Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Potion No. 9.9 - Hunt Introduction

Love Potion No. 9.9


February brings us the month of love and admiration of a certain special someone in our lives. So going along with the feeling of this month, MadPeas is ready to present to you the public the next newest hunt: Love Potion No. 9.9. Now if you did just finish Room 326, you will come to find that this is a little less dark and dreary and like anything in life it is good to come out and see the sunlight some time. So this is us kicking you out of the house and saying go get some damn sunlight! Besides I am sure after all that rain you guys need to dry out your clothes!

Love Potion No. 9.9 sets the story in a forest right out of a story from childhood.

The hero of our story, Phinneas Phicklephogg, is an alchemist. He is not a very successful alchemist but it is not because he is not well versed in the magical arts. It's just presently there doesn't seem to be much need for his magical abilities until he receives a letter in the mail that is. A letter requesting his assistance in decoding a recipe for Love Potion No. 9.9. 


The letter isn't signed but it is delivered with a bag of gold as a down payment and a promise that if Phinneas can decipher the recipe and create the potion, he will be richly rewarded for his efforts. The recipe states that 15 ingredients must be collected and combined for the potion to work but all that is given in the way of ingredients is a list of books followed by the instruction "Harvest the Essence of Their Love".

Phinneas must decode what this vague instruction means, find the ingredients, mix the potion and deliver the final creation to the mysterious author of the note. Is this even possible? Will you join us in making this quest the best Love inspired event on the grid? If the answer is yes, then definitely get on your boots your hunting mindset and be ready to climb into another world of fantasy with MadPeas on February 1st 2013. We will be looking for you.

Legend of the Month: February
Location will be revealed on Friday Feb 1st at 12PM SLT

Love Potion No. 9.9 

Please check out all the awesome teaser pics we have on our Facebook Page!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Mesh Depot

Be careful! Madpea hunts have risk of addiction!But you will love it!  From our group chat:

 Crea Vikinga (creaescaponita): this was my first madpea hunt...have to say never experienced anything like this!... was my first hunt i could finish...i was hooked

ღ Adriana ღ (adriana.jolles): Been in SL since 2008 was my first hunt I was obsessed

Find here some more hunt gifts. Today we talk to Charles Hera, owner of Mesh Depot:

Charles Hera: "Mesh Depot is the retail store with finished products originating at Naked Mesh, the wholesale division. All items are original mesh made with high LOD values and low impact numbers. many items feature color change scripts. Most items are mod-copy.

I enjoy working with mesh and seeing what can be produced as such a minimal land cost. It is easy to be stylish even on a tiny lot now that we have the ability to do so much with mesh.

Here are a few products of Mesh Depot:

And find here the prizes for the hunters:

Charles Hera: "The Mesh Depot prize is a furniture and decor set featuring room divider (complete with cobwebs), coffee table with bloody handprint and a color change vase with twigs.

Hot to start the hunt:

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Collisions

Our gamers can't wait for the  next hunt. From our group chat:

Đєst (destind4u.randt): this was a good  hunt....

Morbid Deceit: That was FUN!!! MadPea rocks!

Pandora Nightfire (pandora.zeitlich): WoW!  That was a heck of a hunt!  Creeped me TOTALLY out! Well done!

anjealah (anjealahshadow): i can't wait for the next one..They are all addicting!  LOL... anyone know what
the next hunt is?  I heard this one is over january 31

The next hunt is called Love Potion No 9.9  and starts Februar 1st!

Now to the next hunt gift. We talk to Guen DeCuir-Legion (guenevere.decuir), owner of Collisions.

Guen DeCuir-Legion:" I've always been intrigued by different cultures, traditions, stories and even languages. Most if not all of my products start with that inspiration and build up from there."

See here some products:

And that are the prizes for the hunters:

Guen DeCuir-Legion: "Since the Hunt is Asian-themed, I decided to go with a pair of Gifts to match. One is a necklace with a stylized version of the Great Wave on a miniature folding fan, and the other is a spine tattoo with Kanji Symbols."

How to start the hunt:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Just BECAUSE

What the MadPea team makes most happy, are our gamers, who love the hunts. Kiana Writer got this I m today she got the permission to publish:

ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): I don't wanna bug ya, just wanted to tell you that this hunt was the best night me and my friends have had in a long time....reminded us of what SL is supposed to be like as we laughed, got frustrated, got excited, etc. and spent the night having a great time so, thank you very very much.  That's why I like to hang in here at night and give people hints and things.  I don't want anybody to get frustrated and give's too much fun, honestly.
ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): and didn't even care about the gifts by the time I got to the end....took my hubby through it 2 nights later and I shopped at all the stores while he looked for envelopes LOL... it was just too fun, not about the gifts...about the good time. :)
Kiana Writer: That's so awesome and that's our goal here... so thank you!!! :) That means a lot to us to hear and keep creating more. :)
ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): you are very welcomes.  I just kept saying it is so cool that people put so much work into making sure others have a good time and love time on SL

But you want to see our awesome prizes too. Today we talk to Annie Melson, owner of Just because:

Annie Melson: I suppose my work starts by going back to my RL. I'm an RL artist that loves to do hyper realistic drawings and paintings, as well as abstract. I think it gives me a very broad spectrum, and now I've added the digital media with painting the clothes I make on a computer, bringing them into the virtual world for people to enjoy. I love detail so I strive to make my clothes look as realistic as possible. I think one of the most thrilling aspects of being a clothing designer in SL is seeing someone wearing my clothing. The first time this happened was when the region I was logging in to was being restarted and I was teleported to a nearby location. A lot of people were being sent to the same place, and one of the people there was wearing one of my outfits. I was so excited! LOL!

