Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peas Spoiled Rotten

AKA There is not a new hunt going on! 

I was tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep, but couldn't. This blogpost was itching inside me so bad, that it's the only reason I got up so early.

Lately I've been frankly thankful for Linden Lab's failure to deliver group chat messages as everyday it's full of questions: 
"Can someone send me a LM to the new hunt?"
"When's the new hunt?"
"What's the hunt of the month?"

My email is getting so full of these questions, so it's about time for me to announce it here as well: 
There are no new hunts going OR coming for a while! 

Last year our green little things really got spoiled rotten with hunts: 

Room 326
Love Potion
Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior
Key of Hope in collaboration with Fantasy Faire
Mad City (+ Return of the Room 326)
Cry of the Peacock
Lennon Park Massacre
Dark Dimension
Holiday Havoc
Mad City Christmas

I don't know of any other group in Second Life who creates that many hunts/games in a year! We did have a blast though creating them and hope you enjoyed them too.

However, my whole focus for MadPea has truly shifted. I'm getting sad with the idea of putting so much effort into creating something that lasts only a month or two. Then it gets destroyed and only lives in our memories. I wish we had the luxury to keep the hunts alive longer. It's exhausting to keep re-building and re-writing based on the hunt concept to give such a short life to a story.

Demolition of Holiday Havoc 

SaveMe Oh approached me during the Dark Dimension hunt, suggesting MadPea should apply for a LEA grant to avoid the whole 'shopping mall' concept. I had never thought of games being art, but really, is the line that thick? We had one ally in Linden Lab, Brett Linden (one day I will marry him!) who kept encouraging and supporting us... now, he doesn't seem to be around anymore and none of the other Lindens show any interest to what we're doing. 

We're struggling on this alone trying to make enough money to keep the islands paid off. It does get tiring at times. So yes, some changes needed to be made.

Please remember, we are a small group of freelancers without sugar daddies or sponsors or financial support. If you enjoy what we do, please support us and help us keep creating. You can do that by spreading the word, buying our stuff, playing our gachas and donating to this madness.

There are a lot of things coming, not to worry. Mad City is alive with events and happenings and possibly even small hunts! Game wise, Unia is next. 
Later in the year we will have our adult hunt - Blood Letters. 

One of Unia game areas

Instead of quantity, we're slowing down and focusing on quality, bringing you experiences you have never had in Second Life before. 

I used to have this in my profile: 

"We create fantasies that are beyond your imagination...

We want to make your brain tick, lure you into a world 
where you unravel a mystery. 

We want to show what can be done in SL 
- and push the envelope even further - 
challenge the limitations. 

We want to trick your mind, drive you to the edge of frustration. 
The payback is good, that's all you need. 

Come and play - always something going on ;)"

I need to keep reminding myself about this. I WANT and NEED to make people feel and think. When I can move one person and give them a mind-blowing adventure, I'm happy. 

Second Life is very much alive and evolving. I want to shoot all those whining about Second Life dying with sticky cotton candy because they are so blind to the truth. 
Today in Second Life we can create games that have never been possible before.  I don't want to hype Unia too much, but please trust us... It's pushing all the envelopes and truly challenging your mind and Second Life. There are several extremely talented people working nonstop to bring this experience out for you.

It'll be worth the wait. 

Founder, Director, Writer and Dreamer

For those missing hunts, here are two great resources to look for hunts: 


  1. Thank you so much for all you do. I am truly amazed at all the effort your group puts into events. I will be waiting patiently for what is to come. I will also try to donate a little more to the cause. I know how hard it is to afford this kind of endeavor.

  2. I would like to thank all revolutionaries creators. I'm MPEA fan, I always point out to my friends hunted, divulge maximum tolerable. Really you create beautiful effects hunted with fabulous stories (Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior). really a month and little time to genuinely experience and live in beautiful stories.
    As a user of the MPEA gorgeous working man I mean I'm grateful for their efforts.(Sorry I'm using tradudor, but I speak what I feel my heart)

  3. Awwww Kiana don't be down sweety :) You create incredible hunts. The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior will always be my fave it was beautifully done and tremendous fun to do and like all your hunts took me to places I wouldn't normally visit. Without the 'Love Potion No 9.9 hunt I would never have discovered the dragon ride at Cerridwen's Cauldron :)) You don't need to bombard us with hunts, they can be enjoyed sparingly like fine wine. I can't wait for Unia cos I KNOW it will be incredible :)) No idea why the Lindens are so lukewarm you should send them a HUD and make them see what they are missing :) Raising linden? Bounce the HUD price up a bit more. You still got loads of interest when you did that last time everyone who has done one knows they are the best, richest content hunts in SL. It's not about the prizes it's about the adventure :) xx

  4. I loved all your hunts, they are fantastic...but I hate to hear that there won't be any more coming for awhile, I hope you won't wait too long...Mad Pea hunts are the only hunts I do in SL the main reason I come to Mad City....the best hunts in Second Life....please don't wait too long or there will be no reason for me to even bother coming into second life...it will be a boring place with nothing to do...and I'm so tired of lucky chairs hahahaha Enjoy your time off, Kiana, but don't stay away too long...you are very much missed!!!

  5. Revenge the Holiday Havoc!
    Screw up Easter!
    Please Please Please!

    Rise 1k for the HUD!

  6. Thanks all. :) Please don't worry.. we're not giving up! The opposite.. UNIA will be fulfilling some big big dreams. ;) Just stay patient, it'll be all worth it!

    It's only the beginning...

  7. I'm so thankful I discovered Mad Pea when I joined Second Life. It helped me learn to navigate and get to know SL fairly quickly, and indecently beef up my inventory. I don't think I would have gotten that being plopped down into a welcome hub and just walking around like a rebel without a clue. I started with Mad City and ended with Lennon Park. Hands down the best three months in my short second life. It's sounds absurd, but those hunts gave me a sense of independence and there were fun things I could do solo. I didn't have to get caught up in the chat; I could just take my time and explore like the little lone wolf I am. The more explored, the more fluid I became, and the more fluid I became, the more I felt comfortable interacting with other people. Now, it's hard for people to believe I've only been around for less than a year.

    So with that I say... Ain't no party like a Mad Pea party, 'cause a Mad Pea party don't stop. Every other hunt is just what we do in-between.