Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feed a Smile Real Life Raffles and Progress!

We are on our way to our goal of 1,200,000!

We are not even halfway into our Feed-a-smile Auction and the total funds raised is climbing but we still have a long way to go to our goal of 1,200,000L$.

If you haven't yet made it over to Mad City at the Crying Peacock City Park., we have added more options to raise funds.  

We have MadPea Tips jars in many places where you can directly donate funds even if you do not wish to bid on a SL Celebrity.  This is a wonderful cause and we did not want to limit those wishing to donate who did not want to bid.  Look for this little guy to donate your Lindens directly.

We now have Raffle boards for Real Life items acquired from Kenya!  For 100L$ you can enter a Raffle to win a real life necklace or doll that was gotten in Africa and will be shipped to you at your real home from Germany.  Once it activates there will be a 10 minute countdown and the winner will be randomly chosen by the board and sent a box with information on how to claim their prize. For each raffle, 50 people need to purchase a chance for the board to activate.  You can purchase as many tries as you like, but you must be willing to provide your real name and address if you win the item so it can be shipped to you.  The boards have the image of the item that is being raffled.  Here are pictures of what you can purchase a chance to win!

Hurry down today to get in on a chance to win these items, there is only one of each!  Also, come check out all of the Celebrity Auction Boards that are ready and active for you to bid.  In Mad City at the Crying Peacock City Park.

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