Here are some new releases:

And find here the prize for the hunters!

Annie Melson: I love mysteries. My favorite show on TV is Bones, so I thought that this hunt could be very much like one of those shows where all you have to go on is evidence. Most disappearances deal with blood. I don't know how this hunt or story ends but blood is usually a given, somewhere! LOL! So I made torn jeans and tank top that has smeared and splatters of blood on it, even bloody smeared hand prints! Are you the killer? The victim? Or just some innocent by stander that got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, covered in evidence? That's for you to decide. :)

How to start the hunt:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Carrie's Lingerie

The fun part of Madpea hunts ist that it is not just about finding objects. From our group chat:

Skullsic: i dont understand what to do at the end
Clicquot Oh: depends on what you mean by "end"
Clicquot Oh: when you find all 15 letters.. you are not done
Skullsic: o ok
Clicquot Oh: follow the directions.
Skullsic: ohhhhhhh
Clicquot Oh: then there is another puzzle to solve..before you get your prozess ;-) once you do that.. that is the end ;-)

And the other fun part is the wonderful gifts. Today we talk to Carrie Bridger, owner of Carrie's Lingerie.

Carrie Bridger: I love to make sexy lingerie for your second life. I strive to be different with exciting colors and fabrics and go to great lengths to achieve the highest quality.

See here some items of the latest collection:

And what is your prize for the hunters?

Carrie Bridger: I have made a sexy oriental inspired number with matching boxers for your hunting enjoyment!

How to start the hunt:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Boudoir

It always makes us happy at Madpea to get such great feedback:                                  
Tony Acelin (tonyacelin): "ok.  FINISHED!!!!   that was the most complicated, stressful, fantastic HUNT ever!!!! Thank you MadPea Team!!!!!"

Thank you all for joining us! And Madpea is very happy as well to have such great vendors as partners.  Our hunts have the best prizes!

Boudoir joins a Madpea Hunt for the second time. Did you know that Boudoir has an interesting blog, that shows the best photos taken with parts of their outfits. The chpoce is made of photos added to the Flickr group.

A choice of the blog images (

And this is the great hunt prize:

A haunted writing set with desk, chair, rug and nice spider webs as bonus ;)

How to start the hunt:

Friday, January 4, 2013

MadPea Machinima Contest Winners

Congratulations to our MadPea Machinima Contest winners!

1st prize - 12 000L goes to Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt - Where Are You!

2nd prize - 5 000L goes to Spiral Silverstar - Incident at MadPea

3rd prize - 3 000L goes to Lancelot Skytower  -  Carneval Clown Nightmare

Thank you ALL for your entries, we truly enjoyed them all and appreciate the hard work and passion you put into them!

Stay Mad!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: +REDRUM+

Looks as if the Room 326 Hunt will be the most succesful Madpea Game ever. In less than a week we got more than 1.000 Hunters! And they have much fun.. From our group chat:

Straif Wirefly: Fab-donkulous - trying to get my friend to come do the hunt - then I'll do it again - hehe

argonsmash: woot done!  fun hunt.  The ending is spooky haha!  Good work madpeas.

JackAlec Inglewood: Kiana I have heard rumours all of your hunts are based on real life events that have happened in your that true?? runs

Voice Restless: Yay! I must say, Madpea hunts always have the best hints, the best storyline and the best gifts, in my opinion
 J α z z ץ (jazzlune): Agreed! and the best people to help when I get stuck! ahahaa

Darcie (dragon4164): omfg i loved this it was soo awesome !!!

HollyIvey: fantastic hunt, thank you again!

But now to the gifts. Today we talk to Mzzy (Mzzy Wytchwood), owner of  +REDRUM+:

Mzzy: " +REDRUM+ is one of many creative avenues in my life, RL and SL.  I absolutely love the inspiration that SL conjures for RL projects and the same in reverse!

I am an artist through and through (I came to peace with that just recently ;)   )   a tattoo artist, painter, writer and singer.  Being able to transform my RL creations into an SL one, just blows my mind!

+REDRUM+ was mainly inspired by Role Play sims to begin with, where things like blood and wounds were in demand to match with someone's story, as well as outfits and tattoos!  Especially Custom Tattoos!

Custom work is still one of my most favorite things to do, hand drawn Tattoos or things that someone might want for a loved one but can't find anywhere!  To see an original product on someone in SL and how much it makes them smile is awesome! :) "

See here some of the great products of  +REDRUM+:

And these are the prizes for the hunters:

Mzzy: "I put together a little package of all things disturbed and Room 326 for this wonderful MapPea hunt!

A Men's Mesh +DO NOT DISTURB+ Hoodie and a Ladies Mesh +DO NOT DISTURB+ Strapless Dress as well a UniSex +DO NOT DISTURB+ Tattoo Chest Piece!

A wounds Packet with Exclusive 326 Blood Lips and a 326 Chest Wound!

And last off a Framed Room 326 Inspired drawing for you all to hang on your wall after the hunt in memory of the great time you had!


How to start the hunt: