Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 6: PANIC!

Do my ElderPea eyes deceive me, or are we already on day six of the Lost Mine Preview? I do believe we are! That means we're about 72 hours away from MadPea's first game of the year! Make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page and to notices inworld - little snippets and sneak peeks are coming out all the time!

Today's story hint can be found, as always, at the bottom - but first, today's vendors!

Created by Punkerella Summers, Chimeric Arts & Fashions makes amazingly detailled masks and NPCs for anything and everything from Mardi Gras and Halloween to Day of the Dead and masquerade balls. Her quirky inventiveness seeps into every piece! You can check out her store here.

Poised is Poise Collins' contemporary fashion store. Making cool mesh clothes and accessories for both men and women, Poised's become known for its bold use of colour and graphics and fearless and funky updates of everyday items of clothing. Swing by her store here.

The brainchild of genius scripter and gamesmaster Kottos Sperber, Kotto's Games Factory specialises in both single and multiplayer boardgames. His selection includes everything from the traditional ludo, checkers and backgammon right the way through to his own creations! Grab a preview of what you can expect at his store, here.

We're nearing the final hours of preparations for the hunt, and we're working frantically for you all behind the scenes to make sure it's the very best it can be. With that said, here's today's story hint!
"In his panic, he destroyed his notes and the charts showing the path to this forgotten realm..."
Professor Peabody's journal has been destroyed! What could we possibly do about that?! *wink wink*

See you all tomorrow with the FINAL TWO vendors for The Lost Mine...Monday brings something a little different.

As always, I can be reached inworld via IM or NC for any marketing or press queries, or by email at 

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