Friday, September 28, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: Chicbuildings

Countdown is runnuig! 48 hours left to finish the hunt! See what Chic Aeon, owner of Chicbuildings has made as gift for you:

Chic Aeon: My most popular shop items are surrounds from 32 meters square to full sim size. From these and my itch to build now and then have come other products including a subway and a collection of steampunk buildings.

Many of my products are items that I built for myself or for art projects. I box them up, take a photo and place them in the shop. It is a tiny one so not everything fits. Still, I like it that way.   I am a casual shop keeper; just having fun and sharing what I build. Joining in hunts as a merchant let's me build items that are out of my theme and I like that.

And see here the prize for the hunters:

Chic Aeon: A rusty cannon and cannon ball, weathered by the sea air.

How to play the hunt:

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