Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Havoc Opening Party!

The Holiday Havoc Hunt is Almost Here!!!!

Can you tell how excited we are!?  This hunt is going to be amazing and a perfect way to launch into the holiday season!  It is going to be so thrilling and spectacular, that it deserves an equally thrilling and spectacular party to kick it off!  Where is this festive bash going to be held?  We will all be partying the minutes down to the hunt start in the most appropriate place ever, Mad City!

  Come to the Opening Party of both the Mad City Christmas and Holiday Havoc Hunt which is in a 1940's film noir setting that has been dressed up for the holidays!  While you are there, you can explore the shopping district to find the perfect gift, use your skills to master our Advent Calendar Mini-Hunt, take photos full of holiday cheer and of course join in the Opening Party in the park!

The party starts December 1st at 10am SLT and goes until Noon, or until the hunt opens!  Join us in dancing away the excitement as we wait for the hunt "doors" to open.  DJ Paradox Messmer will play us some wonderful music!

Holiday Havoc Hunt will run December 1st to January 7th and Mad City Christmas will run December 1st to January 2nd.  This is going to an exciting holiday season!

Take the sleigh to the Party!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another Friday Night Madness!

Got Feathers?  Love Trivia?  Love Music?  Love Madness?!

Join us for Friday Night Madness with MadPea!

If you missed last week's Friday Night Madness, you will not want to ever again!  This week we will have trivia, awesome tunes, friends to hang out with and a contest board with the theme Best in Feathers!  We can only imagine the various ways people will dress to fit in THAT theme!  We suspect it will range from sexy costumes to downright hilarious avatars!

We look forward to seeing your feathery selves this Friday, November 29 from 5:00pm-7:00pm SLT.  June Forsythe will be hosting and I am sure she will not have any issue with our Peas who celebrate Thanksgiving if they come balancing plates of leftover turkey! Joining June will be the sexy DJ Ry, who plays some amazing tunes!

Come join us!
Wear those feathers!! ;)

Your flight to the party!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Havoc Hunt Vendors III

 Our upcoming hunt is sure to fill up your stockings as well as Second Lives, with plenty of Holiday cheer and surprises.  The surprises come from a range of participating vendors as well as some great locations for you to explore throughout the grid.  Do you think you have what it takes to become a hero of this story?  Only time will tell, which Peas will survive this magical Holiday madness and take home the amazing vendor prizes for the holidays!  

Here are the final 10 vendors, participating in our Holiday Havoc hunt!


Cica  *  DRD
FuubutsuDou!   *     VENGEFUL 
   BlueMoon enterprise  * New Royalton Estates  

Holiday Havoc Hunt, Mad City Christmas
Coming Soon...Dec. 1, 2013


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Havoc Hunt Vendors II

The excitement is building here at MadPea Productions as the days dwindle down to the release of our next awesome hunt!  Awesome prizes will be available to those with the endurance and skill to save the holidays!  Here is yet another sampling of the vendors that have donated some wonderful gifts for the Holiday Havoc Hunt.  Be the Hero of the holidays and you will have access to items from these creators.

Keep watching our blog to learn about even more vendors in the coming days!

coLLisions       *     Unorthodox
                 White Widow     *      Unrepentant

       Noctis       *           Kawaii Couture
Boudoir          *         Dwarfins

Ozi             *             geek

Holiday Havoc Hunt, Mad City Christmas
Coming Soon...Dec. 1, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Havoc Hunt Vendors I

We are so happy to present to you, 10 out of the 30 vendors for our Holiday Hunt.  These are only a few of the awesome participating vendors you will obtain cool prizes from.  Be the hero and these prizes will be delivered to you, just in time for the Holidays!  
Stay Tuned Peas for more surprises. :-)

      FALLEN GODS INC. *  {le fil cassé}          
 RVi Design  * Cerridwen's Cauldron

Ankle Biter * Les sucreries de Fairy
*IW*Clothing   * ~papermoon~

   Couture'd Bacon * //elephante poses//

Holiday Havoc Hunt, Mad City Christmas
Coming Soon...Dec. 1, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday Night Madness!

