Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 7: Our Final Two Vendors and Looking Ahead!

Hey guys!

Well, this is it! We're down to the final two vendor reveals for The Lost Mine! Tomorrow we'll be bringing you a special look behind the scenes at some of the perils and pitfalls you can expect to encounter before you can claim your prizes, but first - let's get cracking with today's reveals!

Abranimations, run by Abramelin Wolfe, really needs no introduction. Now in its 10th (!) year of operation, Abra's amazing array of animations and toys has put them at the top of the AO and dance market and kept them there for years. You'll find their mainstore here.

Apple's (warehousefifteendesigns Resident) Apple Fall has built up a reputation for classy, modern furniture with a strong emphasis on beauty and quality. Apple Fall's pieces have a timeless character all of their own and look great in any context. You can check out his range here.

That's your lot! We'll be back tomorrow with a behind the scenes look at The Lost Mine itself, and a special preview of the PRIZES from all 20 of our top flight sponsors! Ah but, before we go, here's your penultimate story hint!
"Now, in the harsh light of day, he realises what he gave up - untold riches, prizes beyond imagination..."
Are you ready to help Professor Peabody in his quest?

See you in Mad City on April 1st!

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