Monday, March 31, 2014


Guys, this is it. The very last edition of the Lost Mine Preview...that means that the game finally launches tomorrow, April 1st at 12PM SLT at Mad City!

All the Pea crew will be in attendance, as will the fabulous DJ Kess, who'll be spinning tunes to kick off the first two hours of hunting.

It's been a rollercoaster. We've had ups and downs, the story has unfolded, we've met all of our vendors, but we haven't seen what they're actually giving away for your hunting pleasure yet...well fear ye not, faithful Peas, your patience is about to be rewarded! 

Here is the (mostly) complete list of prizes you'll find should you be smart and sharp-eyed enough to face up to the perils of The Lost Mine!



Here's a special behind-the-scenes look at some of the game's closing scenes!

That's your lot from me! The Queen Pea will be here tomorrow with a post giving you all the details on how and where to start the game.

See you on the streets...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 7: Our Final Two Vendors and Looking Ahead!

Hey guys!

Well, this is it! We're down to the final two vendor reveals for The Lost Mine! Tomorrow we'll be bringing you a special look behind the scenes at some of the perils and pitfalls you can expect to encounter before you can claim your prizes, but first - let's get cracking with today's reveals!

Abranimations, run by Abramelin Wolfe, really needs no introduction. Now in its 10th (!) year of operation, Abra's amazing array of animations and toys has put them at the top of the AO and dance market and kept them there for years. You'll find their mainstore here.

Apple's (warehousefifteendesigns Resident) Apple Fall has built up a reputation for classy, modern furniture with a strong emphasis on beauty and quality. Apple Fall's pieces have a timeless character all of their own and look great in any context. You can check out his range here.

That's your lot! We'll be back tomorrow with a behind the scenes look at The Lost Mine itself, and a special preview of the PRIZES from all 20 of our top flight sponsors! Ah but, before we go, here's your penultimate story hint!
"Now, in the harsh light of day, he realises what he gave up - untold riches, prizes beyond imagination..."
Are you ready to help Professor Peabody in his quest?

See you in Mad City on April 1st!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 6: PANIC!

Do my ElderPea eyes deceive me, or are we already on day six of the Lost Mine Preview? I do believe we are! That means we're about 72 hours away from MadPea's first game of the year! Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page and to notices inworld - little snippets and sneak peeks are coming out all the time!

Today's story hint can be found, as always, at the bottom - but first, today's vendors!

Created by Punkerella Summers, Chimeric Arts & Fashions makes amazingly detailled masks and NPCs for anything and everything from Mardi Gras and Halloween to Day of the Dead and masquerade balls. Her quirky inventiveness seeps into every piece! You can check out her store here.

Poised is Poise Collins' contemporary fashion store. Making cool mesh clothes and accessories for both men and women, Poised's become known for its bold use of colour and graphics and fearless and funky updates of everyday items of clothing. Swing by her store here.

The brainchild of genius scripter and gamesmaster Kottos Sperber, Kotto's Games Factory specialises in both single and multiplayer boardgames. His selection includes everything from the traditional ludo, checkers and backgammon right the way through to his own creations! Grab a preview of what you can expect at his store, here.

We're nearing the final hours of preparations for the hunt, and we're working frantically for you all behind the scenes to make sure it's the very best it can be. With that said, here's today's story hint!
"In his panic, he destroyed his notes and the charts showing the path to this forgotten realm..."
Professor Peabody's journal has been destroyed! What could we possibly do about that?! *wink wink*

See you all tomorrow with the FINAL TWO vendors for The Lost Mine...Monday brings something a little different.

As always, I can be reached inworld via IM or NC for any marketing or press queries, or by email at 

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 5: Plot Twist!

Are we really on Day 5 of these previews already?! It feels like we've barely scratched the surface of what you can expect to see when we open the doors on April 1st. Some more story details are coming - including a little twist! - but not until we've introduced the next 3 sponsors!

Alouette, run by Scarlet Chandrayaan, has made a name for itself by producing some of the wittiest and most whimsical furniture on the grid. A sense of fun is infused into every piece Alouette creates, and we can't wait for you to see what Scarlet's contributed to the hunt! Swing by her store here for a taste of what to expect! 

Melissajeanne Flores' Elephante Poses creates both poses and tattoo-layer makeups to enhance your inworld photography. Not afraid to push the boundaries, Elephante brings to the hunt a strong individualistic streak and a surety of and comfort in its own style. You can check out her store here.

LNS Designs is a multi-headed design collective specialising in alternative fashion. Creating everything from boots and shoes to dresses, skirts, shirts and accessories, this multi-discipline team is quickly gaining the attention of some of Second Life's most notable fashionistas. Check out their mainstore here.

