Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Bye To Mad City

The Silent Peacock has opened its doors and you have investigated Room 326 to find out what happened. Mad City has seen its rainy days. Then you helped Madame Peacock free the trapped souls of the missing people. The shopping has been great. The parties have been like no others. Sadly all good things must come to an end and we want to end Mad City with MadPea style! 

We are going to have a two day party with a raffle. Many of the amazing vendors from Mad City and previous hunts have given us wonderful items to raffle off. We are raffling off a Unia Tour to be given by our very own Kiana Writer. Harter Fall, MadPea Creative Director, has even offered up time with him for a 3D modeling tutorial for you to win. We also have The Silent Peacock Hotel, from the room 326 hunt, which will be raffled off as well. You don’t want to miss your chance to get these items and the many others that we have as well.

All of this will take place in Crying Peacock Park on Friday August 30th and Saturday August 31st. We will have several Dj’s with different styles of music throughout the two days.  Come celebrate with us at Mad City in the park.

Friday August 30th
2pm - 4pm DJ Psilocybin
4pm - 6pm DJ Shadowgirl
8pm -10pm Dj RAH

Saturday August 31st
12pm - 2pm DJ AliKat
4pm - 6pm DJ DDA
6pm - 8pm DJ GlitchMode

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Detectives and Dames Photo Contest 5 finalists

On August 4th, MadPea announced the Detectives and Dames Photo Contest at Mad City.  There were many brave Detectives and lovely Dames who had their outfits ready, and were able to submit their photos.  They were put to the test and went with the Noir theme.  We thank each and everyone of you who submitted a photo, up until the final hours.
There were many amazing entries and we were able to select the 5 finalists.  The photos were so great that it became difficult for our staff to choose the final three alone.  So as a result, we reached out to our Peas and the public.  Final voting took place on facebook and ended the 27th of August.

We would like to congratulate all of our finalists.
1st Place- Petal Pink  *1500L
Here is a little interview with our first place winner Petal Pink

Is this the first time you participated in a MadPea photo contest?
Petal Pink: Yes it is my first one.

Have you ever used this theme in any of your photos in Second Life?
Petal Pink: Actually no, but I've always liked the noir idea.

What were you trying to convey in your photo, and are you pleased with the final photo you were able to capture?

Petal Pink: I was trying to convey that women in that era were classy yet vulnerable and not afraid to be both.  I think it conveyed this nicely.

How do you feel about winning the MadPea (Detectives & Dames) photo contest?

Petal Pink: I'm so in awe after seeing all the stunning pictures everyone else did.  Its also the very first photo contest I've ever won:-)
Congratulations again, from all of us at MadPea

  2nd Place- Mush Chuwes *1000L

 3rd Place- Minnie Brod *500L

4th Place-LienXiang Resident

5th Place- Koozebane Koolhoven

The Photos are now added and displayed in the reception area of the Peacock Hotel Lobby, stop by and check them out using the link below:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lennon Park Massacre!

Lennon Park Massacre

 12 teens and 3 camp counselors were found dead in a tragic school bus fire 1 year ago. The bus had just left a summer camp at Lennon Park.  A single teen survivor, Madison Walkner, was able to escape the flames and call 911. The bad publicity closed Lennon Park 
and the abandoned camp was never investigated, until now.

What really caused such a terrible accident?

Follow the clues, study the evidence, and learn the truth behind the Lennon Park Massacre.

MadPeas was lucky enough to have a Pea in the group lend us
their sim to make this amazing new game for you.
Darth Kline (ropedick resident) was kind enough to let us come to his home sim 

and make this dark and horrific story.
Here is a little interview with Darth.

1. Can you give a small explanation and background to the sim you built 

that we are using for Lennon Park? What was the inspiration?

Well...I Lost  my pops in 2011 and with part of the settlement I bought the Sim and named it after an island that he owned and lived on year round. The Sim name is a combo of that and the river he fished his entire life. So the sim is my tribute to the greatest man Ive ever known.

2. What is you part in the Lennon Park Massacre with MadPeas?

I Built/ landscaped pretty much everything on the sim and with the help of the MadPea crew I've been able to optimize it. The things you guys do are remarkable and hopefully the sim will stand the test.

3. What are you looking forward to the most with The Lennon Park Massacre?

 The people of course! I cant wait for the people to come and try to find things here and hangout. My fathers home was always open  to his neighbors and my sim will always be  the same

4. What are you are going to do with the sim after The Lennon Park Massacre?

  Well, after  I finally clear all the cobwebs and police tape Im going to find a few  more spots and put some houses down for rent. Keeping the sim going  is an important thing for me and renting seems to be the best option. I not only get to share my vision with my friends but hopefully with 100's of others that Appreciate it.

