Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Lost Mine Preview Day 4: Cutting Things Up. In the Attic. With Doctor Who. Or something.

Good evening, my sweet Peas! 

Fugazi here with day 4 of your glimpse behind the curtain at what's coming your way on April 1st when the Lost Mine screams off the rails and into your SLives. Your regular story reveal's coming at the end of today's update, but first, here's today's 3 vendors!

The Loft is a joint venture between Nardya Rousselot and Colleen Desmoulins. Specialising in chic, classical interior design with a strong modernistic streak we're delighted to welcome them to the MadPea Hunt Family. You can visit their mainstore here.

Collage is helmed by the supremely talented Adaline May (Adalineb Resident). She produces some of the grid's cutest (both in concept and execution) homewares, wall hangings and furnishing. She has the market cornered on quirky-lovely, and we can't wait to see what she stuffs inside the gift box for you! Check out her range here.

Although a relative newcomer to the grid, Sash Arabello's Wimey has won itself a devoted legion of fans thanks to her unique take on pop culture sensations. Creating items inspired by such diverse influences as Disney, Game of Thrones and, of course, Doctor Who, Wimey's never afraid to push the envelope when it comes to incorporating cutting edge new techniques into their items, and manages to do so without sacrificing one gram of personality. Check Wimey out at their mainstore over on Mudhoney.

That'll more or less do it for today - except where are my manners? I nearly forgot to reveal the next part of the story! Here we go!
"Magic realms, where dwarves mine for gold and gems, where good always wins and evil is banished..."
Can you see where this is going next? Why not comment below or on Facebook with your guess?

Any questions regarding promotion or marketing for the hunt can be directed to me, Fugazi Rubanis, by IM or notecard inworld.

See you all tomorrow!

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