Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Bye To Mad City

The Silent Peacock has opened its doors and you have investigated Room 326 to find out what happened. Mad City has seen its rainy days. Then you helped Madame Peacock free the trapped souls of the missing people. The shopping has been great. The parties have been like no others. Sadly all good things must come to an end and we want to end Mad City with MadPea style! 

We are going to have a two day party with a raffle. Many of the amazing vendors from Mad City and previous hunts have given us wonderful items to raffle off. We are raffling off a Unia Tour to be given by our very own Kiana Writer. Harter Fall, MadPea Creative Director, has even offered up time with him for a 3D modeling tutorial for you to win. We also have The Silent Peacock Hotel, from the room 326 hunt, which will be raffled off as well. You don’t want to miss your chance to get these items and the many others that we have as well.

All of this will take place in Crying Peacock Park on Friday August 30th and Saturday August 31st. We will have several Dj’s with different styles of music throughout the two days.  Come celebrate with us at Mad City in the park.

Friday August 30th
2pm - 4pm DJ Psilocybin
4pm - 6pm DJ Shadowgirl
8pm -10pm Dj RAH

Saturday August 31st
12pm - 2pm DJ AliKat
4pm - 6pm DJ DDA
6pm - 8pm DJ GlitchMode

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