Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mad City: grey november gallery

grey november gallery is not a place to be walked by.

As you stroll through Mad City by MadPea Productions, you see many kinds of shops by many creative individuals. There are stores with a wide variety of items for purchase to satisfy a wide array of individuals.  Were you aware that Mad City even has art galleries?  Today I happened upon the Mad City location of the art gallery known as grey november gallery which features the artwork of Rodriguez Munro.

As one walks into grey november gallery, they will see a row of old theater chairs looking as if they are inviting one to sit down, rest their weary feet, and watch the movie being played through the old fashioned reel-to-reel projector. As one watches the "movie", they realize they are seeing a slideshow of gorgeous and yet melancholy art that causes one to just watch quietly, appreciate the beauty, and get lost in one's own thoughts.  

Like good art tends to do, Rodriguez's creations cause emotions in its viewers. It causes one's mind to wander to memories that have caused similar emotions in the past. A look around the rest of the small treasure of a gallery, will reward the visitor with more framed pieces of art by Rodriguez that are available for purchase at very modest prices.  Visitors to the artist's main gallery are provided with a note card where he provides some insight into his inspirations:

"*In the Mists by H. Hesse

Wondrous to wander through mists!
Parted are bush and stone:
None to the other exists,
Each stands alone.

Many my friends came calling
then, when I lived in the light;
Now that the fogs are falling,
None is in sight.

Truly, only the sages
Fathom the darkness to fall,
Which, as silent as cages,
Separates all.

Strange to walk in the mists!
Life has to solitude grown.
None for the other exists:
Each is alone. 

When I was 14, a teacher wanted us to learn a poem. I started to write poems on my own, but it was a ego progress and I had really no interest in boring guys, in boring German school books. 

In the end, I learned it, and I forgot it, but I never stopped writing. I had a very freaky youth. 

With all the light I was walking in, I was still somehow dark inside. When things changed over time, so did my interests. Hermann Hesse was coming back into my life.

Eight years later, I found out  that I never forgot this poem of the Mists. It was easy for me to recall the words.

I really adore this writer, Hermann Hesse. I believe in signs and this was for sure one. ;)

The gallery is full of pictures that I have taken in my real life neighborhood and edit with Photoshop. That's one of my hobbies. I'm addicted to fog, darkness, crows, nature, trees and autumn/winter."

Tucked just inside the entrance there is a landmark giver to the main grey november gallery which is a must see location. Take some time to visit the following landmarks today, and allow yourself to get lost in this gem tucked appropriately inside The Silent Peacock Hotel in Mad City as well as Rodriguez Munro's main gallery.

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