Are you ready for Trivia? Are you ready for dancing? Are you ready for Madness?!

Introducing Friday Night Madness with MadPea!

Start clearing your Friday night schedules, invite your friends to come along and set the digital video recording device to record those favorite television shows!  You do not want to miss this new regular event to MadPea.

Starting this Friday, November 22 from 5:00pm-7:00pm SLT, June Forsythe will be hosting a night of trivia and dancing EVERY Friday night that is guaranteed to be fun for all!  Joining June will be the sexy DJ Ry, who is sure to keep us dancing in our seats and singing out loud.

Come join us!
Oh, and did I mention there will be TRIVIA!? ;)

Your limo to the party!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Peas of You Interview II

We dedicate this post to a special lady, a special Pea/Crew member, who made a very generous contribution that will help MadPea continue to bring you Peas out there awesome hunts and games.  Her name is Honey Vesuvino.  This interview was done before the Dark Dimension ended.  We would like to thank her for her dedication and continuous hard work with MadPea.  Also, congratulations on becoming one of our Event planners.  Honey shares some of her before and after experiences with MadPea, as well as connection to MadPea.  Enjoy!

How long have you been involved with MadPea games/hunts, before applying for your position with MadPea?

Honey Vesuvino:  The first MadPea hunt I did was the Room 326 hunt and I was hooked. I loved the Lennon Park hunt and was just amazed by the Dark Dimensions hunt. When the notice came out that MadPeas was looking for people to join the team, I jumped on it.

You recently joined MadPea as a CSR. How do you feel about joining this team and your relationship to MadPea?

Honey Vesuvino:  I love being a part of the MadPea team! I've met the most interesting people and made some great friends. The other staff members are helpful and really a fun and creative group.

What would you say motivated you to make such a generous donation, such as the one you made to MadPea?

Honey Vesuvino:  There is so much going on and it's amazing how so many pieces come together for such incredible end projects. Making a donation was a way that I could provide immediate help and alleviate an issue so the staff could devote their energies to creating more MadPea adventures!

Is there anything you would like to see in MadPea's future?

Honey Vesuvino:  I am looking forward to the end-of-hunt party and spending time with others who did it. I can't wait for Unia as the peeks I've seen are unlike anything else. I'm really just enjoying learning and getting to be helpful. :)

Thank you for sharing your story, Honey Vesuvino, from all of us at MadPea!

We want to hear and share, "A Peas of you!"

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Indigo Lucerne

It is quite interesting to see and hear about UNIA and the complexity level of this ongoing project.  The way that the MadPea Team have dedicated their time and energy into making UNIA such a great game is very impressive. No matter in what space or place of the world they are located they amazingly piece it all together and it is quite special in and of itself.  What's all the "buzz" about UNIA, you ask?  Well, the following MadPea Production team member will share with us just what some of the buzz is truly about.  In this UNIA collaboration interview, we introduce you to the remarkably talented,
 Indigo Lucerne.

As one of the crew members, what do you do for MadPea productions?

Indigo Lucerne:  My work focuses primarily on the interactive elements that drive the story via script-based mechanics, character animation and special FX.

When did you begin working with MadPea, and also what motivated you to join Second Life?

Indigo Lucerne:  It was roughly 2-3 months ago that I joined the team, as MadPea was gathering forces for the UNIA project. 

Being directly involved means less activity player-side (Inca Hunt top 5!) but either way, you get to participate in a shared reality with an active part in how things develop. That's also a major reason I came to Second Life; there's really a lot you can do with custom built objects and scripted behavior.

What is UNIA?

Indigo Lucerne:  UNIA is an interactive gaming experience that takes things up a notch.  At the beginning you have only a vague idea of what's happening and how you ended up there.  Exploring further, you'll uncover more of the secrets behind UNIA.  With a bit of detective work, along with the right items and equipment, you might just solve the puzzles and survive what lies in wait ahead.

