Thursday, August 22, 2013

Creative Writing Contest!!

Calling all writers!!! Have you ever wanted to share your craziest or darkest dream with others?
Well now is your chance...MadPeas presents to you our first ever Writing Competition!!!

Her Evilness, Kiana Writer, will be the sole judge of this competition!!! For any info on the contest please contact Synful Aeon or Yuna Khaos via notecard or IMs. Please DO NOT CONTACT Kiana Writer directly about it unless submitting your story via email.
The winner of this competition will have the honor of having their story made into a hunt/game
for MadPeas and everyone in SecondLife to check out!!!
1st place winner will receive 10,000L, 2nd place winner will receive 7,000L and 3rd place 3,000L 
Rules for the Contest:
•    One entry per a person and only one person can be the author of a story.
•    Entries must be in by September 5,2013 via email to .
•    Story should be Halloween like and follow the direction of the sim.

MadPea Writing Contest Terms:
By submitting your written material to the MadPea writing contest, you agree to the following terms:
•    You acknowledge that the work submitted is an original creation and written by you.
•    Submitted work to the contest becomes the exclusive property of MadPea. MadPea shall have exclusive full usage rights to your work for an unlimited term, for usage in a game, puzzle, hunt or other MadPea production. MadPea has the right to alter, modify or amend your work for any MadPea purpose.
•    MadPea shall acknowledge your authorship should you win either first, second, or third prize.
•    MadPea shall only compensate you for a first, second, or third place prize of 10,000L$, 7000L$, and 3,000L$ respectively. You will not receive any further compensation for any reason.
•    If you do not win the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, MadPea shall not retain any rights to your submitted work.
•    If you are a prize winner, MadPea may ask you to add some additional material without further compensation.
Visit the Death Row Designs Sim where the hunt/game will take place so please go have a look and find your inspiration!!!


  1. What is the word count? I have enough time, I might be able to do a 50,000 word novel for this. It's only 10 days... lessee... if I do only 3000 words a day, hhmm.. Okay, maybe a 25-30k word novelette (Need time to edit a little). I just got this information today.

    1. There is no word count, what matter is that it is a rich story that can be easily used in a hunt type point and click game.

    2. Awesome, thanks!

      (Now if Google will give the name or I will ask blogspot (bs?) to pick up the SL name? That would be good. Noodge noodge to BS.)

  2. This url was sent to me via facebook. Facebook has deleted that IM to me as "Spam or offensive" I have lodged a complaint. *Might get removed from FB as *I* got offensive* Anal Retentive huns...

    Yes, THIS .. this weblog... offensive?

    Done with story tonight and editing it. Although I am changing the face of it.

    Bradach Ard Ri
    Captain of the Orca
    Thief of Hearts
    (PS, it comes tonight. And a further. Writing a second story, this one is okay, but too subtle of evil. Bouncing it off someone, I have walked the sim-- you have changed it up a little-the flavors are different than a few days ago.)