want you all to know that whether you finish first or last we cherish each and everyone of you.  So in this blog we will not interview the first or last, the fastest or slowest, but two of our dedicated hunters, who were willing to share their hunting experiences with us this time around.  We interviewed bleu lacroix and Bailey Willenov.

We hope this New Year will be grand for each and everyone of you!  We have lots of awesome things to share with you this year!  Looking forward to 2014 with you all!

Thank you Peas!

bleu lacroix
bluelacroix 1/1/'14, 11:00 pm

What did you like about the Holiday Havoc hunt?

bleue lacroix (bluelacroix): The creation of the worlds, the beauty of the sets, the builds, the NPCs, the story, the concept too, but mostly everything visual.

Did you get the chance to try out our Townlings Bonus hunt, and if so what did you enjoy most?

bleue lacroix (bluelacroix): Uhm, the easy questions, like Rudolph (although I spelled it wrong first try) It was great - unique (although I have only done 6 hunts now in SL)

What was your favorite part of the Holiday Havoc hunt?

bleue lacroix (bluelacroix): Besides the obvious (adding more stuff to my overflowing armoire) I would say interacting with the Peas and the NPCs and that there was a story, and the great builds, and the concept of Halloween vs Christmas (although I hafta root for Halloween)

Is there anything you would like to say to MadPea?

bleue lacroix (bluelacroix): Keep up the great work, I am amazed. Maybe it is a little too hard though. :) 
I need LOTS of help

Were you able to explore the Holiday Havoc hunt sim and Mad City sim?

bleue lacroix (bluelacroix): Yesh, for sure.

What helped you complete this hunt, did you find it challenging?

bleue lacroix (bluelacroix): Yes, it was very challenging.

Way to go bleue!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

We're in the mood for a Party!

We are in the mood for a party and you should be too!

The Holiday Havoc Hunt is in its final days. The Holidays have passed, presents have been ripped open, the final Heroes of the Holidays are finishing their compasses and receiving their well deserved rewards. It sounds like the perfect time to celebrate!

We are having a rocking party to celebrate all the Heroes of the holidays featuring not one, but two LIVE performers! When is this party you ask? It is TODAY! It is mere HOURS away and we want you all there!

Starting at 5PM SLT, the talented Jimmyt49 Dukes will be playing us music to dance and be crazy to. He will be followed at 6PM SLT by the beautiful Noma Falta. Our own Tichelle will be hosting the festivities and looks forward to seeing all of our Heroes come to celebrate their victory!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Friday Night Madness!

Are you ready for another night of trivia, dancing, and Madness?!

Don't miss Friday Night Madness with MadPea!

Clear your Friday night schedule, let your friends know to come along and be at the coolest place to be in Second Life on Friday night! You do not want to miss out on the fun.

This first Friday in 2014, January 3rd from 5:00pm-7:00pm SLT, June Forsythe will be hosting a night of trivia and dancing that will be an awesome way to start off the new year! The contest board will be set for "Best in Country Western!"  Joining June will be the talented DJ Ry, who always pleases with her musical choices. :)

Come join us!
Bring your "thinking caps" for the trivia answers that can win you lindens! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

MadPea's BloodLetters (Adult) Hunt has been postponed

January 1, 2014
Press Release:

MadPea Productions postponement of 2014 BloodLetters (Adult) Hunt


New dates for this hunt will be rescheduled and announced at a later date. 

This hunt will be an amazing hunt, however in order to make it the way we envision we have decided, reluctantly, to postpone until later in the year. We have a lot of things to do and work out in order to make our vision a reality and we concluded that there was no way to do that by February. 

We could not do this without all of your support and thank you again for your understanding. 

The happiest of New Years to all of you.