Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Rent in Mad City!

This shop is waiting for you!

Are you a vendor?? Do you want what you sell to be in an amazing themed sim where it will get the attention you desire? Well look no further than Mad City by MadPea Productions! We have many stores available for rent, right now, and we would love to see you there!

    -  We reach an in-world community of more than 7,000 Second Life residents.
    -  We hold many events on the sim, including hunts, parties, and fairs.
    -  We are featured in the Second Life Destination Guide.

Our main landing point is inside the Crying Peacock Park close to the event stage. 

Rental districts and pricing are listed below. The store numbers are above the doorways on the outside of the stores. The rental boxes on available stores will read "For Rent." You can pay by the week up to a maximum of 4 weeks at a time.

1.) The Park District is our most popular area, and is just outside of the Crying Peacock Park. The rate is 600L per week.
2.) The Hotel District is near the Silent Peacock Hotel. The rate is 500L per week.
3.) The Outer City is near the sim borders. The rate is 400L per week.

1. No scripted objects except for a simple LM giver and group inviter. This means no scripted vendors, scanners, kiosks, rezzers, etc. Please use the viewer's "Buy Copy or Buy Contents" feature to sell your products without using a script. We need to make this sim as lag free as possible during events held on the sim.  If you require an exception to this policy (for example pose shops), please contact Tichelle Teebrook.

2. No vulgarity except for tasteful nudity. Please be mindful that this is a Moderate sim.

3. No resellers or business in a box vendors.

4. All items must be inside your store. If you wish to place something outside your store, it must match the theme of the sim and be approved by MadPea Productions. Please contact Tichelle Teebrook or AubreyRioux Resident for approval.

5.  Group membership is required. You will be invited to the NY HealthScape group. This group is by invite only and will allow you to rez in your store.  You will also be sent the link to join the MadPea Hunt Vendors group.  This group allows us to easily keep in touch with all of our vendors.

6.  You must send a full perm texture of your logo to MadPea Resident and Tichelle Teebrook.  We will put the texture into your shop sign.

7.  Each store is allowed 50 prims. This is a networked prim counter system and updates approximately every 2 minutes.

8.  There will be no refunds given if you vacate your store before the end of your rental agreement.

To rent a store, click the rental box in the shop that you wish to rent. Read the instructions in local chat. Pay the rental box for the amount of time that you wish to rent the store.

Please send an IM to Tichelle Teebrook as soon as possible once you rent a store to be added into the necessary groups.

For rental box technical issues please contact AubreyRioux Resident.

We look forward to seeing your store in Mad City!

Mad City Events Area

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