Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where's Wraith Hunt started now!

Noctis Mainstore
As you have seen in the previous blog post, tomorrow starts the next MadPea hunt, the Where's Wraith Wednesday hunt. As always MadPea has chosen great shops with outstanding hunt gifts.

The first participating shop is [noctis], with owner and creator Yelly donut (Yelena Istmal).  [noctis] specialises in furniture and decor with victorian, gothic, slightly steampunk and haunted themes.  [noctis] aims for minimum prims without sacrificing detail and aesthetics. You can find much of the [noctis] range on the Marketplace or in the shops.

And here is your wonderful hunt gift in Madpea green. Yay!

A beautiful vintage mesh group with sofa and chair with tables, plants, lamps, magazines and rug. All items are high quality and copy. Thank you Yelly donut for that great gift!

You will get the LM to the hunt here in the blog every Wednesday at 12 PM SLT. At the landing point you will find your first hint. The fastest hunter will get a 1.000 Linden giftcard in addition to the hunt gift. The hunt itself runs one week at each location.

How to do the hunt?

- You will meet a pea character on this start point. Click it to receive your first clue. The clue takes you on a small quest that will eventually reveal the whereabouts of Wraith.

- Pay attention to the conversations you have with the characters. If you have missed something, you can always restart.

-  The first person to solve the puzzle and find Wraith will win 1000L

-  Everyone who successfully find him will receive a brand new prize from Noctis! Good luck!

Hunt start here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Base/103/165/26


  1. How do you know if you are the first one to finish or not?

  2. Hi Rei! We announce the winner in group chat & notices as well as here on the blog. New Where's Wraith quest begins Wednesday at 12pm SLT.