Friday, May 17, 2013

Feed a Smile Event at MadPea Base!!!!!!!

Do you believe that children are our future and that they deserve the brightest future possible?

Then join us on May 19, 2013, from 2pm SLT to 5pm SLT for the Feed a Smile Event! Location will be the MadPea Stage on the MadPea Base sim.
SLurl: MadPea Stage

MadPea is proud to be part of such a wonderful program for children and to help raise funds for their brighter future.

We have some of the best performers here on the grid bringing their talents to this event.

2pm SLT - Sonix, an Ayrshire based four piece band, with a versatile and wide variety of music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, to modern rock, and pop music. If you would like some ceilidh music, Sonix can perform old favorites such as the Virginia Reel, Gay Gordons, and Strip the Willow. Sonix plays  live shows once or twice a month here in Second Life. All proceeds from these performances go to Feed a Smile, the virtual branch of the Live and Learn program in Kenya.

3pm SLT - Chandra Deed
Chandra's country roots began in the South of the USA. Singing with dance bands added some funk to her soul. Her music covers the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, current Pop to R&B, Rock to Country.  Chandra has been performing since the age of three and is truly a seasoned performer. Chandra is truly "Music....straight from the heart".

4pm SLT - DRUM
DRUM'S goal in their words is to "bring the world to you via the power of drumming. Our aim is to have fun and to create incredible beautiful rhythms - live". Their range includes drumming from ten different cultures, Taiko(Japanese), Native American, African, Latin, Indian, Mallets, Stomp Wall, Rusty Barrels, African Ghost, and Steel Pan drums. What you hear is done live, not pre-recorded music. Each performance is subtly different each time that they perform, truly a unique musical experience that you won't want to miss!

Feed a Smile is the virtual branch of "Live and Learn in Kenya Int. NPO". 100% of your donations will go to help feed over 400 children at the LLK(Live and Learn) program in Nakuru, Kenya. These children are desperately poor and thanks to people like you helping to "feed smiles" and offer education. They are on the path to a better future. You can go to the RL website or get information from the inworld locations listed below about LLK.


Second Life LLK Locations:
SLURL: Live and Learn In Kenya Int, Aloft Nonprofit Commons

SLURL: Feed a Smile - The Lavender Field

If you'd like to sponsor a LLK child, please contact Brique Topaz about how to become a sponsor. You can use your RL name or your avatar name.

Brique Topaz brought her RL commitment to LLK into our virtual world. She will be glad to answer any questions you may have, or how you can help LLK and Feed a Smile. Stop by The Lavender Field to listen to some great music and donate a few L$.


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