"A dream to some... a nightmare to others!" -Merlin, Excalibur (1981)

What part do you play in the making of UNIA?

Indigo Lucerne:  MadPea team members tend to contribute in various respects.  On the UNIA project I've done a fair amount of engineering what's under the hood for machinery, puzzles and creatures in several areas.  If it's devious or dangerous (preferably both!) chances are that I've had some input in the process.  In general that involves a lot of script-based R&D, and responding to feedback such as: "Indigo, about those crashing noises and smoke over there..."

Anything you want to share with the SL community regarding UNIA, what should they expect to see that might cause excitement?

Indigo Lucerne:  In UNIA you'll be seeing a more expansive set of locations, puzzles and dangers - with some tech advancements that should make for a great experience.  Teamwork with other players will definitely help your chances of survival... as the objects and entities you'll confront won't always wait for you to "solve" them!  There will also be gear upgrades available that give you an edge over what's out there.

Is there something you would like to share with your fellow collaborators about their participation in this massive Project?

Indigo Lucerne:  Well, it's great being involved with a multi-disciplinary group where skills and interests overlap as it helps everyone take on larger tasks, and learning some new things along the way.  Fair warning though... MadPea staff tags won't make anything less deadly in the UNIA environment (heh heh)

How would you describe UNIA as compared to all of the other games or hunts MadPea have created?

Indigo Lucerne:  UNIA is the most ambitious MadPea project to date, and also the largest - its main environment connects with a series of inter-linked areas built by different team members. It's a development challenge, but the game itself should be quite an adventure. We've also cranked up the dials on realistic detail and interactive elements while fine-tuning gameplay (with attention to lag).

Thank you for this interview Indigo Lucerne!

Social Media Manager & PR
HOPE Leissa

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Trekking Pea Machinima Contest!

Tell us Your Story of the Trekking Pea!

I am sure all of us feel a little nutty, dare I say MAD, once in a while.  Who of us hasn't at some point wanted to be a movie star?  Well guess what!  Now, because of a terrifically fun sounding new contest here at MadPea Productions, you have the chance to be BOTH!

If you have it in you to create a one minute adventure for our pea, you can use your imagination to show the MadPea trekking across the grid using your video production skills and join our MadPea Machinima Contest: "The Trekking Pea."

 Videos can be submitted by uploading your entry to YouTube (or similar video service), and subsequently emailing the link to Synful Aeon: by December 5, 2013.  You will receive a confirmation email. 

  Entries will be judged for storyline, editing, music and overall impression.  The top 3 videos will be awarded L$10,000, L$7,000 and L$3,000 respectively!!

This is a contest you do not want to miss!  


1. The contest theme is "The Trekking Pea."  Tell the story of "The Trekking Pea."

2. No vulgarity, sex sims, or extreme violence.

3. The MadPea Avatar is required to be in the machinima.  If you don’t have a MadPea Avatar, you will find our MadPea Avatar Gacha.  The cost is L$50.  You may use any pea avatar created by MadPeas.

4. You are allowed to use post-processing effects.

5. Video entries will have a minimal play length of 30 seconds and a maximum play length of 90 seconds.

6. Each participant can submit a maximum of two videos.

7. Your SL name (with your RL name optional) is required for participation.

8. The last day for acceptance of machinmas will be December 5th, 2013.

9. You give permission to MadPea Productions to embed your uploaded video(s) on the MadPea channels in part or in whole for promotional purposes.

10. You will provide MadPea download access to a full copy of your video.  

11. You will be credited for the videos published on any of the MadPea channels.

12. You will remain the sole owner of your submitted video.

13. The MadPea crew will establish a Top 5 of the video entries, which will be published in a dedicated MadPea Facebook entry.  Here, everyone can cast a 'Like' vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  The winners will be announced on December 14th, 2013 @ 12pm SLT.

