Saturday, September 29, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: The Elegant Goth

Countdown is running! Use this weekend to finish the 15 destinations of the Perfumed Cutlass Hunt! And find here the great prize of The Elegant Goth, owned by Deja Letov:

Deja Letov: "The Elegant Goth caters to the goth community for their needs of elegant and beautiful gothic furniture, roleplay tools, cemetery decor and of course lots of other goth items. We recently just moved into a new full private sim and have added tons of stuff to do including a creepy insane asylum where you can find our asylum products and added a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland I like to call "Almost Wonderland".

See here some new products:"

Deja Letov: "Our prize is the Perfumed Cutlass Captains Quarters Day Bed. It's animated for both the lady and the gents, although since this is all about the "lass" the ladies have a bit more going on with the bed. But still plenty to observe as a gent. The bed is done in a lighter wood, something to possibly match a pirate ship perhaps and of course couldn't be complete without the skull and bones."

How to play the hunt:

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