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Unia Collaborator Interview: Abranimations

The time is drawing closer to the release of something so amazing and mind blowing, that Second Life will never be looked at the same way again. The MadPea crew keeps working into the late hours of the night and early hours with the rising sun, to bring the Peas truly an experience like none other. However, as we get closer to the release date, nothing would have even gotten to where it is now without some true collaboration within the Second Life grid.

The best of the best artists and creatives of the grid have lent their hand to make this project. I am going to introduce you to the people that are helping make this amazing and groundbreaking project come to life. In the end these are not vendors, these are not helpers, these are the collaborators that have become part of our crew as a whole.

So let's introduce you to the new members to the MadPea Crew.

1. Please introduce yourself and the company/business that you own here in second life. 
Abramelin Wolfe & Wildcat Snowpaw
Abranimations Website:
Our facebook page for Abranimations:
Awesome Dog Studio Website:
This is the Drax files interview recently created by Draxtor Depres.

I'm Abramelin Wolfe in SL (Jim in RL). I run a business in SL called Abranimations® with my wife Wildcat Snowpaw (Debbie in RL). We sell motion capture animations like dances and aos as well as other fun items like games, gadgets, toys and avatars. 

2. What brought you to second life and how long have you been here now?

I joined Secondlife in June 2004 as the Avatar 'Jim Levy'. Later that year created my current avatar 'Abramelin Wolfe'. I was drawn to Secondlife as a creative outlet. At the time Linden Lab had a marketing campaign on that said you can be anyone you want and can create anything you want to create. This sounded too exciting and intriguing not to give a try! Immediately I decided I wanted to be a wizard and the first thing Id make would be a flying carpet with no brakes. I loved it! To be able to imagine stuff and then make it real...albeit in a virtual sort of way was just awesome! It's now Just over 9 years later and I'm still here! Although I don't dress as a wizard any more and my flying carpet has brakes.

3. Please tell us a bit more about your business/company? What does it do?

Well in Secondlife our business is Abranimations® ( I started this business back in 2004 shortly after joining SL. Originally it was called Abramelin Creations which then became Abra Creations and then finally settled as Abranimations. I met Wildcat 5 years ago. She is a very talented artist so we now work together combining our skills. Our primary focus is on animation and animation related items but we also create a wide range of other cool toys, games, gadgets and avatars. Our aim is to create high quality fun content, with the emphasis on it being fun. In Edinburgh where we are based, we have a state of the art optical motion capture studio. From here we create our animations for SL and can also provide affordable motion capture for independent game developers etc.

4. What was your first interaction with MadPeas? Can you remember the first event/hunt/game you did and how that made you feel?

I've been following what MadPea have been up to for a while. I've not really had much time unfortunately to play the games myself though. I watched the recent drax files video and was really blown away by the work being done by Madpea. A few years ago I started creating a game called Combat Evolution that I planned to be a large grid wide quest and adventure system with puzzles. Although the Player vs Player combat side of the game is still popular I never really managed to get the adventures etc. built due to the time involved. I always thought that it was a shame more people were not collaborating together to create large complex polished games. To see MadPea doing just this was so exciting! Really pushing the boundaries of what can be done in SL and how it can be used to tell stories and make games.

5. What is your role in the making of the new MadPea game "Unia"?

Wildcat and I are capturing mocap animations in our studio specifically for Unia. Mocap animations are very fluid and natural recording the real movements of humans. The animations we are capturing are tailored specifically for the various events and scenes in the game to add an extra element of realism.

6. Can you share something with us that is going to be used in Unia?

Yes. This is a video of Debbie performing a dying animation. The video shows the animation in SL and then the recording. Debbie really gets into character!

7. How would you put in your own words one sentence to describe Unia?

Imaginative, Surreal and Scary created by an extremely talented team!

8. Anything you wish to say to the Peas in order to get them even more excited over the new game?

Unia is going to be the most immersive and scary game created in SL to date! :)

Thank you for your time for this small interview!

Glitch Axelrad
MadPea Crew: Community Manager/PR


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