Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Stories: Part XIV

We received a lot of stories for our Halloween Hunt Writing Contest, and from September 16th we're publishing one each day until October 6th - when the Winner's story opens as a hunt!

Read them all and stay curious.. whose story got turned into the hunt?

The stories released are unedited and pasted as submitted to us.
- Kiana -

Today's story is by seventhskye xaris and it's called

Dreams Do Come True

I awoke with a splitting headache, my body ached all over. Slowly I opened my eyes, left one was swollen n partly shut crusted with blood, my vision blurry. My clothes what was left of my beautiful dress covered in dirt & dried blood. My stomached cramped as I tried to stand. What the hell did I eat last night. The room was damp, musky and had vile smell of urine & vomit. I seemed to be in cell or padded room where am I what happened . My mind foggy can think straight my head spins little as I make my way to hands r covered in wounds I should find first aid kit. But where am I? What is this horrid place. I need get out here and find my friends ,where ever they are!

I slowly made my way to door it wasn’t locked. Looking around I realize place seems empty deserted. Maybe this all just bad dream. As child I use have nightmares wake screaming .I open the door steeping out into corridor, placed reeked of blood and decay. I enter room full medical supplies taking what I can find. Beds are soiled with blood n urine. Finding bottle alcohol I rinse blood off my hands wrapping what little bandages I found. As I did I notice a lab coat hanging and a badge. Quickly put both on. I don’t know who in the picture. I continue my search, opening the cells, at one end is medical lab. I clasp my hand over my mouth before would scream out loud. Corpse on table and jars of human remains hearts brains. Each labeled with a name. There’s computer on desk but when I try it says access denied. I search down hall in one cell is man upon touching him I realize he dead. Making my way towards a reception area I spot pile of passport on desk along with some files paper n pencils . I pick up the passports and some pencil n paper. Maybe I’ll find my friends. There’s shipment of crates by another door, must be fresh supplies. As I step into the room I feel like want to pass out, it reeks of decaying bodies and a table full of blood looks like morgue. Some bodies intact others hearts, brains , vital organs exposed. Stepping back out the autopsy room I make my way down hallway an approach stairs.

Climbing the stairs I make my way thru building and outside to fresh air, I take deep breath. The sun peering on the horizon, making my eyes burn. I should go back to where carnival had been maybe I find my friends and remember what happened last night. There had been signs along the path to party n carnival. One path leads down the hill to small fishing village and other to where carnival had been set up maybe still there. I take the path to right finally arriving. Few caravans ,rides but they all broken like been years since anyone was here. I approached one cages huge snake in one ,is this real? Next to it is unexplainable, reminds me the story of doctor gone mad who tried create super humans. He supposedly kidnapped people used them for experiments using animal and human parts causing mutations deformities. I spot the gypsy wagon what had she said I need to remember. notice poster on wall bits n pieces coming back to me. She had said something about becoming star. I remember my friends laughing daring me get my fortune told. and a man standing near us. Saying “Dreams Do Come True” He had grey hair n darkest eyes ,dressed nice jeans and green turtle neck sweater with dark jacket and was smoking cigarette. He said he lived in little village below. One my friends asked him if he with the carnival. No he had replied and offered us to come his place for pizza n beers. We had followed him to his place. There he lite up a joint and passed it around. His place had lots pillows thrown about place n was several bongs and plants. I had pretended to smoke not inhaling. Though I had heard muffled voice coming from upstairs. He had said that’s my brother drunk probable talking his sleep. The room seemed dirty like never cleaned. Didn’t fit his clean cut look. I remember he offered pizza and beer to my friends ,roomed smelled of marijuana, beer n soiled clothes. I had not drank any of the beer & only small bite of pizza. It had funny taste moldy n bitter. I remember now it had been disgusting. Slowly pieces of the night returning my memory. He had suggested we all go his photo studio. Said take our pictures and who knows maybe we become stars. Leaving his house we had walked little ways and entered a building next to water tower. The water tower I need go back to it maybe my memory will come back my friends could be there. I leave the carnival area a walked back to the town. I see the clock tower and lighthouse in distance. Remembering now how I got here.

