Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feed a Smile Fundraiser

 Madpea loves to give happiness and joy to the people of Second life.
It is one of the goals that we stive and continually keep to bring with each new
game, event or fundraiser that we hold or are included in.

This May we were happy to help and be part of  a fundraiser called "Feed a Smile" that was the feeding program for its main charity organization called Live and Learn in Kenya NGO (LLK) and daughter organization Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO.

Desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides - this is what rules the lives of the people -  especially the children living within the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school
fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies.

They provide medical/dental care to all LLK-children — including check-ups and vaccinations.
Their feeding program is also a huge success. With their "Feed a Smile" project they are able to assure nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children every day. All funds are donations.

100% of the donations are transferred directly to Kenya to care for the children, provide education, medicine, food, shelter and foster care. Nobody is earning a cent at Live and Learn in Kenya NGO. The professional staff in Kenya are paid through donations in order to insure the smooth running of the project - so that the children receive all that they should.

Here are some pictures of the live acts that contributed to the
Feed a Smile fundraiser in Second Life at the MadPea Base


Chandra Reed


The fundraiser was a great success with peas and new visitors coming to the
sim and donating and  enjoying a nice evening with the live acts that helped to make this fundraiser. 

MadPeas was extremely happy to be part of this amazing charity 
and awesome fundraiser to help those kids in need in Kenya.

Here are the smiles we were able to make possible.

We want to thank Live and Learn in Kenya for the opportunity in being able to help with this amazing charity and wish them the best of luck with all they do. 

If you wish to donate or learn more about the organization
here is their web address.

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