Friday, January 10, 2014

Flickr Picture of the Day gets a makeover!

Flickr Pic of the Day continues, but with an added twist!

Would you like to win prizes? Are you one of those people who love to take and edit pictures of this amazing world we call Second Life? Are you a MadPea?? Then you are going to love the changes ahead for the MadPea Flickr Pic of the Day!

Our Flickr stream is a collection of photographic art created by our Peas, and this will continue, but we have created a MadPea Highlights Flickr pool which will be dedicated as a special gallery to display the photos which truly stand out.

Each day a photo will be chosen, as usual, from the MadPea Games Flickr stream. This photo will then be displayed in Mad City, where Peas will have the chance to vote on their favorite ones. The voting will take place Saturdays and Sundays. We will have a new sponsor and or prize each week. The results of the contests will lead to the Highlight Photo of the week and will be invited to our special "Exclusive," Pool of MadPea Highlight photos, as well as win prize from our participating sponsor for that week.

For your chance to be Pic of the Day, continue to add all of your MadPea photos of our hunts and builds to our stream.

- The photo must be MadPea related.
- There may be more than one person in the photo, but only one person may submit the photo.
- Do not be vulgar
- Add your submissions to the Flickr group,, and include your avatar's name in the photo description.
- If you need help finding a free photo editing program please check out the bottom of this blog post for info
- MadPea Group staff will pick a Flickr pic of the day Monday through Friday which will then be added to an exclusive Flickr group of MadPea Highlights photos. Photos invited to this group will be the most unique and creative pictures and will be possibly used for MadPea promotional materials in the future.
-These chosen pictures will be displayed as they are picked each day. Every Saturday, all chosen pictures of the week will be displayed in the Mad City Park where MadPea Group Members will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite one with a point and click. The winning picture will be announced on Mondays and will receive a reward from our sponsor of the week.

Now the information you really really want to know for this week, the sponsor this week is none other than Death Row Designs! The reward will be a L$8000 gift card to the store!  

Voting for that prize winner from this week's Flicker Pics of the Day is now open at this SLURL:  

Please go choose your favorite of those chosen and be snapping those "shutters" at MadPea Hunts and Events and upload them to get your chance to be picked next week!

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