Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Trekking Pea Machinima Contest!

Tell us Your Story of the Trekking Pea!

I am sure all of us feel a little nutty, dare I say MAD, once in a while.  Who of us hasn't at some point wanted to be a movie star?  Well guess what!  Now, because of a terrifically fun sounding new contest here at MadPea Productions, you have the chance to be BOTH!

If you have it in you to create a one minute adventure for our pea, you can use your imagination to show the MadPea trekking across the grid using your video production skills and join our MadPea Machinima Contest: "The Trekking Pea."

 Videos can be submitted by uploading your entry to YouTube (or similar video service), and subsequently emailing the link to Synful Aeon: by December 5, 2013.  You will receive a confirmation email. 

  Entries will be judged for storyline, editing, music and overall impression.  The top 3 videos will be awarded L$10,000, L$7,000 and L$3,000 respectively!!

This is a contest you do not want to miss!  


1. The contest theme is "The Trekking Pea."  Tell the story of "The Trekking Pea."

2. No vulgarity, sex sims, or extreme violence.

3. The MadPea Avatar is required to be in the machinima.  If you don’t have a MadPea Avatar, you will find our MadPea Avatar Gacha.  The cost is L$50.  You may use any pea avatar created by MadPeas.

4. You are allowed to use post-processing effects.

5. Video entries will have a minimal play length of 30 seconds and a maximum play length of 90 seconds.

6. Each participant can submit a maximum of two videos.

7. Your SL name (with your RL name optional) is required for participation.

8. The last day for acceptance of machinmas will be December 5th, 2013.

9. You give permission to MadPea Productions to embed your uploaded video(s) on the MadPea channels in part or in whole for promotional purposes.

10. You will provide MadPea download access to a full copy of your video.  

11. You will be credited for the videos published on any of the MadPea channels.

12. You will remain the sole owner of your submitted video.

13. The MadPea crew will establish a Top 5 of the video entries, which will be published in a dedicated MadPea Facebook entry.  Here, everyone can cast a 'Like' vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  The winners will be announced on December 14th, 2013 @ 12pm SLT.

14. Current and former employees of MadPea are not allowed to participate.

Failure to comply with any of these rules in part or in full will result in disqualification from the Contest, no matter what point in the Contest the violation occurs.

Get creating and show everyone how MAD your Pea can be!

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