Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Largest Party in Madpea History!

Survive the Madness
The Largest Party in Madpea History!

After 7 months of entertaining SL residents with evil thrills, rides and games, the MadPea Carneval is closing down. While we are sad to see it go, we’re also excited to have the space for creating new! 

To celebrate the Carneval, we are arranging a huge Demolition party on May 31st starting at 12pm SLT!

48 Hours of Live Entertainment & Music
Join us at the Freak Stage one last time as we say goodbye to the Carneval with live entertainment and music from an incredible lineup of DJ's! The dance floor will heat up as the surrounding fires from the Carneval demolition approach closer.We will be chatting about our favorite memories of the Carneval and watching some great machinima videos from our past contest on the big screen! View our Event Schedule below.

Big Zombie Invasion
Fire and smoke rise on the dark horizon as the minions of the evil Cthulhu work to destroy the Carneval causing mass panic and hysteria! The army has been called forth. The zombies are on their way. May 31st at approximately 12pm slt they will make their way into the Carneval. Grab your gear and prepare for your survival. Run and hide or stay and fight that is up to you. But to keep you motivated the DJ’s will play some great tunes to keep you all motivated. 

Raffle to Benefit Madpea
We are also going to have a huge raffle and no we are not raffling off zombies... We have some great creators that have joined us in this raffle. They are offering some high quality products or creating exclusive items just for this event. Some are very exclusive and are one of a kind as in you will be the ONLY person in SL with this product. We also have items from past Madpea games and hunts as well as some rare opportunities to meet and learn with the creators! Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Madpea Productions so we can keep bringing you the amazing games/hunts you have come to love!

Event Schedule

May 31st
12pm - DJ Kess
2pm - DJ Cerval
4pm - DJ Dex
6pm - DJ Syn
8pm - DJ Glitchmode
10pm - DJ Frog

June 1st
12pm - DJ JJ Mac
2pm - DJ Kiteki
4pm - DJ Bobbi B

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of an Era

Dear Peas,

Usually I know exactly how to start a Press Release.. this time I’m having difficulties.
MadPea has been in Second Life since 2008 and during that time we have done so much that I get overwhelmed with emotions when thinking back.

May 31st will go down as one of the biggest days in the whole history of MadPea.
ALL current games that MadPea has on the grid will be blown up... all that will be left are ashes and dust..  and many precious memories.

We’re saying goodbye to our MadPea Carneval that has entertained you for 7 months with evil thrills, rides and games. We’re letting the Carneval ghosts loose and the Cthulhu to demolish and take what’s rightfully his.

We’re saying goodbye to Sid Mallock and let him cause Kaaos Effects in another dimension. We sure hope we can travel back and forth in time with him again one day. We’re letting Reaction produce its final fireworks and then mash that lab into pieces with the hammer. Storybook Stories will live down in the memory lane alongside with the Tunnel of Doom, The Spider, Shock Therapy, Gulliver and many more.

We will trap the wandering lost souls inside the Escape the Rooms and set them on fire.. burning away the years of true passion, tears, laughter, sweat and love that were poured inside them.

The demons from the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior will roam the barren lands and slay anything that gets in their way. Sure hope you managed to grab the treasure in time!

During these 5 years I have created something truly unique and amazing in Second Life that many tried and either gave up or didn’t succeed with. I have grown as a person in a way that I wouldn’t have even thought was possible. MadPea started as a fun little thing to do.. but now it has a life of its own and we’re making sure that it gets to grow up to do amazing things!

I’m humbled by the talented people around me, who have been there to ignite the light of their creativity and pour that fire into MadPea. The determination and constant support of this collaboration has formed us into a family, such a tight family that we are OK with doing this, we are OK with letting go of the old because..

From the ashes and dust rises a brand new MadPea bigger and better than ever before.
Whole new games with immersion never seen before are on their way. We are creating together with the best of the best to take SL by a huge surprise.

To make these plans a reality and allow us to focus on creating, we must raise funds to keep our islands going. Amazing creators have donated exclusive items to our Raffle Boards to help us out. Some are one of a kind items meaning that you will be the ONLY person in SL with this product. There will also be items coming from us from past hunts.

