Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Buried Clothing - Limited Sales

Limited Sales Time for Buried Souvenir Clothing Items

Madpea have produced a range of clothing items to complement the Buried hunt which is taking place on our Glimpse of Eternity sim. 

Buried is one of our most successful hunts ever and you have a chance to take home a piece of that MadPea history...but only for a limited time. 

These items will only stay on sale at the sim until the game closes at the end of March and then they will be retired from sale. 

Male and Female Grunge Hunter outfits include mesh pants, top, jacket, boots and jeans to achieve the perfect Buried hunter look

Alternative options if you just want the souvenir t shirt to remember the hunt from without going for the all out hunter look. Stand out in the crowd as a MadPea Buried hunter! 

Digging ain't easy and is murder on your high heels or brogues, so grab a pair of grunged up Buried Wellington Rainboots.

Don't miss out these items are only available until 31st March and ONLY available at the Buried sim 


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