September 1st, 2013


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unia Prologue

"We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they are inside us."
Written by Mari Mitchell 

   I wake up with a pounding headache and don’t even want to open my eyes. I had been to Molly and Jim’s wedding last night, but didn’t think I had drunk that much. Maybe the best man hitting on me all night had spiked my drink in the hope of getting lucky. I remember just politely excusing myself and leaving the reception when they had all started with the lame dances. I’m not much of a party girl like I used to be, I prefer to spend time alone in my studio, painting.

   Last night I’d been standing outside for ages waiting for the taxi to arrive before I’d finally given up, thinking walking would be good for me anyway. Molly is like a sister to me, but she has the weirdest of ideas. It had always been her dream to have a wedding in an abandoned amusement park and finally she met a guy crazy enough to agree to that. I smiled at that thought while walking through the eerie park, leaving the tent with noisy party people behind me. 

   Suddenly a horrible thought arises and I feel panic creeping into my body. I don’t remember how I got home. In fact, the last thing I remember is running past the merry-go-round, feeling someone was following me.

   My whole body feels sore as I go through each part of it in my mind. Toes and fingers barely move. I appear to be lying face down on something very prickly and hard. The air around me smells like vinegar. I don’t hear anything apart from a strong steady humming. I feel imminent danger lurking around me and I’m trying not to move. Slowly I open my eyes, but it doesn’t help much, it’s all dark. I sit up waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness and feel my face and body with my hands. To my horror I realize that my fancy dress and heels from last night are not on me anymore, instead I’m dressed in what appears to be an orange prison overall. I stand up and instantly vomit. 
   Suddenly a door or a window opens high above me, letting light into the room where I’m being kept. I don’t hear any footsteps so I try to make my brain understand that it was just the wind. I look at my overall and see a name tag with my name ‘Emily’ on it. I vomit again. 

   To escape my own mess I take a few steps to the opposite corner and notice large piles of hay around me. In between the piles, there is someone lying on the floor wearing the same orange overall that I am. I bend over the man and gently poke him asking if he’s ok, but don’t get any response. I grab hold of his hand to shake it and the whole hand comes loose from his body. My level of panic has reached its ultimate high and instead of screaming and running I just stand there with his bleeding hand hanging from my hand and I can’t stop staring at it.

   “You must come with me right now!” someone yells and when I look into the direction of the voice I notice a rope ladder dropping down right in front of me. “Drop that hand and climb up, you must hurry!” the voice continues. For some reason I do as I’m told and take a last look at the body on the floor before putting my bare foot on the ladder and starting to climb. 

   At the top I face a tall, heavyset black man in his 40s, all dressed in military gear. I haven’t said a word to him and it seems as if I don’t have to. He knows what I’m going through. 

   “I know you are confused, but we don’t have time right now. This will be hard to understand, but we must get out of here. After that I can answer all your questions. Until then, you must stay by my side and trust me. Can you do that?” 

   I look at the shotgun in his hand and nod. 

   “My name is Nick and I’m one of the good guys. Just trust me, Emily.” 

   I shudder when I hear him using my name, but instead of showing that, I try to focus on the surroundings. 

   “We’re inside a barn, what you are about to see will not seem real, but remember Emily, everything around here is very real indeed.” Nick continues. 

   We walk across the barn, Nick going first with his shotgun and opening doors. For such a huge man, he is walking silently like a ninja. I am walking right behind him, trying not to make any sounds. I see a lot of blood and feces on the floor. The walls are covered with bizarre writings and symbols. I don’t have time to take a closer look because Nick is moving so fast. Suddenly he comes to a halt and turns around. He encourages me to peek through the door he has opened slightly. “This is what I mean by real”. Before I even see the huge decomposed body of an elephant lying inside the barn, the horrific stench from the rotting corpse has penetrated through my nostrils and I felt my stomach turning over on itself again. 

   Nick opens the main door and we step outside of the barn into a field full of corn and wheat. The field almost looks beautiful bathed in the rays of sun that is about to set. I had thought it was morning all along and I’m feeling confused. How long have I been here? A sudden movement in the cornfield distracts me and I step behind Nick’s large body to hide myself. I can see a cow grazing in the field and it suddenly gives me a lot of hope. Nick stiffens up “Watch out” he says and starts aiming at the cow with his gun. 