Join the Raffle Boards or Donate to the Beggar MadPea. 
You can do this until June 1st.
All proceeds go into making sure that we can keep bringing you Madness for years to come.

Any Donations can also be made directly to

MadPea Resident

To celebrate MadPea, we are arranging a huge Demolition party, which will be 48 hours of non-stop madness in the form of great entertainment, music, and a lot of action!

Fire and smoke rise on the dark horizon as the minions of the evil Cthulhu work to destroy the Carneval causing mass panic and hysteria! The army has been called forth. The zombies are on their way. May 31st at approximately 12pm slt they will make their way into the Carneval. Grab your gear and prepare for your survival. Run and hide or stay and fight that is up to you. Dj's and hosts will make sure that you won't miss out on anything!
The Funhouse is closing - for now.
Come and celebrate our old games and help us create new memories.

Sincerely with love,
Kiana Writer
on behalf of the whole MadPea Crew

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Attack of the Minions!

On the dark horizon, the minions of the evil Cthulhu work to destroy the Carneval causing mass panic and hysteria! This is your last chance to experience all the rides, games, and sights of the Carneval before they are reduced to ashes. The cryptic whispers of evil are getting louder and the water around the island is bubbling...something big is coming. 

Prepare for an epic battle!

[The Battle for the Carneval begins May 31st! ]

Friday, May 17, 2013

Feed a Smile Event at MadPea Base!!!!!!!

Do you believe that children are our future and that they deserve the brightest future possible?

Then join us on May 19, 2013, from 2pm SLT to 5pm SLT for the Feed a Smile Event! Location will be the MadPea Stage on the MadPea Base sim.
SLurl: MadPea Stage

MadPea is proud to be part of such a wonderful program for children and to help raise funds for their brighter future.

We have some of the best performers here on the grid bringing their talents to this event.

2pm SLT - Sonix, an Ayrshire based four piece band, with a versatile and wide variety of music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, to modern rock, and pop music. If you would like some ceilidh music, Sonix can perform old favorites such as the Virginia Reel, Gay Gordons, and Strip the Willow. Sonix plays  live shows once or twice a month here in Second Life. All proceeds from these performances go to Feed a Smile, the virtual branch of the Live and Learn program in Kenya.

3pm SLT - Chandra Deed
Chandra's country roots began in the South of the USA. Singing with dance bands added some funk to her soul. Her music covers the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, current Pop to R&B, Rock to Country.  Chandra has been performing since the age of three and is truly a seasoned performer. Chandra is truly "Music....straight from the heart".

4pm SLT - DRUM
DRUM'S goal in their words is to "bring the world to you via the power of drumming. Our aim is to have fun and to create incredible beautiful rhythms - live". Their range includes drumming from ten different cultures, Taiko(Japanese), Native American, African, Latin, Indian, Mallets, Stomp Wall, Rusty Barrels, African Ghost, and Steel Pan drums. What you hear is done live, not pre-recorded music. Each performance is subtly different each time that they perform, truly a unique musical experience that you won't want to miss!

Feed a Smile is the virtual branch of "Live and Learn in Kenya Int. NPO". 100% of your donations will go to help feed over 400 children at the LLK(Live and Learn) program in Nakuru, Kenya. These children are desperately poor and thanks to people like you helping to "feed smiles" and offer education. They are on the path to a better future. You can go to the RL website or get information from the inworld locations listed below about LLK.


Second Life LLK Locations:
SLURL: Live and Learn In Kenya Int, Aloft Nonprofit Commons

SLURL: Feed a Smile - The Lavender Field

If you'd like to sponsor a LLK child, please contact Brique Topaz about how to become a sponsor. You can use your RL name or your avatar name.

Brique Topaz brought her RL commitment to LLK into our virtual world. She will be glad to answer any questions you may have, or how you can help LLK and Feed a Smile. Stop by The Lavender Field to listen to some great music and donate a few L$.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Evil has Risen!

The Evil has Risen!

After 7 months of absorbing the evil energy from the Carneval and feeding on the fear of lost souls, the Cthulhu has fully emerged and is slowly destroying the Carneval that’s loved by many! You can hear him calling for something... could it be an army?

We must prepare for battle!

