Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feed a Smile Star-Studded Celebrity Auction!

Can you feed hungry kids in real life by spending Lindens in Second Life?  
The answer is Yes!

All this week at Mad City we're running an extra special Charity Celebrity Auction to benefit the Feed-A-Smile charity! If you take a walk around the Mad City Park, you will see boards where you can place a bid for the "SL Celebrity" of your choice.  From February 15th to the 23rd of February you've got the chance to bid on one-on-one time with some of Second Life's most famous faces. 

What will you do? Will you get a lesson in video editing from Drax? Modelling from Bryn Oh? Storytelling from our own Queen Pea, Kiana?!

Speaking of Drax, if you wish to learn more about Feed-A Smile and what they are doing to raise funds in Second Life, Watch his interview on youtube at this URL: 

 Come down and grab your once in a Second Life opportunity to pick the brains of some of SL's Elite, all in aid of Feed A Smile!  Place you bids between now and the 23rd and then join us for the day of Live Entertainment!


  1. What an incredible way to raise the funds. I wish you had a FB share button so I could share this there. :)

  2. NM \o/ Found it and shared! :D

  3. I saw your event mentioned on a blog and then Facebook page of Caoimhe Lionheart. Her own quote: Remember the Feed a Smile I blogged about? \o/ They are having a celebrity auction!! Nope, no Cao on the list. Apparently they knew no one would bid on me But WOW! I -- made me smile. I'm not sure if you know of her, but she's invested heart and soul into a whole array of charity events to benefit so many around our world. Perhaps having her name on a board where your event is in progress might help. Just a thought. Blessings and much success to you and yours! ~Caryn Ashdene