Friday, January 10, 2014

Holiday Havoc 48 Hour Blow Up Event!

The Holiday Havoc Hunt was full of twists, turns, surprises and holiday cheer. The magical world beyond the portal, where the two holidays of Halloween and Christmas clashed, took many man hours to build and looked amazing! Doesn't it just seem like a perfect idea to destroy it all? >:)

Starting this Friday, at 2PM SLT, you are invited to a tear down party to remember! There will be 48 hours of non-stop music, awesome actions and effects as you get to witness the demolition of the Holiday Havoc Hunt sim.

Not only do you get a non-stop 48 hour party, there will also be exclusive, Pea Pal Gachas to buy collectibles that will only be available until January 18th, after which they will never be sold again!

Here is our musical line-up for this amazing two day event:

Friday the 10th 
2-4pm: DJ Kess (Kess Crystal)
4-6pm: DJ  Ⓢhadowgirl Ⓢorex (shadowgirl.yardley)
6-8pm: Lainey Thorne
8-10pm: DJ Rah (Rahdu Rajesh)
10pm-12am: DJ Savannah Christensen

Saturday the 11th
12-2am: DJ Savannah Christensen
2-4am: TBD
4-6am: TBD
6-8am: TBD
8-10am: Clicquot Oh
10am-12pm: ℑ-ℳαη (james1982.writer)
12-2pm: ℰℒℒℰツℰH (elle.serrari)
2-5pm: DJ Dakota Christensen
5-6pm:  Jimmy49 Dukes
6-7pm:  Noma Falta
7-10pm: DJ  Ⓢhadowgirl Ⓢorex (shadowgirl.yardley)
10pm-12am: DJ Dakota Christensen

Sunday the 12th
12-2am: TBD
2-4am: TBD
4-6am: TBD
6-8am: Salila Mortenson
8-10am: Sam Shecter
10am-12pm: ℑ-ℳαη (james1982.writer)
12-2pm: DJ Kess (Kess Crystal)

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