Monday, April 15, 2013

INCA Vendor Interview - SN@TCH




Every MadPeas hunt has a theme or definite feeling about the game that they create. What do you feel is the feeling that jumps out at you with this game? How did you feel? 

I love a good adventure game, especially one that builds suspense and has you jumping at every turn. I think Lost Treasure totally captures that feeling of apprehension and dread that any wrong step can have dangerous results and they DO!

When you heard that the players can actually die in the game, what was your initial reaction to that?

That's my fave part! Knowing that any moment things can go from bad to worse and even end your life...well the survival horror fan in me really gets excited about that. It gives the game a new level of seriousness. I want to survive!

MadPeas is notorious for making things difficult and it shows by the amount of times people ask for help or more hints. We have the helpers in the pea group that love to do so. Did you have a lot of people asking for help with your store? Do you hide your item very sneakily or are you more kind to your fellow hunters?

Usually when I do hunts I make it pretty easy but I have to admit, I didn't with this one. I know the Mad Peas group has some of the best gamers out there playing and I didn't want them to be disappointed and make it too easy. My item would be easy to find for me because I do the one thing that people in SL find to hard to do when they're hunting...I look UP LOL
 Ivey Deschanel

Please tell us a little bit about your store and your products? 
(How did you get started in Second Life?)

Sn@tch is and has a little bit of everything though my designs focus primarily on Alternative, Punk, Gothic and Casual Clubwear, Clothes and Accessories. I've been designing in SL for almost 6 years. I started out just making things for friends that we wanted and couldn't find and it just snowballed. I never thought I would be able to do this for a real life job but I've been pretty successful and once I was able to quit my RL job and do this full time, I never looked back! We have a 1/4 sim main store on Snatch City and about 20 branch locations as well as an outlet store on the Pulse Sim.

What is the prize that you made for the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior?

I did what I think I do best, clothes lol. I made a mesh Tee with an Incan graphic design for the guys and a cool bright high-waisted Incan woven pattern skirt for the ladies. Both I think fit with the theme and will give the players something to wear that reminds them of the experience of playing the game. Hopefully the players like!

What do you think of the game play and the story that builds the game?

I think the story is the MOST important part of the game experience. It's what builds tension and gets the player involved and invested in the gameplay. The more involved you are in the story, the more you have to lose....or WIN.

Have you had a favorite experience with any of the hunt member(s)?

Oh I've gotten some really sweet notes and IMs from the Peas thanking me for the prizes. One that was especially nice from a new blogger Shaia Slade who really enjoyed it and found my store from doing the hunt! Also as some know, I create games as well in SL with my partner Roblem Hogarth and a great team of builders and scripters at Pulse Games. We've been doing a huge interactive Halloween Horror game for the last 6 years and we've had a lot of support from the Peas and we've tried to make that mutual and support Mad Peas in return! I have to admit I always get a little excited when I see Kiana at our games. I know if she likes it, we did well LOL

What is your favorite thing about being involved with this game? 

The most important thing to me is to promote gaming and game creation in Second Life. I think it's a VERY underutilized medium. SL is the perfect place to do this. I have had more fun creating games and playing them myself than anything else I've done in SL. I'm a gamer first and foremost!

What would you like to say to the Peas that have or have not done the hunt? 

First off, thank you to the players. Without you we wouldn't have a reason to do things like Lost Treasure or any other games. We love to scare you, make you think, give you a challenge and satisfy your cravings for exciting experiences. So thank you for giving that to US! For those that haven't played're in for a thrilling adventure you won't forget so go play!!

Thank you for taking part in this interview. It has been a pleasure!



  1. Awesome interview, Ivey! :) I'm a huge fan of Pulse Games and always looking forward to the next one! SL is an excellent platform for games and I just love the fact that us game creators stick together and support each other, that's what it's all about. :)