14. Current and former employees of MadPea are not allowed to participate.

Failure to comply with any of these rules in part or in full will result in disqualification from the Contest, no matter what point in the Contest the violation occurs.

Get creating and show everyone how MAD your Pea can be!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dark Dimension hunt farewell & Winning Story!

Hello Peas! The Dark Dimension has officially ended.  We are saying farewell to this hunt, and thanks to everyone who made this hunt possible.  On October 6th, MadPea presented you with the Dark Dimension hunt, which came after a long Halloween Writing Contest Search.  The Winner was Telestoi Weissmann.  Once again Congratulations.

Many of you began your investigations on the day of, and became our top 5 first hunters to finish, Congratulations as well.  At some point we all began our investigations by talking to the different NPCs throughout the town.  This hunt kept many of us busy, busy, busy.  It took some people longer than others, but whether alone or in the company of friends, you investigated the strange occurrences on Death Row Island.  Thank you Jaimy Hancroft!

In the end, we prevailed and banished those demons.  
We'd like to thank you all who participated.  This was a challenging hunt!  We look forward in seeing you very soon.  We have a lot of things planned which include our next MadPea hunt! 

We have included in this post a special treat, please read Telestoi Weissmann's winning story.

The Lost and the Damned
by Telestoi Weissmann (Second Life username)

When the Blue Sky Corporation bought the ruined prison complex grounds and started to build a theme park and shopping center complex, it had at first seemed like a slam dunk, a buckets of money in the shareholder's pockets idea. Cheap land, subsidized taxes, and the new highways brought the people of two cities right to the front door. Money should have been pouring into the corp coffers, bonuses and promotions for everybody.

But, then the troubles started. Construction workers were injured in mysterious accidents - saying they were pushed, or saw something black that made them fall, or crush a hand, or lose an eye. Then, after a rash of accidents, a construction worker would vanish without a trace from one of the more isolated corners of the site. The accidents would end for a few days, then the cycle would start again, with uglier accidents each time, and stranger vanishings.
As the accidents and vanishings increased these tough men in iron toed boots started refusing to spend an hour more on the site. First one company then another took on the job - and quit, preferring to pay the cancellation fee rather than continue. Each new contractor wanted more and more money as word got out that it was a cursed jobsite - and more workers ended up mangled and screaming in ways that just did not make sense, or strangely much worse, just disappeared as if they had never been.
Massively overbudget, the complex finally started to come online, and the major stores and boutiques started to fill with fine clothes and luxury items. Workers were hired, happy to find jobs in such an upscale, but uniquely interesting place. The tourism and entertainment staffs opened the clubs and the doors and the guided tours.
The day after the Grand Opening a strange new type of terror came to Death Row Island, and the horrible injuries and sporadic vanishings of the construction workers seemed like the good old days in comparison.

The first reports were of more and more disappearances. Store managers, shopgirls, delivery drivers - vanishing without a trace, computers still on their desktops with their last email half written, trucks left running at the delivery docks, a store suddenly empty, the once perfectly reliable salesgirl not there, and never returned home, and not seen again.