All I can remember is been rumors and talk of this island supposedly haunted. And that recently it had been purchased and the new owners giving big party and carnival. Everyone in office wanted to go we always hanging out together . The only way over to island was by local ferry or boat. We arrived late in the day. There small fishing village few houses and shops and dock where ferry dropped us off. Place smelled of salty air and fish .From the distance up hill was stairs one leading to nice house looked out of place and had light burning in window. To my right towering over whole village was menacing looking prison or maybe was place where they put nuts. Something out horror movie, I cringed with the thought. I returned to the mans house empty had it been this filthy ,boxes moldy pizza empty can I walk up stairs there dirty mattresses pillows clothes all over room. Computer on desk and old typewriter, I remember paper I stuck my pocket and quickly type note” I’m being held prisoner on Island please somebody help me”. I try the computer ,I cant remember my name .I have come back. I leave the house and walk short distance to the water tower. Puddles on ground it starting to rain little the raindrops washing my face I reach down to puddle and wash my and n arms and splash some my face. Posters on outside of what looks like the studio they all old n torn. How long have I been here? Entering the building its not what I expected to find. This looks more like place they make porn movies. My stomach cringes as flashes of memory sweep my mind Bed in room with dirty sheets .Posters and naked pictures on walls , cameras and lighting tipped over , broken glass on floor. I leave turn the corner and make my way to where I remember we had partied, there’s nothing but ruins hadn’t there been live music , lights , lots people or had I just dreamed all this. Had I not danced under moonlight n stars. No stage , no beautiful curtains nothing but rock n moss . I go back stairway to house on hill where I seen that light when we had got of ferry. Maybe some one here help me. Reaching top see all around is nothing but water, so far from any other land. I suddenly feel all alone tears stream down my cheeks. I walk up path to the door and knock. Just outside is small pond n nicely landscaped yard with deer and wolf statues ,strange compared to rest this place. No answer nobody here I guess, trying the handle door opens. Place nicely furnished clean n neat. I wander thru I see door to what might be basement . Then I hear someone talking, suddenly I’m afraid I turn leave . Make my way back towards carnival & down hill. Strange, furniture thrown all about like been tornado or bad storm .Chairs stuck up tree all over ground broken pieces. I spot player piano, Omg I remembered now I use play one. I had one but husband never let my have in house. This one still worked I played song or least my mind I hear me playing n singing. I stopped suddenly tears flooding my eyes. I make my way further down path. Strange sight dead tree and from it hangs umbrellas and chairs all about like been concert. On ground is a telescope I wipe the lens n peer thru in distance I see land. Maybe I use these chairs n umbrellas make raft get off here I need find rope & more supplies. Back up path I continue round the island I come upon horrid sight skeletons & bodies hanging from tree. Who would do this? Further down side island I find old abandoned house cemetery & church. The house is empty except for few rats and I find some rope I pick it up. I enter cemetery & find few freshly dug graves along with some old tombstones very strange. I’m getting tired n head doesn’t hurt so much now. I stop in church and say few prayers.Down hill side make my way vultures or birds circles above. I can make out the tower from prison above part of road has collapsed.. Finally down bottom of hill I see a tunnel all caved in railroad cars rusted old on their sides. What’s railroad tracks doing on an island? I look up and see what looks like storage buildings all locked. I continue close to lighthouse now & guard tower. I should go up check it out. I enter to find binoculars & switchboard. Using the binoculars I search the area see no one around. Need get off this island fast . I turn to leave only to find that man standing in doorway. Something in his hands. I take deep breath kick him & push him down before he has chance to realize what I done. He falls & I run as fast as I can back to tree with umbrellas. Grabbing few chairs n umbrellas I attempt make raft quickly before he finds me again. I tied the together hoping it will float. I rather drown than die like rest poor souls I found on this God forsaken Island .Getting dark fast .Finally I push off into water & climb aboard my flimsy raft to safety. As I see the man running towards the shore screaming with what appears be axe his hands. I paddle faster leaving him in distance. Moonlight shining upon water, I head hopefully towards the land I seen earlier thru binoculars. Slowly he out my site I’m drifting further away from island.

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