Saturday, January 4, 2014

We're in the mood for a Party!

We are in the mood for a party and you should be too!

The Holiday Havoc Hunt is in its final days. The Holidays have passed, presents have been ripped open, the final Heroes of the Holidays are finishing their compasses and receiving their well deserved rewards. It sounds like the perfect time to celebrate!

We are having a rocking party to celebrate all the Heroes of the holidays featuring not one, but two LIVE performers! When is this party you ask? It is TODAY! It is mere HOURS away and we want you all there!

Starting at 5PM SLT, the talented Jimmyt49 Dukes will be playing us music to dance and be crazy to. He will be followed at 6PM SLT by the beautiful Noma Falta. Our own Tichelle will be hosting the festivities and looks forward to seeing all of our Heroes come to celebrate their victory!

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