Thursday, August 29, 2013

Detectives and Dames Photo Contest 5 finalists

On August 4th, MadPea announced the Detectives and Dames Photo Contest at Mad City.  There were many brave Detectives and lovely Dames who had their outfits ready, and were able to submit their photos.  They were put to the test and went with the Noir theme.  We thank each and everyone of you who submitted a photo, up until the final hours.
There were many amazing entries and we were able to select the 5 finalists.  The photos were so great that it became difficult for our staff to choose the final three alone.  So as a result, we reached out to our Peas and the public.  Final voting took place on facebook and ended the 27th of August.

We would like to congratulate all of our finalists.
1st Place- Petal Pink  *1500L
Here is a little interview with our first place winner Petal Pink

Is this the first time you participated in a MadPea photo contest?
Petal Pink: Yes it is my first one.

Have you ever used this theme in any of your photos in Second Life?
Petal Pink: Actually no, but I've always liked the noir idea.

What were you trying to convey in your photo, and are you pleased with the final photo you were able to capture?

Petal Pink: I was trying to convey that women in that era were classy yet vulnerable and not afraid to be both.  I think it conveyed this nicely.

How do you feel about winning the MadPea (Detectives & Dames) photo contest?

Petal Pink: I'm so in awe after seeing all the stunning pictures everyone else did.  Its also the very first photo contest I've ever won:-)
Congratulations again, from all of us at MadPea

  2nd Place- Mush Chuwes *1000L

 3rd Place- Minnie Brod *500L

4th Place-LienXiang Resident

5th Place- Koozebane Koolhoven

The Photos are now added and displayed in the reception area of the Peacock Hotel Lobby, stop by and check them out using the link below:

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