Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MadPeas at Second Pride

Come revisit MadPea Hoshi Island and Carneval at Second Pride June 14 - 23!!  That's right MadPeas is having a huge ride and game display at the 2013 Second Pride Festival here in SL. Come race on the Hellracer track, or ride the Drake!!  We have Bumper Boats from Hoshi Island and some of the old MadPea Circus rides!!  Our famous Carousel and Ferris Wheel  will be there and many games for you to play.  Don't miss your chance to come play on the old MadPea Products!! 

Our own RAG Randt built the MadPea Tent Section of the East Sim shopping district of Second Pride. Come on down and ride the Rainbow Carousel and buy lots of cool stuff.

Don't forget, Unia will be released this summer and we also have a huge surprise coming soon for all of you MadPeas!!

There will also be loads of live DJ's playing at Second Pride and dozens shops there as well, so you can shop til you drop and jam out to some of the best DJ's in SL!!

                                Lets give a HI5 to all the sponsors and creators of Second Pride!!

We can't wait to see you all there to join in the MadNess!!

SLURL: Second Pride in Second Life

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