Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sanity Falls is a Huge Succes - 1000 Players in Just 8 Days

Now it is official, Sanity Falls is the most successful MadPea game ever. Despite the reduced visitor’s frequency in Second Life because of Easter holiday, Sanity Falls won 1.000 hunters in a tiny little bit more than 8 days. Madpea generously donated a prize of 1.000 Linden for the thousandth player.

Candy Dumont
CandyDumont Resident was happily surprised when MadPea boss Kiana Writer told her the good news and met her for a tea in the slightly decrepit coffee shop of Sanity Falls: The Daily Grind. Candy told Kiana that she is a passionate hunter and became aware of the hunt by a sign in one of her favourite shops and participating vendor of the game: Grim. Bros.

But read for yourself:

CandyDumont: I do enjoy tea^^
Kiana Writer: You were our 1000th player for this game! Yayyyy!
CandyDumont giggles looking a bit embarassed
CandyDumont: I had no clue!
Kiana Writer: as a little surprise and thank you, we're donating a 1000L prize. ㋡
Kiana Writer: heheh
CandyDumont: Thank you very much!
CandyDumont: I was telling Quan I thought you already had a winned over the Easter holiday
Glitch Axelrad shouts: GRATS! .. Drinks on Candy!
Kiana Writer shouts: Yeah, drinks on Candy now! We have tea here, Glitch. ;)

MadPea boss Kiana Writer

CandyDumont: I feel like Charlie in the that Willy Wonka movie
CandyDumont giggles
Kiana Writer: lol, awesome ㋡
CandyDumont sips at her tea
CandyDumont: Oh that's a lovely picture!
Quan Lavender: :)
Kiana Writer: looks good, Quan ㋡

Kiana Writer: have you started playing Sanity Falls yet, Candy?
CandyDumont: Not yet! But I will be for sure.
Kiana Writer: YAY!
Kiana Writer: Can I ask, how did you hear about this game?
CandyDumont: I was bouncing around one of my fav stores, Grim Bros and saw an ad for it
Kiana Writer: hehe awesome ㋡
CandyDumont: Oh yes. I'm excited about that. I adore interactive hunts!
Kiana Writer: I think you will enjoy this one. ㋡
CandyDumont: Me too!
CandyDumont: I'm looking forward to the animations etc
Kiana Writer: hehe, we have to check up on you after you've finished. ;)
CandyDumont: There are some very creative people, builders, scripters and shop designers
CandyDumont: lol to see if I made it out alive eh?
Kiana Writer: especially that. ;)
CandyDumont grins
CandyDumont: I'll try not to disappoint
Kiana Writer: Thanks so much Candy, we'll let you get back to the game or sleep. ㋡
CandyDumont laughs
CandyDumont: Oh i'm wide awake now
Quan Lavender: You do a lot of hunts, Candy?
CandyDumont: I do!
CandyDumont: I'm huntaholic as it were
CandyDumont: I can go bonkers with hunts...so i have to be selective about the ones I a participate in
Kiana Writer: I think we have some really amazing prizes on this one
Quan Lavender: each one of them is worth the 100 Linden
CandyDumont nods
Kiana Writer: ok, thanks so much for your time, Candy!
CandyDumont: They have some quality designers, people who know their stuff
CandyDumont: Thank you two ladies!
Kiana Writer: Hope you enjoy the hunt.. ㋡
CandyDumont: I will!

Let’s see how long it will take Candy to finish the hunt. 199 already did as you can see at the ‘Wall of Fame’.

by Quan Lavender

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