Whatever was causing the vanishings had gotten better at it, and was doing them more quickly.
Workers whispered in the lunchrooms, managers worried at their desks, and the bosses at corporate headquarters made angry phone calls about books dripping in red ink. Then, for the first time, someone saw one of the "vanishings".
From the biggest shop at the top of the hill, it’s brand new manager (a replacement for one who had left claiming mental disturbance and nervous breakdown) was watching out the window, thinking about how to get his sudden responsibility out of it's ugly financial mess, and from there he saw a kind of cloud of dust, a growing vortex of dirty smoke and dark shapes and an ugly yellow light, swirl into existence a hundred yards away from his office. It started as a wisp, then congealed in seconds into a violently slashing and flashing mass three times the height of a tall man..
As if it were alive, it attacked the neighboring shop below, slamming aside the heavy steel and glass front doors like tissue, pulling itself inside the store like an octopus. Flashes of yellow and red lit it up for a few seconds. Then, it was gone. Not faded away, just not there. As if it had never been there at all.
And so was the manager of that store. This time the security cams, which had been increased in number when the disappearances started, caught a view. The cloud had shot a spear of filthy black and gray vapor into the managers mouth the instant it entered - then the bugeyed victim walked into the vortex, his body operated like a jerky puppet, unable to scream, but with a face so distorted with pain and terror that none who watched that video doubted that they were seeing someone who was inwardly wishing, praying, screaming for the agony to stop..
He walked into the vortex - and the vortex “sucked” itself into nonexistence, taking the manager with it. Not a thing in the store was left disturbed, despite the violent dirtiness of the thing, not a spot of dirt, not a tag on a dress, not a sign that anything had happened there at all.
Now they knew how the disappearances happened. But why? And how? And how could they be stopped?

Friday, November 8, 2013

MadPea Masquerade Ball Madness!

Come One, Come All to a Mad Masquerade Ball!

You are cordially invited to a night of extravagance and intrigue, 

a night of decadence and mystery...

a night of madness.

Under the dark skies of Death Row Island 

you are summoned to attend in your finest formal wear, 

masked appearance required.  

This will be a night of opulence and luxury.  

From the richly dressed attendees 

a King and Queen of the Ball will be selected!  

Join your fellow MadPeas and DJ Brownie Giordano on

Saturday, November 9th from 6-8 PM SLT for a night to remember!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Harter Fall

As time goes by, more and more things regarding the UNIA project and creation are being released.  Although much has been exposed throughout the course of time, there are still many fascinating and creative people working behind the scenes.  In the midst of these people, there are hidden surprises.  The MadPea team work very hard and spend countless hours, to make this project come to life.  What are their thoughts on UNIA? 
 What piece of this complex puzzle are they connected to?  Once again, we present and introduce to you, another outstanding piece of the UNIA concept.  The very talented and “great,” 
Harter Fall. 

As one of the crew members, what do you do for MadPea productions and what part do you play in the making of UNIA? 

Harter Fall:  As MadPea’s Creative Director, I help Kiana with the concept, and to organize and plan our game graphics, the design side and keeping it technically efficient.  Furthermore, I distribute the work of our designers and builders and create  2D graphics, 3D objects, buildings and characters.

You can visit and checkout Harter Fall’s Gallery: Monochrome Ium at Donders using the following link:

When did you begin working with MadPea, and also what motivated you to join Second Life?

Harter Fall:  I joined MadPea about 2 years ago with Sanity Falls.

Harter Fall:  I first read about SL in a newspaper article back in early 2007 and tried it out straight away.  It reminded me of the the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.  I was fascinated by the fact that everything here is created by the residents.  It´s just amazing how creative people are here.  But most of all I love to interact and work with people from all around the world and see how good we get along. 

What is UNIA?

Harter Fall:  UNIA is MadPea’s coming game.  It´s our biggest and most ambitious project yet. 

Is there anything you want to share with the sl community regarding UNIA, what should they expect to see that might cause excitement?

Harter Fall:  I first want to thank all our peas for supporting us.  Without you we would be nothing.  For UNIA I don't want to spoil too much.  We are putting our hearts and souls in this project and we hope you will like it.

Is there something you would like to share with your fellow collaborators about their participation in this massive Project?

Harter Fall:  Stay strong and sane, guys.  We are almost there and you all do the most amazing work.  Thank you.

Thank you for this interview Harter Fall!

Social Media Manager & PR
HOPE Leissa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Arduenn Schwartzman

UNIA, has not been launched yet, because its so amazing and huge.  In a previous post, “Are we there yet,” Kiana expressed that UNIA will be the most immersive game MadPea has ever created. Well, that for sure is one of the reasons, but I must also add that MadPea strives for quality, when it comes to their hunts and games. All of the components have to be great! There are many, many amazing things to look forward to, with UNIA. We will just keep your curiosities at its peak a bit longer.