[ Time is running out to enjoy the Carneval... ]

Friday, May 10, 2013

HellRacer Tournament

You smell sulfur as you meander around the Carneval and wonder to a ticket booth near an old mining cart. You climb a ladder and get into the cart and descend into darkness as it gets hotter the sulfur gets thicker. You hear lava bubbling around you, then suddenly you see a racing track built along the old abandoned miners' track...wait a racing track and lava?!?! What have you stumbled upon? Looking up there above the starting line there is a sign that says HellRacer and a little demon whispers in your ear the instructions for the track; but wait before you start he says there is more," Join us for a HellRacer Tournament Saturday, May 18th at 5pmslt...I can guarantee you it will be one hell of a race."

* There will be 5 racers per a heat, and the top 2 will advance to the next round.
* Only One racer is allowed per a car.
* Register for the HellRacer Tournament by sending a notecard to  Caitlyn Oh, titled with your avatar name and HellRacer, requesting to be in the tournament by 3pm on May 18, 2013 at the latest!!!
state that you are requesting to be in the tournament, and Cailtyn will contact you when your race will be.
* Placement in the tier brackets will be first come first serve.
* Tournament will continue until we have a TOP HELLRACER!!!
* Top HellRacer will receive their own HellRacer!!!!

You can go practice for the most hellish race of your life here:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Final Chapter of Key of Hope

The Story of Key of Hope 

Continues with the FINAL CHAPTER

May 3rd at 12pm SLT

Begin Here:

If you have completed part one, you can exchange 
your HUD for a new one. 
If you are starting fresh the hunt costs 150L
This quest will take you into the Valley of Ish'Nar in search of the key and the scroll needed to renew the seal holding the demon prince Val'baan in his prison. You will receive further instructions from the Bard Queen as to the task she has set for you. For now, be content knowing that your actions complete a journey that will, if successful, save the Fairelands from certain darkness.

Dangers and traps await your beyond the valley walls. Your goals are multiple. Can you solve the puzzles while you seek out items? It won't be easy, but the rewards will be fitting of your labors.

Move fast and stop the evil Demon Prince Val'baan from escaping and shrouding the Fairelands in darkness!

The Key of Hope Hunt was created by Fantasy Faire and MadPea Productions

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lost In the Devil's Cave Machinima Contest has been EXTENDED!!!!!!

Deadline has been extended!!!!


Dear Peas with Mad Skills

We are holding  a Machinima Contest,  So get your imagination and camera going. We have amazing prizes for the winners.

Now for all the important stuff

Theme: Lost in the Devil's Cave

Intro: You are finally on a well deserved holiday. After saving up for what feels like a decade, you have boarded El Guisante Loco to take a relaxing cruise along the Amazon River.

Your personal guide, El Capitan has assured you that the ship is safe and nothing could possibly go wrong. All relaxed you're on the deck enjoying a cold strawberry daiquiri, feeling the wind in your hair when all of a sudden-- a Huge crash! Oh no! The ship is sinking! There are no safety vests around either. There is no time to do anything-- best to quickly finish your drink and hope for the best! Then it all goes black.

You wake up with strange sounds surrounding you. The air is warm and moist. Confused and disoriented- you can feel hard ground under your feet. Very slowly you open your eyes and realize that you must be inside a cave. You are full of questions.. What happened? How did you end up there.. and even more importantly, how do you get out??

The Rules:

Video MUST be done and created on Hoshi Island in the Cave.

Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Starting point:
Start Here

Create an adventure, tell us your story about being lost in the Devil's Cave. This story should be complete with an ending. do you get out? Or Not? what happens to you (whether or not you escape)? Use your imagination and creativity and surprise us with your film!

Max length 5:00 minutes, minimum 1:00 minute.

The entries will be judged  on creativity, story, editing and overall presentation quality.


1st Prize - 12,000 Lindens
2nd Prize - 5,000 Lindens
3rd Prize - 3,000 Lindens

So the object is to make a creative and awesome video telling the story from the point you find yourself in the cave. So get to it and make the people go wow,  the judging is by your peers (fellow MadPeas AND the MadPeas Crew! Enjoy and have fun!

ALL ENTRIES SENT TO:  Please put "Second Life MadPea Machinima" in the subject


MadPea Crew