Sunday, September 30, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Arkenstone

Last 24 hous of the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt are running. Come quick and finish the 15 destinations. If you need help beyond te hints in the HUD, Please join the MadPea group! Alone the great gifts are worth to have hunting fun. Find them in this blog. Today Ivy Paderborn, Owner of Arkenstone presents the hunt gift:

Ivy Paderborn: Arkenstone is a line of elegant and original fantasy furnishings in SecondLife. Elven, Drow, Fae, Faerie, Woodland, Medieval, Gorean, Gothic, Castle, RP, Fantasy, and more. All chairs include a selection of built in animated poses with the "Perfect Sitter" system.

We strive to make the most beautiful and realistic furniture available for fantasy and role-play in SL, and specialize in designing and creating extraordinary pieces that are truly unique.  We have many combinations of wood, metal, upholstery, and more to provide a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Our candles, carpets, and all items are made from the finest materials, and are all hand-crafted with superior attention to detail. Please feel fre to ontact me for more information.

Find here the hunt gift:

Ivy Paderborn: A resizeable rug fit for the most elegant of Pirates! (Or plundered from a wealthy estate, as the case may be...)

How to play the hunt:

Good Hunting!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: CoLLisions

About 30 hours left to do the hunt! So many great gifts and so much hunting fun cannot be missed!
Guenevere DeCuir presents her shop coLLisions:

Guenevere DeCuir: CoLLisions offersTattoos & Jewelry for men and women. Often the pieces have a rich, deep meaning... but some are just meant to be fun with either some reference to pop culture or classic art, music, or music.

And here is theprize for the hunters:

 Guenevere DeCuir: A Unisex dual Necklace & Bracelet set based around Pirate cannonballs, Skulls & Keys to Pirate Treasure.

How to play the hunt:


Every Saturday quiz- and building friends are coming to MadPea for Primtionary. Don't miss that fun!
Running for over 6 years straight, Primtionary is one of the most - if the not THE most - popular group game in Second Life. An experience truly unique to the virtual world, Primtionary is the modern Pictionary: One person gets up on stage and builds a secret word given to him or her by the host, while everyone in the audience tries to figure out what the word is. The first player to get the word wins a token prize money (25L per word) and, more importantly, the privilege of building the next word.

How to play?
The game consists of one player "building a word". Think of what level you can build at: Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil or Impossible. Tell the host in chat what level you want. They will give you a word in Instant Message for you to build at that level. The first person that guesses the correct word wins that round and 25 Lindens, and is entitled to build on the next round. You will love to see, how creative the builders are showing the words!

Come to MadPea today at 2 PM SLT!


Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: The Elegant Goth

Countdown is running! Use this weekend to finish the 15 destinations of the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt! And find here the great prize of The Elegant Goth, owned by Deja Letov:

Deja Letov: "The Elegant Goth caters to the goth community for their needs of elegant and beautiful gothic furniture, roleplay tools, cemetery decor and of course lots of other goth items. We recently just moved into a new full private sim and have added tons of stuff to do including a creepy insane asylum where you can find our asylum products and added a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland I like to call "Almost Wonderland".

See here some new products:"

Deja Letov: "Our prize is the Perfumed Cutlass Captains Quarters Day Bed. It's animated for both the lady and the gents, although since this is all about the "lass" the ladies have a bit more going on with the bed. But still plenty to observe as a gent. The bed is done in a lighter wood, something to possibly match a pirate ship perhaps and of course couldn't be complete without the skull and bones."

How to play the hunt:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Chicbuildings

Countdown is runnuig! 48 hours left to finish the hunt! See what Chic Aeon, owner of Chicbuildings has made as gift for you:

Chic Aeon: My most popular shop items are surrounds from 32 meters square to full sim size. From these and my itch to build now and then have come other products including a subway and a collection of steampunk buildings.

Many of my products are items that I built for myself or for art projects. I box them up, take a photo and place them in the shop. It is a tiny one so not everything fits. Still, I like it that way.   I am a casual shop keeper; just having fun and sharing what I build. Joining in hunts as a merchant let's me build items that are out of my theme and I like that.

And see here the prize for the hunters:

Chic Aeon: A rusty cannon and cannon ball, weathered by the sea air.

How to play the hunt:

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: United InshCon Shop

Use the last 2 1/2 days of the hunt to cover all 15 destinations and get the prizes finally! Eldowyn Inshan presents here the gift of United InshCon Shop:

Eldowyn Inshan: "Our shop exists since 2009. We are 3 builders, Eldowyn Inshan, Poco Seetan and Men Dinzel.Each has their own style  on building and creating. The passion for medieval things began with Role Play. We are building medieval  furniture, Housings, trading systems and weapons as well as houses for fantasy sims. The newest in our line of creations are, furniture and houses for petite avatars."