In today’s UNIA collaboration blog post, we bring to you the awesome Arduenn Schwartzman, who is one of the main links to making all of the intricate parts, work harmoniously. We present to you, our very own, "Lord Bacon von Awesome," Arduenn Schwartzman.

As one of the crew members, what do you do for MadPea productions?

Lord Bacon von Awesome (arduenn.schwartzman): I'm programming the overall logic into the MadPea games. That means writing scripts in-world, as well as off-world, on a dedicated MadPea game server. This is a distant computer, far far away from Linden Lab, the nerve center of MadPea.

The MadPea games have many items to interact with, including hunt items, but also buttons and levers of the many game puzzles. These are made by a couple of talented scripters, such as Fuzz Difference, Voidheart Mistwalker, Geoffrey Xenobuilder and Indigo Lucerne. Every time you complete one of their puzzles, they have to communicate with this game server.

Subsequently, the results of you fiddling with the puzzle is reported to the server. Here, a bunch of programs will decide on the next step in the game: will a gate open up? Will a picture of a bloody face appear on your HUD? Will your avatar be pierced by a big metal spike?

Sometimes I make a HUD or a puzzle myself too, or even just a bunch of hunt items. Especially when I have been staring at computer code for too long, I stop coding and start sculpting shapes in Blender.

When did you begin working with MadPea, and also what motivated you to join second life?

Lord Bacon von Awesome (arduenn.schwartzman): I joined SL almost 7 years ago. To me, at first, it was a chat program in 3D. I joined together with a few friends, out of curiosity, and to wreak havoc, like any noob that comes to town. After a while I began to appreciate the creative aspect in SL more and started to build and script things. Just for fun. That totally escalated in WarBugs, little air combat planes that have become quite a success.

I joined MadPea about a year ago. Just to help out a little with the ending dream scene of Sanity Falls. Some MadPea veterans may remember the mirror glass pieces flying around. I quickly noticed that with a team, you can achieve bigger things and reach a bigger audience. That made me stick with MadPea ever since.

You can visit WarBugs in-world and find great things for sale by using the following slurl:

Link to Arduenn's Marketplace, where you can find All the stuff you need for sale:

What is UNIA?

Lord Bacon von Awesome (arduenn.schwartzman): Shh! UNIA is a secret! You'll just have to wait and see. It's totally not just a field with elephants and exploding gasoline barrels.

What part do you play in the making of UNIA?

Lord Bacon von Awesome (arduenn.schwartzman): I've been spending a LOT of time developing a new HUD. You may remember the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior game. The HUD in that game had a health meter, because we wanted the players to die! UNIA will be like that, times ten. It has a health meter, but many other things as well. Yet, everything has to run as smooth and as lag-free as possible. So the programming required for UNIA is ten times as big and complex, but has to be fast and efficient at the same time. This takes a lot of tinkering.

Apart from the HUD, all UNIA puzzles and game elements have to be glued together with pieces of script code and connect with the MadPea game server. Everything has to work in concert to have a complete game. That is my other main task. Every day, I look at the calendar and get more nervous. :-)

Anything you want to share with the sl community regarding UNIA, what should they expect to see that might cause excitement?

Lord Bacon von Awesome (arduenn.schwartzman):  You can die! But you can also kill! And that's just the beginning. Also, the last time I looked, the MadPea sims were set to Adult.

Is there something you would like to share with your fellow collaborators about their participation in this huge Project?

Lord Bacon von Awesome (arduenn.schwartzman):  To my colleagues: No, I'm not sharing my tequila! That's all mine!  As for all the collaborators: they're all big names in SL and what they have built for UNIA is really very impressive.  It's an honor to be in a team with so many skillful people.  I really hope they'll find more time for follow-up projects.

Thank you for this interview Arduenn Schwartzman!


Social Media Manager & PR
HOPE Leissa