Sunday, January 13, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Just BECAUSE

What the MadPea team makes most happy, are our gamers, who love the hunts. Kiana Writer got this I m today she got the permission to publish:

ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): I don't wanna bug ya, just wanted to tell you that this hunt was the best night me and my friends have had in a long time....reminded us of what SL is supposed to be like as we laughed, got frustrated, got excited, etc. and spent the night having a great time so, thank you very very much.  That's why I like to hang in here at night and give people hints and things.  I don't want anybody to get frustrated and give's too much fun, honestly.
ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): and didn't even care about the gifts by the time I got to the end....took my hubby through it 2 nights later and I shopped at all the stores while he looked for envelopes LOL... it was just too fun, not about the gifts...about the good time. :)
Kiana Writer: That's so awesome and that's our goal here... so thank you!!! :) That means a lot to us to hear and keep creating more. :)
ɕɑʆʆιҽ ρҽȡгσȿɑ (callielatham): you are very welcomes.  I just kept saying it is so cool that people put so much work into making sure others have a good time and love time on SL

But you want to see our awesome prizes too. Today we talk to Annie Melson, owner of Just because:

Annie Melson: I suppose my work starts by going back to my RL. I'm an RL artist that loves to do hyper realistic drawings and paintings, as well as abstract. I think it gives me a very broad spectrum, and now I've added the digital media with painting the clothes I make on a computer, bringing them into the virtual world for people to enjoy. I love detail so I strive to make my clothes look as realistic as possible. I think one of the most thrilling aspects of being a clothing designer in SL is seeing someone wearing my clothing. The first time this happened was when the region I was logging in to was being restarted and I was teleported to a nearby location. A lot of people were being sent to the same place, and one of the people there was wearing one of my outfits. I was so excited! LOL!

Here are some new releases:

And find here the prize for the hunters!

Annie Melson: I love mysteries. My favorite show on TV is Bones, so I thought that this hunt could be very much like one of those shows where all you have to go on is evidence. Most disappearances deal with blood. I don't know how this hunt or story ends but blood is usually a given, somewhere! LOL! So I made torn jeans and tank top that has smeared and splatters of blood on it, even bloody smeared hand prints! Are you the killer? The victim? Or just some innocent by stander that got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, covered in evidence? That's for you to decide. :)

How to start the hunt:

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