Friday, May 10, 2013

HellRacer Tournament

You smell sulfur as you meander around the Carneval and wonder to a ticket booth near an old mining cart. You climb a ladder and get into the cart and descend into darkness as it gets hotter the sulfur gets thicker. You hear lava bubbling around you, then suddenly you see a racing track built along the old abandoned miners' track...wait a racing track and lava?!?! What have you stumbled upon? Looking up there above the starting line there is a sign that says HellRacer and a little demon whispers in your ear the instructions for the track; but wait before you start he says there is more," Join us for a HellRacer Tournament Saturday, May 18th at 5pmslt...I can guarantee you it will be one hell of a race."

* There will be 5 racers per a heat, and the top 2 will advance to the next round.
* Only One racer is allowed per a car.
* Register for the HellRacer Tournament by sending a notecard to  Caitlyn Oh, titled with your avatar name and HellRacer, requesting to be in the tournament by 3pm on May 18, 2013 at the latest!!!
state that you are requesting to be in the tournament, and Cailtyn will contact you when your race will be.
* Placement in the tier brackets will be first come first serve.
* Tournament will continue until we have a TOP HELLRACER!!!
* Top HellRacer will receive their own HellRacer!!!!

You can go practice for the most hellish race of your life here:

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