Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Cute MadPea Builder

Three more days and MadPea will opening the Carneval, creepy and of course with rides! Wgat youl be a ride without scripts? Madpea is glad to have some of the best  builders and scripters in the team. Apollosmile Resident helped to make the Roller Coaster running. You will love it!

Second Life is for Appollosmile "Creativity- Making things happen in sl that normally happens in real life. I like making instruments for live playing. bringing people fun is also a reason to be interested in sl. Second life romance! come on all peeps love digital romance its fun.* lol"

"My ulala doll represents what i like and love she is my bestie partner in my rl and digital world she keeps me happy and going."
Her home looks somehow romantic too:

See here some more of her builds:

And for the MadPea Carneval, Appollosmile contributed "the coaster to work and programmed the elevator observation tower Takni Miklos is the programmer of the coaster engine i only built it :P"


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