And here the prize for the hunters:

Eldowyn Inshan: !The gift is a Piratnest with a Climp rope and a broken boat."

How to play the hunt:

Halloween Hunt on the way!

This Halloween will be mad and spooky! We will open a new hunt called The Case of Praying Mary on the 5th of October. This hunt is part of the MadPea Legend of the month minihunts that will take the players on a grid-wide adventure to find out a solution to a cold murdercase.

Once the players have successfully found everything they need, they will be rewarded generously.
The fifteen stores and locations have been chosen and they are:

ALH Shop
WarBug Headquarters
 LISP Bazaar
Death Row Designs
MiChiGaNs ShAcK
Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
Love Zombie

Stay tuned for more!

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gift: Co Motion

Kitty Lee Moyer, owner of Co Motion was looking forward to the hunt herself.:  "I'm a wee bit of a hunt addict. *looks at size of petite self* Erm, no pun intended."

 Kitty Lee Moyer: "My business partner and I make poses. I focus on poses for Petite avatars and Lindsay focuses on poses for the regular sized ones. We've both had our own shops before, but this is our first joint venture. My first shop was a tiny place where I gave away re-textured Eloh skins and hand drawn clothing. I closed my shop after a few months, because I realized everything I was making looked just awful. *lol* I have a lot of respect for people who can line up seams and make a product that makes an avatar look prettier than they did before they put them on. I started taking classes at the Builder's Brewery last year and I met Lindsay while we were looking for a very well hidden hunt gift. Once I realized I was much better at being a builder, texture and pose maker than I ever would be at making clothes I mentioned to her that I was thinking of opening a pose shop. She thought that sounded like fun, so here we are. "

And here is the prize for the hunters:

Kitte Lee Moyer: "A small, sandy Island with five static pose scenes, shipwreck, treasure chest, palm trees, crates, dock, ocean sounds & animated water.  The scenes actually tell a sort-of mini story about Peter Pan, Tinkerbelle and Captain Hook. The island prop, ocean sounds & Tink poses were made by me, Kitty, and the Captain Hook & Peter poses by Lindsay."

How to play the hunt:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Wicked Sin

The hunt finds attention in the blogs: See here  and here

 So many great gifts. And here you see more: Today we talk to Yuna Khaos, owner of Wicked Sin:

Yuna: "Well my products are all clothes and I usually make nothing I wouldn't wear myself. I have done a few items by request that are not me but hey you never know. I don't believe there is any set theme to my products at all. I kind of just make whatever i get the whim for and when i get inspired by something. So it might fall from your bdsm to you cutie every day outfits. Goth is thrown in as well as many other things.  I love creating. And Making clothes, hopefully awesome clothes lol, is a way for me to do that.

I try to make it a point to create something new every week and something that everyone will like. I am slowly trying ot work my nerve up to make mens clothes. But men seem to be way picker about clothing in sl than women. which i find strange but hey it's SL so nothing is normal and everything is welcomed. I am always open to try and create new things and ideas, doesn't' mean i can but i will try."

MadPea: And what is your prize for the hunters?

Yuna: For the female hunters I created a goth female pirate outfit. that is made out of purple and black velvet. the skirt is ragged and has some purple cross on the front.

Yuna: For the men I made a black and red pirate outfit white the long full coat. More of a traditional pirate, al though i did think for a moment about going the Johnny Depp way but i decided against it. Thought there was probably enough of that floating around.

How to play the hunt:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Fun @ Madpea: PRIMTIONARY and SHOW+TELL

Each weekend, Madpea as 2 regularly events:
Saturday at 2 PM SLT: PRIMTIONARY and Sunday at 12 PM: SLT SHOW+TELL

PRIMTIONARY is building fun for all levels of skills. How to play: One person gets up on stage and builds a secret word given to him or her by the host, while everyone in the audience tries to figure out what the word is. The first player to get the word wins a token prize money (25L per word) and, more importantly, the privilege of building the next word.

Think of what level you can build at: Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil or Impossible. Tell the host in chat what level you want. They will give you a word in Instant Message for you to build at that level. The first person that guesses the correct word wins that round and 25 Lindens, and is entitled to build on the next round. Please remove all of your build off the stage. You are not allowed to spell the word out or even part of the word. You can use letters for the build but not if the letter is in the word. Custom textures and colors for prims are allowed. No textures are allowed that are the word. As in "mural", you can't put a mural texture on the prim. It does need to be built on stage, so you cannot pull something out of your inventory. What is allowed is building green "CC" prims to represent "SOUNDS LIKE". The CC is a symbolic ear and that is why it is used for "SOUNDS LIKE". You can also use a green "+" if you need to break down the word into syllables. You can use a green arrow to point at what you want the audience to see or say. No scripts are to be used in the build, and no sculpties are allowed.

