Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfumed Cutlass Hunt Gifts: BRAT[ink]

Curious on more gifts? Today we present Azure Black, owner of BRAT[ink]:

"Hi , I'm a new skin (sl) designer i have been looking around in sl for a while now and been gathering my do and don't likes and made a skin just the way i would want it to be with lots of details. In rl i am a graphic designer for 13 years now.

So far i made 6 skins and my concept is this: Ill be making skins on theme so the first 6 are spoiled and demonic brat, PinUp brat, Extreme Brat, African Brat and Pure Brat... next in line will be Poetic Brat, Gothic brat, Hippie brat, Rainbow brat, Punk brat and so on... each skin will be in 4 skintones and have a natural and 4 make-ups i will be creating more make up options and i will be selling those later on as face tattoo's so you don't have to buy a entire skin each time you just want a new make-up.

I share my store with my bf chanceyblack who makes tattoos and shirts under the name BRAT[ink] and BRAT[fusion]. I just opened mu mainstore next to the 2 smaller stores and i will be entering into hunts and blogs. 9 ill be in the BOHO event and fall hunt as well)

Hope to see you around in a skin of mine soon!

<3 AzureFera"

Store URL:

And see here the prizes for the hunters:

For the girls a skin with warpaint. The mouth piece with a sword and the tattoo are for both, boys and girls.

How to play the hunt:

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