Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Boudoir

It always makes us happy at Madpea to get such great feedback:                                  
Tony Acelin (tonyacelin): "ok.  FINISHED!!!!   that was the most complicated, stressful, fantastic HUNT ever!!!! Thank you MadPea Team!!!!!"

Thank you all for joining us! And Madpea is very happy as well to have such great vendors as partners.  Our hunts have the best prizes!

Boudoir joins a Madpea Hunt for the second time. Did you know that Boudoir has an interesting blog, that shows the best photos taken with parts of their outfits. The chpoce is made of photos added to the Flickr group.

A choice of the blog images (http://vitabela-vitabela.blogspot.de/):

And this is the great hunt prize:

A haunted writing set with desk, chair, rug and nice spider webs as bonus ;)

How to start the hunt: http://madpea.blogspot.de/2012/12/the-room-326-hunt-how-to-start.html

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