   “Noooo!!!“ I hear myself screaming. I can’t handle seeing more death. I run towards the cow as if trying to shoo it away from the deadly bullet. Nick runs after me and I believe I hear him calling me a stupid girl. The cow is startled by the commotion and runs in the opposite direction. I stop and watch it running until unexpectedly high-pitched warning sirens start to wail and I instantly fall on my knees covering my ears with my hands. What I next see is so hard to explain, it all happens in the matter of seconds. A blinding flash engulfs the area, accompanied by a dense buzzing sound - like a moth to a bug zapper. The startled bovine had run into some kind of force field and disintegrated. My mind could not wrap itself around what I was just witnessing. "What the hell was that?" I wonder aloud.

   “Emily, get up now! Emily, you must find weapons and hide until you have teamed up. Go NOW!” Nick is yelling at me while picking me up off the ground. 

   I manage to get my feet under me and turn around to see him face to face with a scarecrow with large glowing eyes. Evil laughter comes from the scarecrow and Nick keeps shouting “Run, Emily, run back to where we came from!” I take a few steps back watching the scarecrow waving its arms back and forth with each movement making the corn sway and vibrate in sync. Large winged beasts swoop down from the blackened sky, coming straight toward us. I begin to run as fast as I can, gunfire booming and echoing through the landscape. The adrenaline carries me faster than I ever run before.

Coming to Second Life 
Halloween 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Creative Writing Contest!!

Calling all writers!!! Have you ever wanted to share your craziest or darkest dream with others?
Well now is your chance...MadPeas presents to you our first ever Writing Competition!!!

Her Evilness, Kiana Writer, will be the sole judge of this competition!!! For any info on the contest please contact Synful Aeon or Yuna Khaos via notecard or IMs. Please DO NOT CONTACT Kiana Writer directly about it unless submitting your story via email.
The winner of this competition will have the honor of having their story made into a hunt/game
for MadPeas and everyone in SecondLife to check out!!!
1st place winner will receive 10,000L, 2nd place winner will receive 7,000L and 3rd place 3,000L 
Rules for the Contest:
•    One entry per a person and only one person can be the author of a story.
•    Entries must be in by September 5,2013 via email to .
•    Story should be Halloween like and follow the direction of the sim.

MadPea Writing Contest Terms:
By submitting your written material to the MadPea writing contest, you agree to the following terms:
•    You acknowledge that the work submitted is an original creation and written by you.
•    Submitted work to the contest becomes the exclusive property of MadPea. MadPea shall have exclusive full usage rights to your work for an unlimited term, for usage in a game, puzzle, hunt or other MadPea production. MadPea has the right to alter, modify or amend your work for any MadPea purpose.
•    MadPea shall acknowledge your authorship should you win either first, second, or third prize.
•    MadPea shall only compensate you for a first, second, or third place prize of 10,000L$, 7000L$, and 3,000L$ respectively. You will not receive any further compensation for any reason.
•    If you do not win the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, MadPea shall not retain any rights to your submitted work.
•    If you are a prize winner, MadPea may ask you to add some additional material without further compensation.
Visit the Death Row Designs Sim where the hunt/game will take place so please go have a look and find your inspiration!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Abranimations

The time is drawing closer to the release of something so amazing and mind blowing, that Second Life will never be looked at the same way again. The MadPea crew keeps working into the late hours of the night and early hours with the rising sun, to bring the Peas truly an experience like none other. However, as we get closer to the release date, nothing would have even gotten to where it is now without some true collaboration within the Second Life grid.

The best of the best artists and creatives of the grid have lent their hand to make this project. I am going to introduce you to the people that are helping make this amazing and groundbreaking project come to life. In the end these are not vendors, these are not helpers, these are the collaborators that have become part of our crew as a whole.

So let's introduce you to the new members to the MadPea Crew.

1. Please introduce yourself and the company/business that you own here in second life. 
Abramelin Wolfe & Wildcat Snowpaw
Abranimations Website:
Our facebook page for Abranimations:
Awesome Dog Studio Website:
This is the Drax files interview recently created by Draxtor Depres.

I'm Abramelin Wolfe in SL (Jim in RL). I run a business in SL called Abranimations® with my wife Wildcat Snowpaw (Debbie in RL). We sell motion capture animations like dances and aos as well as other fun items like games, gadgets, toys and avatars. 

2. What brought you to second life and how long have you been here now?

I joined Secondlife in June 2004 as the Avatar 'Jim Levy'. Later that year created my current avatar 'Abramelin Wolfe'. I was drawn to Secondlife as a creative outlet. At the time Linden Lab had a marketing campaign on that said you can be anyone you want and can create anything you want to create. This sounded too exciting and intriguing not to give a try! Immediately I decided I wanted to be a wizard and the first thing Id make would be a flying carpet with no brakes. I loved it! To be able to imagine stuff and then make it real...albeit in a virtual sort of way was just awesome! It's now Just over 9 years later and I'm still here! Although I don't dress as a wizard any more and my flying carpet has brakes.

3. Please tell us a bit more about your business/company? What does it do?

Well in Secondlife our business is Abranimations® ( I started this business back in 2004 shortly after joining SL. Originally it was called Abramelin Creations which then became Abra Creations and then finally settled as Abranimations. I met Wildcat 5 years ago. She is a very talented artist so we now work together combining our skills. Our primary focus is on animation and animation related items but we also create a wide range of other cool toys, games, gadgets and avatars. Our aim is to create high quality fun content, with the emphasis on it being fun. In Edinburgh where we are based, we have a state of the art optical motion capture studio. From here we create our animations for SL and can also provide affordable motion capture for independent game developers etc.

4. What was your first interaction with MadPeas? Can you remember the first event/hunt/game you did and how that made you feel?

I've been following what MadPea have been up to for a while. I've not really had much time unfortunately to play the games myself though. I watched the recent drax files video and was really blown away by the work being done by Madpea. A few years ago I started creating a game called Combat Evolution that I planned to be a large grid wide quest and adventure system with puzzles. Although the Player vs Player combat side of the game is still popular I never really managed to get the adventures etc. built due to the time involved. I always thought that it was a shame more people were not collaborating together to create large complex polished games. To see MadPea doing just this was so exciting! Really pushing the boundaries of what can be done in SL and how it can be used to tell stories and make games.

5. What is your role in the making of the new MadPea game "Unia"?

Wildcat and I are capturing mocap animations in our studio specifically for Unia. Mocap animations are very fluid and natural recording the real movements of humans. The animations we are capturing are tailored specifically for the various events and scenes in the game to add an extra element of realism.

6. Can you share something with us that is going to be used in Unia?

Yes. This is a video of Debbie performing a dying animation. The video shows the animation in SL and then the recording. Debbie really gets into character!

7. How would you put in your own words one sentence to describe Unia?

Imaginative, Surreal and Scary created by an extremely talented team!

8. Anything you wish to say to the Peas in order to get them even more excited over the new game?

Unia is going to be the most immersive and scary game created in SL to date! :)

Thank you for your time for this small interview!

Glitch Axelrad
MadPea Crew: Community Manager/PR


Friday, August 2, 2013

Cry of the Peacock Hunt - Bonus Clue #1

This information could prove useful in your investigation during the Cry of the Peacock Hunt!
- Kyle

Watch the Madpea Blog for more helpful clues!

Learn more about the Cry of the Peacock Hunt:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cry of the Peacock - Hunt

When a peacock cries - it rains. 

Can you silence this peacock and stop the rain at Mad City? 

The notorious Room 326 Hunt introduced us to Madame Peacock, 
a fortune teller who has a shop at Mad City. 

If you look carefully, you see a note at her door.

Something huge has happened! 

Madame Peacock is back from investigating the mystery of Room 326 
and has discovered the shocking truth! 

However, not all is lost. She needs the help of a brave detective with a sharp wit to face all odds and free the victims trapped souls. With the help of her tarot cards and your investigative skills, the future looks bright, but what does fate have in store for you?

Starting August 1st
12pm SLT

More Challenges
More Prizes, More Fun!

Here are the prizes from 

Swim Floaties from Kawaii Couture

A Sofa from LooK's Furniture

Hideaway Bed from Lok's Low Prim Furniture

Magical Witches' Cauldron Table & Lights from The Elegant Goth

Animated Peacock Shoulder Pet from Unrepentant

Chamber of Death from Sweet Revolutions

Fortuner Teller Table from Something New

Sensual Sofa from Katink

Tarot Card Reader from Noctis

Soaring Orbit Jewerly Set from coLLisions

Female & Male skins from Fleur

Make up & mesh eyes from Pin Me Down

The Diary from Image Essentials

Key to the Field from Apple Fall

The Cat from Never Totally Dead

Desk with TAPS tools from KGM Design

Tarot Set from MadPea

Saddle Shoes from Even Flow

Lingerie Set from Tori's Stylez

Hiker Boots from Tori's Stylez

Fortune Teller Shark Plushie from Oceania Breedables

How to start the Hunt? 

Locate a Payphone at Mad City and pay
You will receive your HUD and instructions

Read the note from Madame Peacock and start your investigations.
There are several things you must accomplish in 
order to solve the mystery

Complete the sheets of music
Find the code to the Police Station safe
Locate the missing posters in the City
Match the posters with the police file
Find items belonging to the victims

Get your pen and paper ready and enjoy! 

Brought to you by MadPea Productions 
Written by Kyle Beckett

Please note: This Hunt is more challenging than our typical ones.
Help available in MadPeas' group chat