Come to MadPea at 2 PM SLT!

Doubleclick the LM on arrival to get to the place.

Last weeks winner at SHOW+TELL: Apollosmile
Sunday is SHOW+TELL day, where builders show and explain their latest creations: Structures, toys, art, scripts, avatars...everything is possible! And that makes each SHOW+TELL so unique exciting and surprising! The audience votes after the presentations.

2nd place: Takni Miklos
3rd place: Arduenn Schwartzman
4th place: Toysoldier Thor
Come to Show and Tell @ 12 PM SLT!  Builders are requested to appear early in order to log in the contest board! 

Doubleclick the LM on arrival to get to the place.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: BRAT[ink]

Curious on more gifts? Today we present Azure Black, owner of BRAT[ink]:

"Hi , I'm a new skin (sl) designer i have been looking around in sl for a while now and been gathering my do and don't likes and made a skin just the way i would want it to be with lots of details. In rl i am a graphic designer for 13 years now.

So far i made 6 skins and my concept is this: Ill be making skins on theme so the first 6 are spoiled and demonic brat, PinUp brat, Extreme Brat, African Brat and Pure Brat... next in line will be Poetic Brat, Gothic brat, Hippie brat, Rainbow brat, Punk brat and so on... each skin will be in 4 skintones and have a natural and 4 make-ups i will be creating more make up options and i will be selling those later on as face tattoo's so you don't have to buy a entire skin each time you just want a new make-up.

I share my store with my bf chanceyblack who makes tattoos and shirts under the name BRAT[ink] and BRAT[fusion]. I just opened mu mainstore next to the 2 smaller stores and i will be entering into hunts and blogs. 9 ill be in the BOHO event and fall hunt as well)

Hope to see you around in a skin of mine soon!

<3 AzureFera"

Store URL:

And see here the prizes for the hunters:

For the girls a skin with warpaint. The mouth piece with a sword and the tattoo are for both, boys and girls.

How to play the hunt:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The "Carneval" Dwarf

To find MadPea builder LINUS Humphreys, we had to jump in a hole and climb down deep into the sewing system. It is dark, wet and greatly build by him. There he stands, sinister and pale: “I am MadPea’s dwarf, digging tunnels.”

And LINUS is great in that. The textures are breathtaking realistic. RL he is in advertising industries: “SL is a playground for me, I can use my knowledge to create 3d stuff. But I like to share, that is was I give my stuff  or free. You know, advertising agencies are all about money, it is boring sometimes and it is good to share for free sometimes.” Since 2007 he creates textures and sells them at Textures R’us and in his own shop

The shop
One finds more than textures in the shop. When we asked him about his best selling product he smiles: “Actually one of my freebies, it is sold over 20.000 times. Oh, and that skybox, which is bestseller at the Marketplace too:”

As most creative people he uses his online times to build and did not socialize a lot in SL: “During 3 years, I was like a hermit in his grotto. Now I try to meet more people and I do vampire roleplay in Venexia.  Why there? Because the sim design is well done and people speak good English. It trains me well.”

But still LINUS’ main interest is building: “I have fun creating, that is the reason why I accepted to work with MadPea. Because it is a way to have fun and that is why I am here in SL.” Four long years ago he did the last design work in cooperation. The sim closed after only 3 months and disappointed since that he preferred to work alone. The cooperation with Madpea is the first exception. And he obviously loves what he is doing. One feels a bit pride in him when he tells that the sewing system is made of mesh with only 20 prims and a few textures. This is the art of skilled building!

All these features guarantee our gamers in the upcoming Carneval a low lag and fast rezzing game experience! You will love the creepy Carneval!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Just Because

The Hunt has already many players and finds attention in the blogs, because of the great gifts. Today we talk to Annie Meson, she owns together with Terk Sak *Just BECAUSE*:

Annie Melson: "My store*Just BECAUSE* is a true labor of love. Love for my family and love for creating. It all started because of cancer. Not a fun reason to start a business, but it was my way of helping my family survive the mounting bills. Everything I do I do with my family in mind to take care of them.  I enjoy creating normal everyday modern clothing for people in Second Life to enjoy, giving them a full range of items to choose from – casual, business, formal, and swimwear – that is original, hand-painted and full of quality. Each piece is a piece of artwork in my mind, each little stitch, each little crease and fold. And love is put into each one of these things."

See here some of her latest releases:

And find here the prize for the hunters:

Annie Melson: "I wanted to keep with the theme of the pirate hunt so I made a skull and crossbones t-shirt with a bit of blood splattered on it. I thought it quite fitting for the hunt! :D

Grab these great prizes along with 15 others!

Here you find, all what you need to know to join thePerfumed Cutlass Hunt: