Monday, January 21, 2013

Room 326 Hunt Gifts: Mesh Depot

Be careful! Madpea hunts have risk of addiction!But you will love it!  From our group chat:

 Crea Vikinga (creaescaponita): this was my first madpea hunt...have to say never experienced anything like this!... was my first hunt i could finish...i was hooked

ღ Adriana ღ (adriana.jolles): Been in SL since 2008 was my first hunt I was obsessed

Find here some more hunt gifts. Today we talk to Charles Hera, owner of Mesh Depot:

Charles Hera: "Mesh Depot is the retail store with finished products originating at Naked Mesh, the wholesale division. All items are original mesh made with high LOD values and low impact numbers. many items feature color change scripts. Most items are mod-copy.

I enjoy working with mesh and seeing what can be produced as such a minimal land cost. It is easy to be stylish even on a tiny lot now that we have the ability to do so much with mesh.

Here are a few products of Mesh Depot:

And find here the prizes for the hunters:

Charles Hera: "The Mesh Depot prize is a furniture and decor set featuring room divider (complete with cobwebs), coffee table with bloody handprint and a color change vase with twigs.

Hot to start the hunt:

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