Friday, September 27, 2013

Unia Collaborator Interview: Rebeca Bashly

UNIA...cannot be described in simple terms.  It takes an awesome group of folks to take up a challenge such as this one.  Are you ready for more revelations in the making of UNIA and the people who are collaborating?

Part of this diverse web of talents is someone who adds to the project, which is one of the many reasons UNIA is special. I didn’t have the pleasure in meeting her, but as I stood among her build, I could get a true sense of her and was lost in amazement. It is truly amazing what is waiting for each of you around the corners and behind these walls. The person we are introducing you to is,
 Rebeca Bashly.

Please introduce yourself and the company/business/art that you own here in second life. 

"I am freelance 3d artist and since 2010, one of the two lead virtual artists at the University of Texas at San Antonio."

Some of her many great works such as:, Arctica Dreams, Inferno 5th circle Anger, Fabrica, & Inferno 3rd circle gluttony are pictured below:

          What brought you to second life and how long have you been here now?

"An article in a magazine brought me here in 2007."

Please tell us a bit more about your business company/art? What does it do?

"I don't have a store in sl. I have a gallery and few other builds rezzed around."

My marketplace link is : 

My artbook showing works September 2010- October 2012

issued by Cybernetic Art Research Project.

More of Rebeca's work can be seen in the following places by using these links:

-Snowcrash, Raft scene from Neal Stephensons book Snowcrash at UTSA Artspace (Colaborative project with Igor Ballyhoo)

-Ice Gallery at UTSA Artspace


-Inferno , Divine Comedy by Dante Aligieri, created for LEA full sim art series month october 2011, now hosted on University of Texas at San Antonio.

-Abandoned Vilage, hosted during halloween on Nordan Art and UTSA Artspace, now on UTSA Artspace.

The Tower Stairs by Rebeca Bashly

Can you remember the first event/hunt/game you did and how that made you feel?

"I never did hunts. I went to see carnival and loved it a lot."

What is your role in the making of the new MadPea game "Unia?”

"I created one of the dream scenes."

How would you put in your own words one sentence to describe Unia.

"When you hand out your dreams onto artist’s hands its like a dream broke loose." 

Thank you for this interview Rebeca Bashly!

Written By: 
Social Media Manager-HOPE Leissa & Interview by Glitch Axelrad

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