Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Praying Mary Hunt Gifts: Southpaw

Come and do not miss our most successful mini hunt ever. The gamers are loving it.

See here more hunt prizes! Today we talk to Phedre Rossini, owner of Southpaw:

Phedre Rossini: "I make an eclectic range of jewelry & accessories, Spell Fire Wands & Weapons, and other role-play accouterments. I do pay attention to the fine details in order to make all my products desirable."

And these are the gifts for the hunters:

Phedre Rossini: "The Southpaw prize is a mesh Dagger combo with a sheath and belt that comes in both DCS and Spell Fire versions. Also included is a mesh choker for the ladies that mimics a slit throat."

How to play the hunt: http://madpea.blogspot.de/2012/10/the-case-of-praying-mary-hunt-how-to.html

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