Now, we promised you a twist in today's story we go...
"Professor Peabody was as shocked as anyone when he actually found what he was looking for..."
The plot thickens! What did the Professor see?! Come back tomorrow to find out!

Farewell Steampunk Gacha Fair

I'm sorry. (sniff-sniff)  I'm so, so sorry. Please . . . hand me a tissue. Okay. (sniff-sniff) I'm alright now. It's just that the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair is coming to a close. The machines - and all the cool stuff in them - will be carted away on Monday, March 31. I've had so much fun hanging out at Mad City Park trying my luck at the various gacha machines and watching others get their own steampunk gear.

However, we are sending the Steampunk Gacha Fair off in smashing style. A farewell party will be held this Saturday in Mad City Park from 12-2pm SLT.

DJ Victor1st Mornington will keep us movin' and groovin' and Host Honey Vesuvino will be handing out Ls to trivia winners, free gacha items, and mustaches for everyone (see said mustache below)!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank an awesome MadPea, Vivena Resident, for coming to the rescue of one of the Platypus by LOoLOo gacha machines. Apparently not getting the James Bondo holdable cubot was pretty stressful. Perhaps we should enact a no-sledgehammer policy for Mad City Park . . .

This has been a great event and we want to thank everyone for supporting the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair. I know we're all so excited about the upcoming Lost Mine hunt so this has been a great way to hold us over until then. MadPea sends a big thank you to Gachatopia for sponsoring the fair, to all of the vendors for participating, and to all of our awesome Peas for your support! Come over Saturday for a peas-ful, ap-pea-ling, and ap-peas-ing good time!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 4: Cutting Things Up. In the Attic. With Doctor Who. Or something.

Good evening, my sweet Peas! 

Fugazi here with day 4 of your glimpse behind the curtain at what's coming your way on April 1st when the Lost Mine screams off the rails and into your SLives. Your regular story reveal's coming at the end of today's update, but first, here's today's 3 vendors!

The Loft is a joint venture between Nardya Rousselot and Colleen Desmoulins. Specialising in chic, classical interior design with a strong modernistic streak we're delighted to welcome them to the MadPea Hunt Family. You can visit their mainstore here.

Collage is helmed by the supremely talented Adaline May (Adalineb Resident). She produces some of the grid's cutest (both in concept and execution) homewares, wall hangings and furnishing. She has the market cornered on quirky-lovely, and we can't wait to see what she stuffs inside the gift box for you! Check out her range here.

Although a relative newcomer to the grid, Sash Arabello's Wimey has won itself a devoted legion of fans thanks to her unique take on pop culture sensations. Creating items inspired by such diverse influences as Disney, Game of Thrones and, of course, Doctor Who, Wimey's never afraid to push the envelope when it comes to incorporating cutting edge new techniques into their items, and manages to do so without sacrificing one gram of personality. Check Wimey out at their mainstore over on Mudhoney.

That'll more or less do it for today - except where are my manners? I nearly forgot to reveal the next part of the story! Here we go!
"Magic realms, where dwarves mine for gold and gems, where good always wins and evil is banished..."
Can you see where this is going next? Why not comment below or on Facebook with your guess?

Any questions regarding promotion or marketing for the hunt can be directed to me, Fugazi Rubanis, by IM or notecard inworld.

See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 3: Peabody?!

Hello little Peas!

The plot thickens today as we reveal the next Lost Mine story teaser...just who is this guy and what did he do?! All will be revealed in due course! For now, here're today's new vendors!

Potpourri Designs is the creation of Alexandralara Resident. Running since 2011, they specialise in decor and builds to make your Second Life home beautiful. Potpourri recently participated in our Steampunk Gacha Fair, where her items were a big hit with the crowds - we're sure she'll turn out another great prize for the Lost Mine! You can visit her mainstore here.

Inex Hax's Peqe deals in high quality fashion and accessories for men and women with a decidedly haute couture edge. Her range is huge and definitely worth a look if you've never popped along to her mainstore before! You can check Peqe out here.

aisling. is the brainchild of Damian Kleiner and Drunnah Esharham. This kickass partnership produces some of the funkiest and coolest medieval and fantasy themed furniture and housewares for all of your decorating and roleplay needs! We can't wait to see what this quirky duo comes up with! Check out their mainstore (an experience in itself) here!

And last but by no means least - here's your story teaser for the day!
"Professor Madrigal Peabody, a brilliant but sadly crazy scientist, decided to search for the places our parents told us about..."
Things are starting to take shape...just who is this Professor Peabody, and what, if anything, did he find?! Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Any questions regarding promotion or marketing for the hunt can be directed to me, Fugazi Rubanis, by IM or notecard inworld.